Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Day

Kids woke up early today (as in 6 a.m) excited as they were going on their first ever train ride. Dad was taking them home to Kluang. The plan was to leave the girls there with mom in law and dad in law for today, and we go home tomorrow. Hubby insisted to come back home so that we can drive together tomorrow.

Well the experience apparently was not that exciting after all. I received calls from them to say that the train ride was BORING, dad did not let them buy things and they were soooooo bored. He he he. Of course, a lot of calls missing me and wanting to come home and when am I going to get there. I miss the kids a lot too ...I thought the house was going to be empty tonite but work took care of that.

Well, work exploded today of all days. Suffice to say, things are serious on the maintaining client front and I am torn between telling a particularly rude client to go sod off and being nice to them. Sequence of events have to be sorted out and I came home at half eleven. At night. Its now ten to 5 in the morning and I am so worried abt this that I cannot sleep.

Will blog later. Am working on some other matters...(reason also that I cannot sleep)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Long yabble about nothing and everything

You know what the cat was doing when it went upstairs to my room? It was not looking for its kittens, it was doing a poo in my bathroom!! CHET!!! Anyway found out today from AJ that the kittens had settled in and one seems to be more active and playful than the other. Although his other half had screamed each time the kittens came close to her, I am hopeful that the kittens have found a permanent home. He has bought them a two tiered cage. That SOUNDS permanent. He hehe.

Have finally started seing Hotelier. First episode. Slow and steady this time around. Can't believe that the Yong Joon there is the same Yong Joon in WS. Where's my romantic hero gone? Anyway its not going to be a mad all niter as was WinterSonata because I simply do not have the time these days! This banking thing is a 24 hour thing Im telling you. I was just making calls all day long yesterday! It cannot be done by any other gender (and in this modern times I believe there are more than 2) than a female. Men would have NOOO patience. Now doing other work. Its almost 3. a.m. You TUBE's Winter Sonata is playing (for the 24th time) so I get all the dialogue through my headphone, he he he.The voice! The voice! One thing though I notice, for the five mins after I watch a KDrama, I would stop moving at my normal elephant stomp pace and would walk properly for a while...must be the effect of Telly !

Talking of telly. Have you watched "Table for Three"? I caught it the other day, held my interest for a while and then - no lah. Oh yes I find the "Office" hilarious. If you ever get a chance, do watch it..! Weird, but hilarious. Dont like anything to do with ghosts and supernaturals. Sara is fascinated by that. I tell her off when she start telling her sisters ghost stories.

"House" is playing now. Hubby has just returned from having to operate and is pretending to watch House while sleeping. If woken up he will insist that he is watching TV. Interesting how some people can snore while watching the tube he he he. Absolutely fabulous , House. And to think that he once (no, twice!) played the father of a MOUSE! (Stuart LIttle?) And the mother of the mouse is now the madam president of the USA in Commander in Chief. He he he.

I suggest to the powers that be, do a medical series based on our own HKL..How about it guys...we can have total chaos, harrassed doctors, and long waiting lines. And sometimes surly nurses! Maybe get er..Hans Isaac to play one of the doc?? (sorry, no cute docs at GH, although if you come to the UPM half of them speak with an English accent! This is true. .)

HKL based hospital drama...I would bet that whenever a new patient comes in at A&E there won't be that frantic movements you see in ER, but rather a slow and steady "nantilah everything will be ok, we'll call you when we can call you " attitude? Silap hari bulan kena tengking dengan nurse....he he he. The cases would be "mat rempit"s, stabbing wounds, accidents where young men injure various parts of the body - invariably the spleen would be involved, and if they are very very unlucky, they get to be transferred to surgeons !! And Nepalese, Bangladeshis and Indonesians would be the visitors (hubby actually like that aspect to it) (He he he- not fair for me to say anything about A&E since Ive never had to go there as a patient alhamdulillah....!!)

