Thursday, October 26, 2006

We're back!

We've literally just arrived home- well, have put in the kids, have taken out the dirty laundry, have locked the gates, have made a cuppa, and now to settle down to record our 2 days of HariRaya in Mother in laws' place. Its 12.45 am. We did plan to arrive home at 12, but I thought it was going to be noon, not midnite.Now back home for a while, to offload laundry and repack- then off to Langkawi tomorrow- phew!! I think I'd need another few days off after this!

Thank you to Mom in Law and Dad In Law for having us and we had a lovely Raya. Unconventional, but lovely. Unconventional as sis in law who is getting married this December had decided to have a painting fiesta - so on the eve of Eid hubby, his sister and mom, went to buy about 10? cans of paints and at 2 in the afternoon, they set out painting. Zu and I tried our hands too as it became clear that at 10 pm it would not finish anytime soon. Any mention of not going through with it will bring about a very sad looking sis in law. Although all of us chipped in, she worked the hardest - today we left her as she was painting the bathroom. I don't mind telling you I thought MIL was serious when she said it does not matter if there is no Eid food in the morning and we can just eat cake- waaaaa??? However, it turned out that she slept at 4 am and cooked so that there would be the traditional Eid food like ketupat, peanut gravy, rendang etc about. Poor woman...her daughters in law slept like logs. I have paint in hair. The house was nicely purple and light pink by midnite. I guess the most important thing about the holidays is family togetherness rather than the way the festivities are celebrated eh and it is that thought that kept us all cheerful. Kids had fun as there were fireworks and neighbour had put on a fantastically loud fireworks display.
After a day of ignoring me, hubby and I went for a drive at midnite- accompanied by Dahlia, Johan, and Tina (who immediately grabbed her very cute boots when she saw Hubby head for the car and when I asked her where she was going she said "follow daddy") and Camarina (who told me she has to come to "take care of Tina"). Hubby found a nite market to buy his buttons for his bajumelayu- everyyear he loses them and every year he'd buy a new set. This time has to buy for Johan as well.

First day of Eid, men (and MIL) went to the mosque, and Sis in law and Zu frantically cleared the house. MIL never panics - that's the best (and also worst) thing about her- everytime I'd ask her "Mom, should we [put out the cookies/start cooking etc]" she'd reply "Eh later lah not yet...too early." Cool or what? As compared to my mom's place where everything would be preplanned to the last detail. he he he....We worried as MIL's house is one of the more popular target on the "Raya visiting Route" he he he. All relatives/neighbours definitely would come. We decided that before ppl come over, we'd attack their house, so we went to the neighbours' house as soon as it was decent to do so , and then to Kak Yah's house (recently widowed) - she had her entire family with her so you can imagine how long we stayed to chat with them. After that we went to Tenggaro to visit Faiz and his new baby- forgetting quite conveniently how very FAR Tenggaroh is!!!! Mazran Anne and Fahim came along- by the way Fahim is now BIG and has a very serious expression on his face as he surveys the chaos around him - as if he is thinking of what to say in his blog later ha ha ha...
Fayha is- cute, red, chubby cheeked and asleep half the time-well, she is 7 days old. Her mom is disgustingly healthy looking and my little brother in law Faiz could not stop beaming. By the time we came home from Tenggaroh , all tired out, it was 10. Zu and Epa, who had decided to skip Tenggaroh , had left by then- didn't get to say byebye and kids were definitely sad that their cousins were gone. My son of all people kept asking when were we going to see Camillia and Camarina...

The kids have counted their Raya angpow monies- goodness you know you hear horror stories about other people's children saying "eeh only 2 dollars ahh?" when they see how much the angpow contains? Well, it happened to me- Dahlia was the culprit . This was related to me by Zu - who said that upon getting an angpow packet from the neighbour, Dahlia opened and said "ONLY ONE DOLLAR????" - aiaaaaaaa I am soo embarrassed...of course now has taught them the etiquette of receiving angpow. Ie, never open at the house where you get it, never comment about it. and always pass to mom. He hehe- the last part they never do. well they did but not anymore. So now aside from Johan's money, I have no idea what they got and where they keep it. I did tell them that if I see them counting the cash yet again, I'd confiscate it!

