Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday over too soon

zzzzzzzzzzzz actually sleepy now.It's 2.20 am. I can't sleep. Sophia told me she forgot that yesterday she was supposed to go sleep at Yana's house. She has made arrangements with her cousin to spend the nite there.I tak ingat pun ?? As I was never allowed to stay anywhere and my first and only place I can sleep over (tu pun I can count on one hand) was Zu's, I am determined to postpone that particular part of friendship he he . She used my phone to text her cousin that she wants to arrange another date.

Did't do much today, kids had tuition in the morning. The very softhearted teacher (who is venturing into business and gave us a sample of his jellies which he is selling at pasar ramadhan) asked them to write about their trip to Cameron Highlands. Sara cracked him up. Sara is his favourite. Her sentence structure and grammar may not be there but she is always full of ideas. However this time around he laughed because Sara had disclosed in her karangan that we had stopped to "buang air besar" ie go to the loo for no 2 and he was saying to her that you do not need to disclose that in the story. I managed to fall asleep again while waiting for them to finish their 2 hour tuition at home.

We finally sorted out our shoes- most of them came home with us from the UK and despite not wearing them I sayang nak buang but today Hubby ruthlessly threw the spoilt ones away... yang termite makan pun ada..! Also FINALLY sorted out which pictures we wanted to print out of 2600 digital pictures we have on our computer..I prefer to see the actual hard copies of pictures and I would like to have them all printed, money allowing. Mahal tak ha?

Also, checked out "Instant tiles" on line, wanting to lay tiles in the kitchen to cover the very old mosaic tiles there- yes in UK and Australia they have the types of tiles you can actually peel off the back, and stick (even for walls) and even for hardwood! But don't think White Horse Ceramic would have them.

Wanted to go to IKEA - desperately need another bookshelf and also shoe cabinets..there is another shop down the road (Grand Teak) selling a really nice pine and brown kaler book shelf for JUST RM380. Quality wise I'm sure the Grand Teak's would be better- I knew IKEA dulu dulu as the brand for poor uni students such as I to decorate our rooms. Now, I know IKEA as the posh and expensive furniture store! I like the fact that they have "showrooms" to show you just how the furniture you want would look. The not so fun part is when you get them home, and they fall apart in your hands. I so need this cabinet with 5 plastic buckets which you can slot into the cabinet and they act like drawers. I don't see this anywhere else.

Went to the park instead, where hubby and I pun played on the seesaw - me and sophia one corner and daddy and Nadine and Sara on the other. I saw a 9ish year old boy with a marker writing on the see saw later on and I scolded him. I mean! What was he doing in the playground with a marker I ask you? Must be to vandalise lah - and he's so young. And the park was nice and barang all new. I hope I scared him enuff!He was busy scrubbing the mark off with his palm last I saw.

Wanted to deliver something to Aunt K in Taman TAR- for once I'm the one giving her something rather than the other way round - her kari kepala ikan is *muah!!* and then planned to go to Bangsar to return a witch's broom to M- loooong overdue! Sampai kena mintak. teruk nyee. Nadine wanted to buka puasa at Chillies in Bangsar. However by the time we finished our errands around our area- send carpet for drycleaning, buy MILO and milk and rice , throw the old shoes,etc, it was time for buka so we rushed home to do our Asar prayers and broke fast at home. Johan now can take wuduk ha ha and he likes the little sarong we got him for prayers. Sempat lah jugak read this book about hukum tajwid - there's about 47 of them. My daughter Nadine knows them all courtesy to sekolah ugama. Kind of embarrassing sebab I tak tau lah. I think I will resume mengaji lessons lah. Had a bit of a giggle when imagining hubby and I going to Nadine's sekolah ugama as mature students ha ha. Ok Nadine has weird parents. I said to Hubby - Ok, I test your knowledge - do you know "Mad Lazim"?? and he asked "Mad Lazim? Mad Lazim bin apa?" Ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry , tak baik sungguh buat joke ek???? Haaaa how many out there knows what Mad Lazim is?