I have to thank Allah for letting me have very few encounters with the surgeon- maybe three times? First when I had to have my tooth operated on, (yes I was 5) and then there was that miscarriage after Nadine where I insulted the surgeon by telling him "this is a MINOR surgery ,right" and he said " there is NO SUCH THING as a MINOR surgery" and then proceeded to terrify me, minutes before the D&C, with details on exactly how he can botch up the operation (Mr LOW I remember you !) Hey providing information is one thing, but that is sadistic. Which I think is a subject they teach surgeons he he he...if you had seen my hubby chasing me all around the house in Nottingham with a headless chicken you'd understand why I say this. That and the holly leaves he'd randomly pick up during our walks purely for the purpose of poking me with it when I least expect it. Not to mention that red hat he bought me as a present with an elastic that goes under the chin, and the time he pulled that elastic and let go- ooooh I could have killed him cheerfully I tell you. I still have not gotten back at him for that although I was slightly appeased when I coloured his nails red while he was sleeping ha ha ha . Or when I botched up his haircut ("I'm a doctor you know! Not a Pop Star!! Tomorrow I have to WORK with this hair!!! ) hee hee heee heee! (my experiment with the home salon kit he he...we had to rush down to London to find the only hairdresser open on a Sunday ("My MARRIAGE is at stake here!" I had told him beseeching him to stay open for us while we drove the distance from Chelmsford to London! Hee hee) - the hairdresser said "I dont try to be a surgeon do I " he hehe)

Back to the surgeons- the last episode though was with my gynae , the very very wonderful and very very softspoken DR MARLIK in AMPANG PUTERI (marketing sikit) - nothing like a guy gynae. Ok segan lah siapa tak segan , but rather than the "dahlah tu, bukan nye sakit sangat" attitude I suspect most women gynaes hold, I'd prefer a man who I think thanks god everyday that he is NOT a woman. He he he...!

Kids have packed. Tickets have been bought for the train ride this Wednesday. Hubby saw through my bravado "Let me drive back by myself with the maid on Thursday, you stay at your mom's with the kids" and is coming back on the same day. I dont think its going to be possible, as he will arrive at 1 p.m, and will need to catch the 3 pm train the same day if he wants to come back to KL on the same day. So I think the bravado will have to be reality.

Tomorrow need to visit the immigration. (er, not to Kluang, ok he he he) Tickets are in my hand....Wheels are in motion guys..just hope the extra moolah comes in this December. Hope the firm won't go all petty on me comes bonus time..I think I deserve some!

Sigh ok lah...nite nite...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Costume Party & the UK

My daughter is, she tells me, having a costume party next March. A Barbie costume party. No need to ask lah which daughter kan. So anyway, she was making up a list of who is wearing what. She is going to be dressed as Barbie of course , as Princess Genevieve. She came up to me with pen and paper asking me what I would like to come as. I said, I want to be Genevieve. She said- but I want to be Genevieve! Then I said, well...then I want to be Duchess whatsername the evil one. Then she said "no mummy...she's not fat."

How not to have a weight complex I tell you he he he?? Daddy who was next to me asked , what should I be? Much to his delight he was told that he has to be someone tall and thin , like a magician. Or "the Scientist". I guess after that he felt generous enough to tell Sophia that mummy is not fat and she should be Princess Genevieve. He he he...I was just pulling her leg...but she gave it serious consideration and decided that in the end, I should be ..a flower, because "a flower is also beautiful". Either that , or the Bird. (Diplomat in the making , she found the most non controversial solution) . In the end I conceded and said "I'll be the fairy god mother " which delighted her as of course, I am the perfect fairy god mother material, ie, fat , and with the moolah to grant her wishes. he he he...My kids are smaaaaaaaaarrt. He he he.

Sigh. Miss them. Now everyone except for Johan , is asleep. Johan is almost near tears because Brownie, the mother cat, is looking for her 2 kittens. Alamak I also cannot bear lah. She is walking here and there and I can't help thinking that its the kittens she's missing. I have promised Jojo that the cats will come back if things don't work out. I'm apologising to the mummy. Sorry Brownie, I didn't think you would miss them this much?. I hope the vet was right abt them no longer needing the mommy's milk. Alahai she's mewing somemore...she's going upstairs ... kesian kesian!!!....She's come down again ....Imagine if it was my kids. This Wednesday, Hubby wants to send the eldest three to spend the night with MIL before we all go home to join them on Thursday and I am allready having reservations.

Hubby told everyone that MY mom has said that she'd take them tomorrow nite. Sophia said "yeah I know". Then it dawned on hubby that if my mom told Sophia and not the others, it probably means that its just Sophia that she wants. Probably true too. Mom seem to be having a special place for Sophia. Guess she was the youngest when we first came back from the UK.. and got close to my parents... and she was the fair and chubby one of the (then) three. She kinda reminds them of me when I was her age. So they say lar. Yeah I was fair and chubby too. come to think of it, still am .... he he he..

Talking about UK, the old subject of taking a break overseas came up again today. Hubby and I were invited to join in the birthday celebration for Shireen, the adopted daughter of Mak B. We went , despite protests from the brood - from "going out again!! Will you STOP going to dinners???" (I mean, you complain that you don't go out enough and then there's just no stopping you he he he) to Jojo flinging self on me and declaring "I'm not letting go" and only letting go once I opened up the "" site.