In the morning of that first Eid, we had a little ceremony where the kids have to line up and we'd be sitting down and they'd come and say sorry for being such naughty angels etc etc and after that we'd hand out angpow. This was such a big part of my growing up that I wanted the kids to experience it - not too sure if they truly understand the asking for forgiveness part but they sure got the getting angpow packet part quick! The next couple, Zu and Epa, sat down and immediately the line appeared no fuss ha ha ha. We asked for mom in law and dad in law's forgiveness as well - (nice pics later) and it was quite chokeworthy- imagine asking your parents to forgive you for your sins etc etc...

Well the kids certainly enjoyed themselves. The things the kids say ! They are soo noisy. They'd be gone half the day exploring their grandparents' house. Or singing. They can sing about anything and anytime. And jokes -they tell jokes all the time too. And they ask a lot of questions. In the car I heard Nadine and Sara discussing how boys become boys and girls become girls- something about xx chromosomes and XY chromosomes. They're 11 and 9 and they know about chromosomes? I have to check that science syllabus again! Anyway Hubby said " Sara, For a boy you need a Y," he said, "do you know what you need for a girl?" and she said....."L". After a brief pause I broke out laughing- she meant- you need an L to spell GIRL just as you need a Y to spell BOY. Ha ha ha ha- thank goodness ! I thought they were allready mini scientists...!

Better sign off- oh yes- no Hotelier/Papa/First Love DVD/VCD sets to be found in Kluang- apparently old so they don't stock it. I thought I'd be too busy to think about KDramas and you know who but apparently hubby thought it'd be funny , while we were driving to Tenggaroh (1 hour drive along winding road) to tell me that he had a north korean patient in GH at one point whom he was sure was a spy - I listened with half an ear until I heard him end "and his name was BaeYongJoon" . VERRRY funny. ha ha ha. The other day, just as I was mooning about the place in love with Winter SOnata, he sent me a text message to my question of what he wanted to eat for dinner - "wakarimakan ayermatakuchinghe wamikarisekalina.." or something like that - ie we're having longan and mee curry- ha ha ha...and I thought he was not paying attention to the stuff I tell him in the car!I'm sure that does not resemble anything Korean- Did I tell you for a while there I was speaking in the singsong of the KDramas? You'd not believe it eh?? I'd call him, or tell him stuff, or ask him a question and have this sing song lilt to my voice! I caught myself several times sounding like the KDrama- well in my head lah.
This afternoon, Mak M came with Idwan and Iman and the Superpainter of Kluang (ie sis in law) took a break to watch Autumn Showers and I mentioned to Mak M- don't you think the language is nice? And she looked at me disgustedly and said "learn arabic is better" ha ha hah- but then I'd not know what tortured stuff that's going on!

I watched The Lakehouse on the way to MIL's place. BB had mentioned that this was based on a Korean story so I was interested to see it-well, the long thoughtful gazes were there but then I think the KDramas had the package- the moving soundtracks, the beautiful scenery- the time for the story to unfold, the triangle of love- etc. Lakehouse is beautiful and romantic but just not KDrama lar- songs were not that memorable for one- just now I went to bloghop into Flowerbossa's site and she had this "Chaum" soundtrack on and it just zooms you back into Junsahng and Yujin's lives- you'd think after watching the bloopers the magic would be less but nooo. Anyway the reference to WS is to show that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock and a convoluted plot do not a classic romance make. It also takes my "Northkorean diplomat" ha ha ha...

WEll, have to sleep - 3 hours more to get up and drive to Langkawi. Had a fun Eid all in all. This morning took Idwan , DIL, Hubby, Iman and sis in law to the famous railway for Kluang railway station's cafe- famous all over M'sia apparently and has 3 branches in posh shopping malls (if you see the station you'd not believe it) - but sadly it was shut....until we ended up having roti sadin and roti telur instead. Sempat go to the market to make MIL some soto for lunch. While we were cooking Iman Hubby and DIL painted the exterior. Thanks Iman for helping mad sister in law ha ha ha(sorry). He was sweating buckets I tell you- sorry about that. Idwan was sleeping - he's another cool guy!

Oh yes have to thank MIL for teaching me how to make the chicken soup - the original way ie pounding all the spices - and I was looking for the instant sup mix....cheh.

Ok gnite ...!

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