While we ate dinner Johan and Dahlia (who had eaten earlier) played robot robot - Johan holding his race car remote and instructing Dahlia (as the robot) to go left right or straight. Those 2 have so much fun. Left again for Bangsar after break fast (with Sophia, Dahlia and Johan in tow) and finally delivered the broom quite late- sorry N C for taking you away from Ms World he he he.(Btw, Ms Chech won. Ms Australia got third place). Sophia asking all the way home if we can go to a shop. Apa dia nak beli ni? It turned out she does not have any pencils. Sara pun. I wonder what happens to their pencils sharpener and erasers?? They keep losing them! Nadine said their friends' borrow them.

In the car to Bangsar hubby and I didn't speak to each other, not that we were having a fight or anything but it was fun listening to the kids' interaction at the back. We had told them that we were planning to go to N's brother's wedding in Mumbai this coming December (got Sophia immediately choked up, and I had to tell her December is WAYYY AWAYYY) and they would have to stay either with Opah (oh yes remind me to ask Opah if she is free!) or Nenek. Unanimously they voted to go to Nenek's house . I asked why do you like to go to Nenek's house? Answer- because can play outside (read, unsupervised). They are looking forward to Hari Raya which as Dahlia told Johan seriously, is a special day where they get to wear their new Barbie clothes and play fireworks a lot and people give you money. When I asked Sophia what do YOU think Hari Raya means? She gave me this official text book answer - a day of celebration for Muslims...when Im sure she means a day I can go see my cousins at my Nenek's house .. Ha ha ha..This year around I KNOW they will want to have a handbag each - ala ala Mother in Law at her son's weddings and will no longer trust mom to keep their money for them.

By the way Brother no 3 coming home yay yay! Asked me what I wanted from Land Yonder. Suddenly brain freezes and I said "Nothing, just come back safely"

Been on line trying to find hotel in Mumbai. I was discussing this with N yesterday that I hope she would not be offended but I was thinking of staying at a hotel as Hubby was coming also plus we would not want to be in the way. I do hope she would let me tag along to wherever she goes though. I can act like a tourist any other time, this time I really want to see how an Indian wedding unfold. Wow, what a busy month - 2nd , Atie. 9th Atie (boy's reception) . 10th , Janice. 19th Lana (right?) 24th, Nikhil! Actually may have to cut back one day as (1) We'd miss kids too much and (2) hotels are too expensive in Mumbai. He he he. Ramada Hotel is RM800 per nite. No kidding. 3 star hotel is around RM300. Only thing that I'm concerned is whether it's safe to travel anywhere on or during Christmas - have to worry about terrorism nowadays!

Oh well, que sera sera- actually no, since we have 5 kids to worry about. Hubby thinking of not going if kids too upset. Must find some other holiday which can take kids on . Pi Langkawi naik Air Asia is RM200 per head! And MAS, RM500 per head. And even stupid Berjaya Air- RM400 plus to go to Pangkor. Mahal mahal.

Can I just babble about something else also- saw Anthony Bourdain programme yesterday. Hilarious. Everytime I see him on telly I give myself a small mental kick on the back side for not having my picture taken with him while we were on the same 22 hour flight from KL to New York last year - although at that time I was not too into him, so tak tau apa nak kata pun. Now, I watch him as that guy I was on the same plane with. Last night's episode he was in Ukhbekistan I think and he was having a massage which he said was the most excruciating pain he's ever known in his life, and the most prolonged. It did look painful though with the masseusse pulling back his arm and pulling his leg such that his ankle was pressed into the small of his back. He said later "my attorney will be watching this episode carefully" and "what the heck, I have no hope of retaining any pride after this episode" and words to that effect - ha ha ha. I find him witty .Sheeeesh I should have taken his pic,autograph etc !!

Ok ok now I will sign off. Good nite....

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