Happy Birthday Shireen!! You look absolutely fantabulous, despite apparently being caught by surprise. The food at Bukhara was good as usual. (That's B.U.K.H.A.R.A, the floor on top of Dome, KLCC- he he he) - Thank you Mak B for inviting us.

So anyway we were chatting at Bukhara and the new mommy ie Itin, mentioned about sometimes yearning to go overseas with hubby again, preferably England. I was exactly like her when I had Nadine. ie hubby sitting for exams. Difference was, Hubby and I were in the UK, I had no maid & hubby didn't mind being woken up at 3 to "go and study sayang, the way can you change the baby" he he he...It was hard, but now, years later, I am looking back and my mind is deleting all the hard part and thinking how fun it was and how close we were and how I wish we can go back again. Yes Fifi, you will think so too, regardless of how hard it must be to be away with 2 young kids and NO maid. You ARE having fun, you ARE happy, its just that its going to take you another 10 years to realise that you are he he he... Why is it that we always think if so and so happens, we will be happy? When we were in the UK, N my friend and I always said, if only our husbands would pass their FRCS/MRCP , we'd have it made..Should have realised that problems will never end , might as well enjoy the ride.

THAT is the piece of wisdom you can impart once you reach the age we have hehehe..

But I did enjoy raising Nadine over there. You think you are the first one ever to have a baby, the first one to feel all that you are feeling, and you think you are going to raise that child this way and that way, and no one knows what you know. Once you have a child you can act slightly superior with the others..he he he ..I am a mother. Work?? Leave this precious bundle of joy?? For MONEY?? Cheh! (Obviosuly we were earning pounds then he hehe )

With the first child, its going to have Mozart in its cot, you actually go and GET it a cot (with the others I realised they never use the cot anyway and its my arms they sleep in, something that is continuing until NOW darn it) , and she gets the best in terms of material things and attention. With the second the love is not compromised, but you just realised that just because she does not speak by a certain age, it does not mean she is going to miss University. he don't panic as much, I guess. And by the third and the fourth, you don't have that many high faluting theories - the ones that made you buy the diapers disposal machine for the first one. (and the room steamer, and the steriliser etc etc- whats wrong with microwave??)

So back to going back to the UK, for a while it was nice thinking of moving out for a couple of years, maybe for hubby to get an additional qualification etc etc. However, hubby was right, with the 5 its going to be (a) expensive and (b) difficult. Plus Nadine has UPSR next year. So maybe one day we'll take them back on a holiday (at RM4 k a person, are you mad?? )

But for you, Izreen, go for it. Nothing bonds a couple closer than housework and raising kids sans maid. Really.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

sara writes

Kah kah kah....! I had started this, and supposed to pass over to Sara for her to tell us how she feels - she had looked rather cut up after the kittens left ...but then , it turned out that, she had done something and deleted the entire blog, and then she rewrote it from memory - so the first para is her trying to be me! hee hee hee! What's funny is that its not even what I wrote- it was AJ's wife who was not that enamoured of cats .. sorry AJ he he he..
Ok this is what Sara wrote :

Sara:hello! i feel sad b'cause 2 beloved kittens have left the building! Mom send them thousands of time buying kitten food,deworming M,diaria M, and so on. (does she mean thousands of trips out?)
Write about now sophia is here to share hers.(feelings of course)

Sophia:hi, my feelings are i'm completely sad. luckly, me and sara have computer pets. on the websites, thats all to say now.

He he he...why does Sophia not sound as heartbroken.

The Korean Wave

In a couple of days there's going to be an expo on the Korean wave in Jeju. I don't even know where Jeju is, but it's a big thing and Yong Joon is going to be one of the artists at the opening event. I try not to talk about Yong Joon much on this blog (Izan shut up he he he) but to be honest I find him, and his fans, very interesting. Korea is interesting. Japan is interesting. Singaporean , Thai, Phillipina, Malaysian and heck Egyptian fans of all background willing to share time on cyberspace away from the presentations, files, board papers, coursework what have you, to discuss him and his works and his latest whatsgoingon, and how he looks in all of them, are all the stuff that have me firmly captivated. My hubby has long given up he he he.... I would not yet declare myself a hardcore fan lah, I have not even seen any other work other than Winter Sonata, but it still is interesting to read all the blogs!

