Monday, October 16, 2006

Winter Sonata – a post madness review (Don’t read this please if you hate Winter Sonata and can’t understand what the fuss was about)

I wrote a couple of days ago that I finished watching back to back episodes of Winter Sonata. My husband will testify to my obsessive nature once something catches my interest. I had read all of Harry Porter books in one week, being one of the case. In this case, it’s Winter Sonata (“WS”)and of course the actors and actresses who carried it. My husband and family uncomplainingly gave up their programmes to allow me to sit glued in front of the idiot box drooling.

I feel drawn to write about it again, kalau tak boring all the friends I have with what I thought. I think, and I feel are two different things. My thoughts – banyak comments. My feelings – mostly comprise of sighs and swoons..

My first impressions of WS were formed during 20 sleepless hours, which I had penned down earlier- Mostly I was amused at the details – like how the Korean language sounded like Japanese, how deep BYJ’s voice is despite his girlish appearance, what a killer megawatt smile he has (mega. ME-ga. M.E.G.A), how nice his hair was, how pink Choi Ji Yu’s face was, how they cry so prettily and silently (I would be a mess!!) and most of all how CHASTE they all are!!! Aiyaaa nothing but hold hands and hugs..! (I read that this was why most countries love the show) Mainly, I was interested to see what the heck the plot was all about having missed the commotion the first time it was aired in Malaysia. I remember asking someone 2 years ago when it was all the rage - who is Min Xiang (aka Min Heung) and who is Jun Xiang?? Why is the lead hero so much prettier than the heroin?? Why is he so angau over the girl when she’s not all that?? Why are they crying all the time? So KONPUSING!!So, now I KNOW and sad to say I am addicted. And now, a fan of Bae. Hey I may even consider learning Korean. (the first lady of Japan loves him and actually learnt Korean for the guy) Sigh. Damn damn damn. Hope I shake off this thing soon. Need a hobby. QUICK.

After the 20th CD I did not actually felt sad. Relieved that I could finally get some KIP. Disappointed at the ending. Mad at the heroin for being such a lousy girlfriend. Mad at the two of them for being such idiots. Mad at the parents for being ultra selfish idiots. Mad at the hero and mad at the heroin for giving up so easily. I mean, if it was me, before I separate I had better have all the facts in front of me. Ni tak, membuta tuli believe that they were brothers and sisters. Mad at the guy for making the decisions for the girl. Mad at the girl for not going to New York with him. You are supposedly in lurve with him, the ticket’s in front of you, you still don’t want to go haaa?? Haiyaaaa….Crossed my mind that maybe they wanted to separate actually and glad of the excuse??

Now I feel compelled to watch it AGAIN!! Firstly, certain scenes je lah….like the scene when at the airport , having realised that her Jun Sang whom she had loved is the Min Heung that she also loved , Yu Jin ran to the airport to catch him before he flies to the States. That airport scene where she was looking for her Jun Sang was just like the scene where she thought she saw him that first time and she looked everywhere for him. Only this time, she found him and it WAS him. Then, she stared at his face. And then - pressured the poor guy to remember – I could slap this idiot girl truly. Funny, all the 4 or 5 episodes before that he had told her he loved her and she had said she loved him, but she could not be happy – she only accepted that she could love him when she realised it was Jun Sang after all. But what’s with all the questions? He finally told her after 10 years that what he wanted to tell her on 31 December before he got Hit by a TRUCK was that he loved her, and instead of drawing it out for all its worth like I would, she very promptly asked “What else do you remember??” Woman, if you still wanted to know about your friends after THAT, something is very wrong with you.

I was thinking…if you had gone on, and he had not died, would your first love still be your love now? They were students… all of 18. He fell for her because of her spontaneity, and just like her hair when they were on that bus, she was in his face. She fell for him because –well look at the guy. Does she need a reason?? Come to think of it, I’d probably not give up the memory if my first love looked like that. (and he does actually, to me)

Also, would she still be so hung up on him, if he had died after a couple of years going out with her? He “died” at the height of their romance- ie does he like me does he not phase. Masih angau phase maaahh. I wonder if he had gone after a year and a half worth of romance, couple’s arguments etc, would she be a little less syokkk? Well- discount his looks lah.

