Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weekend

1. Congratulations to Izreen and NIzar on the arrival of NADIA AZUREEN...we will go and see you soon. Saw your pic at your Atok's handphone and you are soo fair and cute.

2. Takziah to Mazran...heard on Saturday subuh that his mom, who had been in hospital for some time, suffered a cardiac arrest. Started making preparations to go to Kuantan. Would leave the kids but Maid wants to go back to shop for Raya- what shopping does SHE have to do lah?? She's single and I just sent a small fortune to her mom so all her money is hers- she need only spend on self - sigh so nice. I have to think of cookies, broken down toilets, wobbly dining table, torn (thanks to cats) curtains, clothes etcetc..

ANYWAY! Just as we were getting ready, heard that Mak Cik Nun had passed on..inalillahiwainalillahiraajiun...One thing I was glad for is the presence of Nur and family and Mak and did they know..Mak and Abah came up to KL, then got picked up byNur and went to Kuantan together that Friday itself. The thought of Mazran being alone when his mom passed on would be very sad. Hubby of course felt bad that he did not get to go to the hospital, although he did talk to the doctor who was looking after her. Apparently she was in a lot of pain and her passing may well have released her from her suffering.

By the time we got there it was past 2 I think. We went straight to the cemetery. Majan, you are loved indeed as all your aunties came to support you. Saw also Mazran's other aunties and uncles whom I had not seen prior to this.

Well, the rest of the day was for organising the affairs of Mak Cik Nun. Mazran wanted to stay with his half brothers. He really is a good person.

THanks to Lin for putting up my parents in law and sis in law - sampai jugak ke rumah misteri you (we had been angling for an invite for awhile he he he) - ok apa??

Sempat lah our kids and us had a bath etc there.

Arrived home at six in the morning on Sunday..exhausted . Drove very very slowly...Sunday spent lazying around and too tired to go see Nadia Azureen. Today we'll pop over.

That was the weekend and now back at work , with the haze making KL hardly recognisable...

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