I was reading BB's blog ( (she is fun to read and is very witty- there are some non BYJ related stuff) and found out the Korean Wave expo is basically catered extensively to Japanese market. The non Korean and non Japanese fans would have a masaalah to go - apart from being far, expensive, details of how to get there were sparse and like pulling teeth out.

Ignoring Yong Joon's fans outside Japan and Korea would I think, be a grave mistake. Let me tell you that there are a lot of people who follow the career and the life of this actor. Moi,as I have said, I have not actually gotten around to watching his other works. But I read the blogs and discussions about it, and about how the guy actually works. (If I start finding other Korean American or other nationality actors/actresses I'm sure I'd let you know he he he..but I don't usually do even this!) I would safely say that to a lot of ppl, he is an icon. The ideal to hold as a standard, against other guys. The fact that he is from another country and speaks another language not on the UN standard lists is irrelevant. He has an aura akin to Mawi in local context. From all accounts he genuinely appears to be that guy you would like to sit and have a cup of tea to natter with, if you manage to concentrate and not get distracted by his looks lar. Sorry I still maintain that he is prettier than most of his costars. And Korean costars are stunning. The matsallehs have nothing on us Asians.

It is stupid if the organisers don't capitalise on this and bring whatever expo they have over to this side. or photography exhibition , come to think of it. Can he come over to promote "Legends". ..? Hmmm...If only we have one Malaysian with this sort of appeal man, I'd put him out there and take him everywhere! (Khairi Jamaludin comes to mind- or Nazir Razak? Do we have ANYone???)

To many he is just that actor in Winter Sonata. Old story whaaaat...To others, he is someone to wait at airports for, to care for and the affection is genuine. He falls and someone hands over an ointment. Some cook for the crew. Some watch him film . I read that he vows to do the best for his family because of what they feel for him. The relationship is personal. When he tells a fan he hates that she waits for him in the cold , watching him film, she decides to stop, as she hates doing what he hates. I wonder all the time how he manages not to find the attention claustrophobic, but he seems to take it all and turn it into support and love from a real family. But sometimes even the best of families can stifle you eh?? Although I don't hear about his real family??! He he he...Although you know, if , say, a non Korean fan goes over , he'd better not let that fan down by suddenly acting cold man!!

Ok then thats it from me on this.....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Troysaurus saga continued...

Yeah you know that dinosaur - alongside Barney, Troysaurus must be the favouritest dinosaur ever and we visited him just now. He he he...

After calling me all of Friday to ask me To*sRUs related questions, such as :

1. Mummy, if I want to buy the cash machine as WELL as the pixel chicks, can I?
2. Mummy! Have you reminded Cikgu Ahmad NOT to come for tuition on Saturday as we will go to To*sRUS?? (I have told him not to come, ever ,by the way- but only because the kids are too big for his "nice" style of teaching); and
3. Mummy, what time ARE we going to To*s R Us tomorrow??
4. Mummy! Why aren't you back yet?? Are you at To*s R Us???? (I was then at KLCC picking up my CREA mag and ended up having dinner with Hubby in Nando's)

In the end , exasperated, I had asked them to continue to pore over the brochure , and choose THREE things that they like in the order that they'd want and let mummy finish what mummy is doing for the superkiasu bankers yah?

Saturday morning arrived and everyone was snoring away peacefully , and hubby suggested sneaking out for breakfast (the man can't stop taking me out on dates now) . Unfortunately the ever alert Dahlia jerked upright from bed and ..well and what? We basically shelved the breakfast plan and put on the "Family CD"... Anyway we had a lot of stuff to do before the Visit. Like:

1. Take kittens /kids to Vet- (the main vet of all people, is the brother of one of the partners at my previous workplace how bizzare is that??) Anyway we took the 4 ginger kittens in the cage (thanks G for that cage) and one of the vets, this young woman doctor , a graduate of UPM (I mean!! will the links never stop!) finally saw the kittens, and I am proud to say, pronounced them to be 3 boys and 1 girl . Every one of them are in the PINK of health, not a single ear mite or flea (not serious enough to catch her attention anyway). She effortlessly did what we nearly died doing (and killed one of them doing) - ie gave medicine- (well she had the syringe didn't she? We had to use a straw! )Anyways !! She dewormed them, and then sprayed them with flea medicine. So now all four (who, 5 minutes before seing the vet, were named)- Ginger, Cookie, Coffee (maybe my kids were hungry?)and Curly Tail. A friend from the office was coming to get two of them, but that was on the proviso that the kittens would be female! I told the guy that I only have 1 female. He was worried that the boy cat may "mark" his territory you know what I mean?? I didn't have the heart to tell him that the girl cats aren't exactly slow in the marking territory department if my maid and the kids are to be believed. He now is coming tomorrow.

