Sunday, October 15, 2006

Winter Sonata Marathon- ended

Phew! Ive just finished the 20th disc out of 20 discs for Winter Sonata. My head is buzzing and i see 2 of everything. My random thoughts are:

1. BaeYongJoon has lovely hair- which even by the sea, will not be blown away;
2. All actors and actresses in the serial must and did cry on demand - and serious "hingus" as well!
3. It must be a requirement to be able to stand stock still in any one post with one frozen expression;
4. BYJ usually look bemused, contemplative, teary (this was often) and very rarely angry - but I do drool over this tall, (he's TALL!) specky guy with the intense "I am very sincere" stare
5. Koreans use their mobile phones for everything except find out where the Bleeding guy IS at the airport !!! Instead they will run walk canter to search everywhere to look for the other partner - an experience which , sadly, I am familiar with;
6. All female actors must wear pink lipstick and the men, purple;
7. Koreans are a very very polite lot;
8. KOrean heros are protective (which can come across as overbearing pushy gits - and I find giving UJinn to Sanhyuk (is that the right spelling) by our soon to be blind hero, rather patronising personally;
9. Un Jinn is stupid for leaving a ticket to NY on the seat- at least she could get some cash out of it;
10. Intense staring and long pauses would if it was going on in any of my romances (romance, I meant to say "A" Romance- one! really!), drive me off the edge of a cliff.;
11. Everyone takes stuff that the hero/supporting actor say as gospel- example, no one check how come there is no body if the Hero got hit by a truck and supposedly dead. Also hero never got stitches or what that he himself can check. And if so upset to be told you are actually brother and sister- do a test lah (can ke) and then if tak leh jadi gelpren and bopren, jadilah brother and sister - boleh pinjam kereta ke, apa ke...betol tak???;

12. Also prove that can stay awake 24 hours straight with NO COFFEE ..

Ha ha ha ..generally I thought that, (if the brain was left in the freezer) it was such a sweet and romantic movie where they get to be happy for exactly 10% of the 20 episodes. I love the chemistry between BYJ and Choy the lead lady. Of course, I love BYJ. But I wont actually go to the extent of learning Korean.

Ok signing off need to sleep

updated: Yes I would go to the extent of learning Korean- no, have seen all the bloopers and they DON'T cry so easily(but when they do its BUCKETS eh) hahahaha.


bb said...

hehe, this one kindda reminds me of this

thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

HeippieH said...

Hey Superwoman, a nice funny read. Thanks for giving me laugh since a long time.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...