They were all so sad all the time!! The fiancé, Sang Hyuk , sad for not being able to make Yu Jin love him, forcing her, and finally, when Jun Sang was laid out in the hospital, FINALLY coming to terms with the inevitable, ie his girlfriend was REALLY devoted to that blonde guy. Chai Lin, who kept wondering what her once attentive blond boyfriend could ever see in this Yu Jin woman and how come she was not good enough?? (Sometimes I wonder the same). Yu Jin was also sad , despite being chased by 2 good looking men, if you asked me, she was sad that she had lost the brain cells to appreciate this. (ha ha ha) There were precious few moments when they were happy – mainly from the time she found out he was Jun Sang, to the time at the beach when he wanted to dump her.

That’s another thing. When he thought (never bothering to confirm it medically, typical man) that he was Yu Jin’s brother, he very cleverly thought he should take her out on a day out at the beach before never seing her again. Of course, she should not know. Some people had praised Jun Sang as being the ideal man, sensitive, caring and tender. He wanted to protect her, hence he did not want her to know. My husband wanted me to wait in comfort at the office hence he never told me that he would be 2 hours late, as he knows that there would be a good chance I would go over and wait at HIS place in what he thinks, is discomfort. To him, he’s protecting me. To me, he’s just asking for it. Sometimes I feel that protecting can be a bit patronizing. But on the other hand, this is the girl who had lost the braincells. So maybe he should have protected her.

All that agro over the brother and sister thing was so pointless!!! Why?? Why??? And once they find out, why not get back together ?? So what’s a little vague brain problem (I’m sure if husband see that CT Scan he’d have a lot of comments). You were going to marry the girl for heaven’s sake. Can feelings change? Does he really want to spare her the sadness of losing him, or again, is he taking the decision on her behalf??

And her, once she found out. Her ex fiancé gave her the ticket …. at the point when I was yelling –FOLLOW HIM!! I mean, what’s flying overseas- it’s not like flying to Mars?? Maybe waiting for MATTA Fair kot..ha ha ha.. Anyway, she decided she wanted to further her studies…and upped and left. It seemed to me that this girl has given up, she must be exhausted! Just when she was getting used to the idea of life without him, now she’s being told that they are ok again and that she can go to see him …who’d have the stamina man?? I guess she just did not want to endure another heartache that was sure to be around the corner- So she skipped town. I of course, would have jumped on that next plane. My poor baby sick and alone?? Are you kidding me? Of course in my case, I would probably have been sent right back home by my practical husband.

So what’s with the reunion?? I read that it was only inserted due to the fan’s pressure who wanted to see them together. Yes I would personally revolt if these 2 guys did not get together, after all that drama- but the way it was done was sooo slip shod!! Why was it hurried? Why can’t it be prolonged longer than like one episode?? I read that it was because by then, the two actors had become so very popular that they just could not stay and worked on the serial .. But really!! Firstly, was he actually living in the States?? Was he just back to see the house? I thought I saw his hair near her house while she and Sang Hyuk played with Chen Su’s baby? And what happened to them all? What was Chai Lin doing there? What was Sang Hyuk doing wearing glasses? When did the 2 got married? And how come Yu Jin went to the office? So many unanswered questions…

And when she was there at his house and they met- if really he had left the house and come back because he had forgotten something, just when she entered it, then it’s either serendipity, or lazy script writing (I think the latter) but when they got together and then it ended (finally, on a kiss! Hurray!! He’s not gay after all! Ha ha ha)..waah protest!! I wanted to know what they spoke about?? How was his operation?? When was he going back to the States?? In the three years, she never got in touch or what?? How come he knew that it was her? Got smell or what?? And then, are they going to get married? What ? What ??

I read on the net that the ending was deliberately short. He was supposed to cry (he did) but apparently he could not cry….Choi Ji Wu the actress who acted as Yu Jin helped him through it for him to cry…apparently they were close. Hmmm..

Er yeah I really got into the whole drama thing…I know, they’re fictitious. Don’t worry I’ m not sick. Just love a good love story…

I have a lot of comments if I watched with the brain….But if I watch with my heart, then I just melt. Cry. Laugh. Sigh. Marvel. Drool (this I do a lot) over the story…


(PS Mak Z, can keep for a while ya??)

Incidentally, the guy who played our hero, Bae Yong Joon, or rather, BYJ or Yongsama, is massively popular in Japan, Ecuador, Iraq America, Canada, Hawaii as well, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia etc etc. Only in Korea do they shake their head wondering what is so great with this guy. Don’t pray pray. Last time he was in Japan a stampede broke out. He may single handedly solve the bitterness between Japan and Korea. Plus he’s changed his image so much that you would not equate him with that slightly-effeminate-always-crying-but-damn-if-he’s-not-romantic Jun Sang.. I would attach his pic here if husband let…

Another thing is …things are a lot more romantic at home…maybe after seeing his wife sniff through 20 discs, the message that we women love romance have gotten through?? Hmm maybe? IN which case, thank you BYJ!!