2. Fixed the car- on the way back the car suddenly went POMP!!! and tilted to one side. Nasib baik we were slow! The suspension bar thingy , which had broken off on the right side last time and was repaired, now decided to make things even by breaking on the OTHER side! We then drove very very slowly, stopped at the nearest mechanic, previously untried, and got out. Then hubby got mad at me for us stopping at this untried mechanic (which he agreed to a minute earlier) and only then revealed his preference to go to the mechanic we are used to. (used to being conned that is, he he he). This obviously put the plan to visit with that dinosaur back by several hours. We took a cab and waited at home for daddy to come back.

Finally ! Car is ready, daddy is poorer by some amount of cash, and off we go to spend the kids' money - well that was what we told them anyway. The reality was their money is untouched and daddy is now even poorer-rer. (heh??el bantai ler the english). My kids' choice of toys is very telling. Kaklong chose Monopoly. Angah wanted an Eduscience Adventure stuff with a pair of binoculars, telescope and cool explorer stuff, Sophia is unwaveringly, Barbieee.., and Dahlia,- guess what she wanted - an ATM Machine!!!(she did ask for Mc Donald cash register before) Johan wanted a remote control bike. My husband said Daya is Atok reincarnated. Hee hee hee...(she "left" her duit raya at home unlike everyone else who brought it with them)

Upon arriving, I let them loose so to speak , and gave them their last chance to change their minds. But they stuck to their choice. They had pored over the magazine for so long that they really wanted what they wanted and within 15 minutes we were done! Except for Jojo who changed his mind to a Spiderman that you have to assemble.

Maid went home by the way. So now am maidless. (Daddy just made the Milointhebottle that Jojo requested , and Jojo came over to me to complain that "I ordered a small bottle not a big bottle... Kak Minah and you do it right but daddy got my order wrong..!" (Order??) )

We did drop by LakeGardens on the way back , and had half an hour at this underutilised park (or is it underutilised by us onliee??) - Kids had fun using the bino and the telescope at the park. Ice cream all around and then home.

Ok lah - not a bad day...for me, any day when I get to spend with the kids is fine. Not to say I am nice and cuddly ok, I have been barking orders since I came home ..poor thing. they had to take their bath, have dinner, pick up their plastic covers of their toys and I had to nag them to do it in my Sargeant Mummy voice. I don't actually like to be so garang but I feel if not I get ignored. I bet my next door neighbours are thinking what a horrible parent I am ("I" as opposed to "we" as dad never nags. He gets nagged he he he ) ..


Alan Pereira & Indie Nadarajah

Or is it the other way around? Alan Nadarajah and Indie Pereira? (8.30 Pm Actors Studio Comedy Court)

Hubby picked up the challenge and surprised me last Thursday with 2 tickets to watch Comedy Court . Alan Pereira and Indie Nadarajah, two ex lawyers who obviously came to their senses and realised there's no money in law (ha ha) and performed sketches. Hey I tell those jokes on a daily basis I think I should give this serious consideration. ha ha ha

We arrived with 10 mins to spare and had a hurried dinner (ginger beef kuayteow and seafood fried rice) at the food court on the third floor- this must be the reason the food court was placed next to the Actors' Studio huh. Anyway because I was a pig, I had a fillet of fish as well (except I snucked it into the Studio and tried to quietly devour it inside the theatre- as if ppl cannot smell hah-, or hear the plastic crunching)- Well, I was on a oatmeal diet the entire day- my clever plan was an oatmeal drink for breakfast and lunch, and light dinner , but didn't figure on being hungry ! In the end I had 1 in the morning, 2 at lunch, 1 at 4 p.m and 1 at 6 pm, and also had dinner which was the beefginger kuay teow (but that's more soup onlieeee right?) plus my fish fillet (but how many calories can a fish be anyway??) - so basically I had overdosed on the oat drink and probably gained an extra 2 kilo on it ha haha! So.. now I am back to my normal diet lar....

