Sunday, October 22, 2006


I’m now waiting. Waiting for husband to finish packing so that we can go to mom’s place to break fast, then go back to MIL’s place. Ok the plan was originally for us to leave for MIL’s place in the afternoon, but apparently there was an operation to do and hubby had to babysit the guy doing it and came home around 3. I was exhausted from packing – rather , from unpacking the kids’ bags and repacking , that I had fallen asleep.

My girls are all big now, and they all insist on having their own luggage. Even Johan has to have his spiderman bag. I spent some time vetoing their choice, and in the process of finding alternative clothes for them- discovered that their closet need a serious revamp- have so far managed to set aside 3 big bags to be thrown away. Wish I can give them to some unfortunate ppl but the clothes are really really too old and jaded to be given. Any orphans with no fashion sense around?? The orphanages around here are quite well off I hear and unless the goods are in a good enough shape to sell, they won’t take your handmedowns….so no one would want my childrens’ MILO stains etc.

Now packing in all the stuff we're taking over to MIL. Shah, Im so sorry I forgot to send you cookies to Nagaoka. Have a nice Raya anyway in Japan ok, I’m sure food wise us Malaysians will not go without our ketupats and our rendangs right? Yesterday I overdid it on my mom’s rendang and was too full to eat in the morning- even now I’m not hungry. (yes I did really overeat)

You know, Im going to miss the internet- have taken it for granted that I can surf and read what BB has to say as well as the newspapers around the world- favourite is Timesonline. Not going to be online until -Thursday? Sheeshhh….

Life is passing by too fast. Have to decide where no 4 is going to go in year 1 next year, She has not gotten into the same school her other 3 sisters are in, due to that school being overflowing. I told hubby decide where we are going to be in 2007 – are we going to be in KL or Subang? Ie are you leaving for private practice or what?? The jury is still out on that. I guess what we’ll end up doing, in the face of severe protests from no 1,2 and 3, is to retain the 3 in their current school and then put no 4 in the other school – not that she minds, she’s actually quite chuffed that she gets a different school.

Mentioned to husband that am thinking of taking up another language. How about Korean? Ha ha ha – hubby said wah you’re that much of a fan ah?? No lah, it’s a nice sounding language he he he- really really nice er- language. But then you know he said, eh maybe you can corner the market of Korean translation to be done – is there a need for them?? Er…don’t know. Already doing Malay to English and vice versa – was thinking of Mandarin if for our region or else, Spanish /French - I know that Spanish is the world’s most spoken language and after that, French. And you don’t need to learn a whole way of writing for Spanish or French.! But have you seen the costs of going for lessons?? Yikes!! Was also thinking of Japanese- at least can converse with Brother no 4 –he can even write in it and even dream in it apparently- a sign of tru-bilingualism. Also, follow up lessons are free. He he he he..

Whatever it is, can’t let 2007 come in without making some changes- don’t want to still have things to cross off that list when you’re 60! And the list is getting longer and longer..Coz of course running a household, career and bringing up the kids is not challenge enough ha ha ha...

Ok hubby has packed and now getting in the car. Off we are going to mom's house.

Tata….and see you soon....

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