K-drama addict said...

I would suggest :
1)Full House
2)My Lovely Samsoon
3)My Girl

Trust me..K Dramas just makes you like this :)

P/S the list above is not as SAD..and LONG as WS..

bb said...

hi hi surya,

whoa... you write 'fast and furious'! i like :)

btw, i think what you read online about the last crying scene was not correct. yes, YJ did have trouble tearing, but eventually he did. the PD did not have to cut short the scene coz he couldn't cry.

me going to read your oct 14 entry now, ciao!

vegasbyj said...

HI Surya!

I saw that bb mentioned you on her blog and I am reading your posts on WS as well. Have enjoyed your take on the drama. It's good!!

I'm somewhat of a newbie on this BYJ journey (as I posted a note on bb's blog) and I want to welcome you! Everyone has been great/kind/generous in sharing their thoughts/stories/etc... about this man and his journey.

As bb and the others have suggested, Hotelier is a good one. It was most interesting for me not only because of BYJ and the story, but parts were filmed here in Las Vegas - my town.

Keep up the great writing and I do enjoy reading your posts!

thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Surya

I'm a bae fan myself. I happen to accidentally watched WS in 2002 if not mistaken (that was also during fasting month. I happened to be back early that day and switched on my TV. I wasn't really interested on what was on the screen and walk to the kitched, then I turned back, wow who is he, what series is this - I sat down and start to watch - wow this guy, oh my god, I just cant take my eyes off and I miss preparing food for my buaka puasa for that day! ( it was already almost the end of the story and I start wondering, what's all about, who is he and etc, etc, and cant wait anymore, I need to know everything about him. The next day I drive to office very early and start searching the website for him, trying everything to get to know him. (I think I dont really have a good night sleep that day). My mind keep having this image!)

I'm soo happy that I discover BYJ Quilt!.

The following weekend, went out looking for WS vcd. Bought it and so happy to watched all over again and until now I'm still watching.

It's on on one of our local channel, I still watched eventhough at that hour I have to do my magrib prayers!.

Back to when I got my vcd, I have my TV set in my bedroom. I watched after my morning prayers until 7.30am, that time non of my brothers are up. I'm too embarassed if they knew that elder sister is soo hooked to BYJ. To them I must be out of my mind , at my age!

Now we have our BYJ fan club here and I'm one of them. I felt strange at first to attend the gathering - what more a fan gathering. When we say fan gathering, will think of teenages and not me (in my late 40s). But now wee do meet occasionally. I have more friends now and we can discuss and share our BYJ openly.

HeippieH said...

Hi Shila, laughed out loud thru reading your thoughts. Fun! BYJ is not at all a kind of guy who is slightly-effeminate-always-crying-...(I'll add "-constantly-being-slapped"), but they made him to be looked like that, those scriptwriters and PDs. What I learned is Koreans are always sentimental and cry-masters, they have tender hearts and strong tear glands. Even though BYJ himself is a mentally physically healthy strong mascular man, they made him to learn enduring being slapped around and coming up with tears on demand. I hope this time around as a great king, I don't see him in tears! No nose bleeding either! Please! Smoking is fine, that's manish. But great king don't smoke, I wonder.

Hey if you can dig out "First Love", strongly recommend it. To me the hero in FL is closest to BYJ himself. You'll love him.

"Hotelier" and "Have We Really Loved" are also Bae fan musts. As "Winter Sonata" is my fav beauty, "HWRL" is my deep love. Hotelier kicks, First Love rocks. I love th'm-all. (Hehe, love them all, not love the mall). I don't think you'll go blind on BYJ, but I am deadly blind, anything with BYJ in it, I am lost, knowing some of the dramas storyline is silly, just because he is in, I am happy to repeatedly watch them. Just to assure you, the above mentioned Bae dramas have pretty good storylines. He has a special eye at picking the good script, especially after his wings grew stronger.

But again, Korean dramas are always Korean dramas, they HAVE to cry. I am lucky enough to watch only Bae dramas, so I don't get to cry much, but I really enjoy crying with HWRL.

surya said...

Hi Heippieh - thanks for the recommendations - can't wait to go see all his work! but at the same time, want to cling on to the warm warm feeling that is WS lorrr.?? And how he manage to cry so much yet not look like sissy? Magic!

surya said...

Hi Anonymous- sad, isn't it, this thing. .. i've totally shot my reputation around my family i'm sure.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...