Ok back to Indie and Alan, firstly, they're great satirists. They make fun of everything and ever racial group. Second they are great actors (and singers!). They had 3 basic acts, one as a couple of malay parliamentarians, who had "conversations" with the chinese group, the indian groups, Datuk Zakaria, Datuk Mukhriz, and Khairi! They were really believable as malay policitians. Mannerism etc memang melayu lah! Alan was "talking" to a chinese faction about the speeches made at the Umno assembly with the racial undertones (some not so discreet or hidden) and said "relaks lahh..jangan risau...we all ada NEP you all ada DAP....apa nak takuuttt..." he he he and the best part was after he said "ok ok pi makan , you tak makan lagi? pi get food" and after it appeared that they have left him, he mumbled "sigh..cina ni". Which is exactly some of us out there do !! Pedas oit..

Sigh..what do you guys think about those Umno politicians and the racial undertones. How to justify on any level please?? I would have no face or nerve to tell my non malay friends that this is not their country (nak kena tampar???) and about malay supremacy etc- I don't know how we can think that anyway? How have we become the country we are , coming up to 50 years old, if not for their and all of our collective sweat tears blood and contribution. Why can't we , with all the help we got, own more than 18.9% equity in the (What? nations' companies?PLC? ) Do we want to? Are we not successful if we don't ? Do we all have to be superterror business people? Or do we have to control the economy to rule?? If we want more than 18.9, so work harder lah. so why have to moan and gripe. So why have to dengki dengki..Each races ada own strength wat. Malay supremacy...if you want to ensure that goes on we must learn to work with others while taking care of our own, but if between a crap "our own" and an excellent non malay candidate, i would be shooting in my foot by taking the crap one right. If I have my own business habislah kan.

We are lucky actually, to all those whose favourite occupation is knocking the government, I would like to remind that when Condoleeza was appointed, it was a big score for blacks and women in America which kinda proved the point that discrimination of any level is everywhere....even in the great state discrimination is an issue , here we don't bat an eyelid if we see a table at a restaurant with all racial group in it having a cordial dinner and I would credit the government with some of that , would you not?

Ok, down I go from my soap box.

Darn it the kids want to use pc..sambung later again....

Ok here I am again 2 days later. I was saying, Indie and Alan then went on to be 2 indians in a pub, getting properly drunk and satirising cricket and the SMS english. This part was ok if you follow cricket and can appreciate the Aussie vs India row. If not you would , if you are my husband, fall asleep (he follows criket though)

After that, (got song in the middle about standing by your man- abt viagra) , they were 2 chinamen - one dvd seller and one other chinese guy who comes to watch. Where they learn how to pronounce the words like the chinese I have no idea. Alan keeps going "Eh Baaaahgur yu, you dont know so and so meh?" . The DVD Seller had a list of new releases which include a story about a rich couple who married and then divorced and then the man got married to a very famous singer and the show is called "Sad in the City". Waaahaaahaa...

Towards the end they sang , and they were goood. I was however freezing my tush off and could not wait to go home.

But definitely make a refreshing change to the humdrum! :-)

Friday, November 24, 2006

KIds are bored....

I am getting so many calls in one day from the kids. They are royally bored.

Actually, Im mistaken. They were calling me 56 times in a day , then we went to Toys R Us to buy a pressie for someone else's party and we brought back brochures of the latest offerings. Since then things have been quieter on the calling me up front as they are busy poring over the brochure and figuring out what they want. I have promised them that they can blow their raya cash on toys (errr no calls from parents out there please). I am very liberal on the bribery part.

Eh I cant write in peace lahhhh...wait ah I come back...


Ahem..just to say that I ordered a Japanese magazine and its now here. The mag is out of stock the entire world apparently and had to be reordered many times .

I will have to go to Kinokuniya today yay yay.

The end.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Am at work, wondering if it really is worth all this aggravation?? Between an apek borrower (is that racist?) haggling over fees, the bank who wants me to advise release tomorrow die die, and the office policy of the firm who won't let me issue advice until the cheque clears (this cheque which I have yet to see) - I'm going mad. I really should remember to remind the borrower a few days before the actual release date of the facility (and banks being banks if they go beyond a certain date the rates will change) rather than leave the issue of when the heck are you going to pay up , to just before the day the rates are going to change and the world comes crashing down.

Have not checked on the kids . Actually am phoning them now. Sophia is on the phone, and reports that she has just watched Bawang Merah Bawang Putih episode 67. Dahlia is peeping up at the back that its actually an old episode where the mom is trapped in the closet????.They are arguing it out now. Dad had bought them a trampoline last nite and he told me we can also exercise on it..Errrr it does not look strong enough to support either you OR me, honey. he he he....I have to get him presents lah. I feel like we are getting sooo boring. Or at least, we should be more exciting. Put us at any restaurant and we'll be reading . The only time we can properly talk is in bed (get your brain out of the gutter) and even then we would be besieged by kids - hubby has a theory that the kids can smell me. If I leave their side they will wake up and they will come and seek me out. The other day Johan found me upstairs talking to the dad and he said "I KNEW IT!! I KNEW I'd find the two of you upstairs!" waaaaaa like real onlieee.. an example, last nite looked for a place to drink with hubby. Out of all the exciting restaurants in KL, all we could think of was AMWALK, and he suggested Secret Recipe. Even SR turned us out as they were closing, so we had a drink at the iranian food place next door, which was actually quite nice. We had a couple of Iranian tea, iranian bakhlava and iranian beef fillet kebab - with a killer garlic sauce. The kids called and called and I know why- they wanted to play with my laptop. At the restaurant hubby and I had a newspaper each and we were reading. What do other couples do on their dates??

But you know I am actually contented. Its just not conventional romantic TV type couple lar, with flowers etc. I dont buy him presents and have not bought him a single thing for ages. Can you believe that??? (Hello the man got five kids out of me, and 2 D&C- he wants presents too??) he he he.. I don't buy him stuff because he is fussy to buy for. I want to get him a nice pair of jeans to be honest .

Yesterday hubby came from home to fetch me rather than from work. He had spent the entire day with the kids. Basically he had to take them to the dentists and apparently they had a grand's worth of treatment. Sophia even had her tooth capped. For Free. Sigh sometimes being in the government service has its perks. Actually its more to do with the student dentists wanting to use our kids to fill up their kids quota so its a win win situation. I remember Nadine's teeth was also thoroughly capped, filled, cleaned etc in Adelaide with the school dentist who , at the end of it, even made a presentation out of her, for his thesis. The kids waited around the hospital as he performed his clinical duties. I bet the nurses all think that the kids' mother is one useless bum. never around. Sigh....

Kids also tried to take the kittens to the vet but the Universiti Putra vets close by 4 so obviosuly if you dont live within 5 minutes walking distance from them, you'd miss them. Sheesshh. We have to get the kittens healthy and glossy as Mr AJ from the office has said he wants TWO. Yeeehaaahhh!! I had actually offered to pay to spay the kitten later! He wanted girls can you believe it. Kittens are indeed looking better, but one continues to have loose bowels. Maid is telling me she sees red on the butt. Maybe too much going to the loo?

Talking about maid, for the first time in 6 years, I am having problems with Minah. Yesterday next door neighbour, called me to basically tell me her maid was giving her problems and also that her maid has received a disturbing message from a number saying something to the effect that your house is dark, ladi ladilah, how can Mr XX come in as he cant find the door. What a SHOCK it was to my system that it was actually my maid's number!!! When I confronted her , she tells me this roundabout funny story about how she meant it as a joke and she had meant to send it to someone else, who was telling her that the house is dark etc. Say what?? What the heCK man?????Hubby and I not buying it at all, and I asked to see her phone. She has of course deleted the message sent right - not stupid right. Tsk.. how? I told her you better not be smsing anyone ok and certainly not about going into any one's house - if the next door's house is broken into I am leaving you to deal with my neighbour and maybe the police! I told her my neighbour and I are friends for near on 20 years , how can she shame me like this (waaah effect of Korean drama on me) -and gave myself another little shock to realise that that fact is true!!!

Tsk..I have never known her to be anything but straight. But her phone and smses reveal someone who saves poetry in her phone (yeah all messages out would have been deleted what) and when you don't trust your maid how? Relationship is still cordial, I'm still my pleasant self,but I am watching you mannnn...How to face neighbour like that??

Any way am still waiting for full report.

In the meantime,




(All the same age!! amazing!)

Taaa back to boring borrowers.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I can't believe my last post was 18 November 2006. Honestly where is the time.
To update, yes I am in the office. And I am working. Waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

I've booked the flight to India for me and Nadine. Now waiting for N to confirm whether we can bunk in with other single moms or not. However, have not put in leave. Today I have done so and guess what- I have been told that the Partners are meeting tomorrow and are discussing leave so my leave will be discussed then. But Im going to INDIA! Aiyooo. Obviously they think that the firm will disintergrate without me he he . So wait I must lar. Thank goodness I have not paid or have not started to make visa or renew passport which horrors I have discovered - have expired. Nadine needs hers to be renewed as well as she has to have six months clear space from date of travel. I dont know why the girl at the travel agent asks me many times "She IS 11 at the time of travel, ya??? Otherwise she will be charged as an adult". Yaaaaa ok ok..anyway the difference is a "mere" 200 plus. Nikhill why didnt you get married in other non peak season hee hee

Ok hubby is here...continue later ok...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dahlia's concert

Its Dahlia's convocation day today. I'd put up pics but they are still in the camera. But anyway we got up and thought that we can have a quiet breakfast together. When suddenly all 5 woke up as well. Johan crying and wanting to come. Dahlia got ready in an instant. So we took Johan and Dahlia to "go buy fresh chicken". We had breakfast (roti canai and nasi lemak) at this place called Wangsa Bandariya , at Wangsa Maju. Must recommend the roti canai, and the nasi lemak was not too bad. The sardine roticanai was just right- not too soggy, and not too sardiniee. Having a stack of female magazines nearby also helped (Did you know that Datin Norjuma's husband , Datuk Nazim, is the secretary of a mosque?? And you think he's just someone famous's son) . There was also a water feature which kept the interest of the children, Bali style. Johan and Dahlia ate a bit and then declared themselves full. And on the way back Dahlia said "and we didn't even buy chicken".

Went back, took her shoes, then hubby dropped her at school because we were told that the concert proper would start at 10. In the meantime, got everyone ready, and by the time we went again, it was just past 10. There were no parking left at the school, where the concert was held. The concert was in full flow, in an open hall. (imagine a big hall with only three walls!)

Loads of cute kids NOT dancing , and then Dahlia finally came out to recite some poetry which honestly I could not hear- spoke to the teacher later and she said the concert did not fully reflect how good the kids can be, ie the technical problems kinda ruin it. I thought that we had missed Dahlia's graduation, but it turned out that only the first batch had graduated, and Dahlia's
"convo" would take place after one of the performance .

And there were a LOT of performances. There was a cute number by the 5 year olds which I thought was funny- they acted out to the song "This old man". 10 pairs of kids, one boy , dressed in baju melayu, and a cane, standing next to a girl holding the placard with a number, and a picture on the other side. There was one kid who was very believable as an old man, he was bent, and he had on a round hat (a kupiah) and he was really into his character - and he was smiling in a way that only toothless old men can smile- and he did have a few teeth missing!He he he.

Then, graduation time!! Dahlia came out again to receive her certificate- of course, Dad was by this time in front of the stage. I had mentioned to Nadine, I bet they'd fumble on the pronunciation of her name "sheherazade"..he he he. I bet they'd either call it SHARIZAT , or SHAYHERAZATEe. In the end they called her "Shahrizat". Ada ke?? Sheikh re zad lahhhh.....

I was slowly being depleted of money- the day was so hot and sitting down quietly to watch anything is not Johan and the rest's styles so I had to fork out for 3 sand arts, one balloon, one sticker book, and 3 tins of fizzy drink. Anything to keep them happy. In the meantime I had a slow and insistent headache.

Last Dahlia came out again, dressed as a jelly fish. It was a play about sea creatures . There were turtles, jellyfish, fish, etc. I really must commend the teachers. From the props it was clear that they had put in a lot of effort in this concert- the costumes were elaborate too. But the mike was a bit faulty, and the kids were rattling on happily, without the parents being able to really hear them. But, because it was our kids, and we'd cheer them no matter what, we just enjoyed them being up there on stage. I think the plot was about a king and his friend, flipper , and it was an under the sea story, it involved someone trying to poison the king, and flipper pushing the poisoned food away from the king, and ended with everyone going "Long Live the King"- err..rather serious for 6 year olds .

Finally went back around lunch. School kindly organised some makan makan for the parents. A lot of parents had left but we stayed to say thanks. I more than Dahlia felt sad that she is ending one era to go into another. She is never going to have to see the teachers again. We made her take pictures with each of the teachers (I say "made" because she would rather have gone to play on the playground). I think they did a good job with her. She was a kid who did not like the previous school that she was sent to, Sophia's school. and she was bored easily. She'd get up in teh middle of lessons and walked around. She was a real headstrong girl, I tell you. Still is, but a lot toned down.( I tell my husband his mom , had sent her representative to live with us ha ha a good way of course, MIL!) There was a time she didn't want to go at all. And she didn't want to read. I was worried about her reading when I realised that her cousin read a lot more and a lot faster. Now, you can't stop her from reading. It's true that the kids develop at their own pace and we parents should LAY OFF. He he heh.... year, standard 1.....Apparently that school is good too. I'm sure Dahlia will do well. She has a whole new set of friends to boss about ha ha..

Sad Sad Day...

Since last Saturday, I think, the maid has been telling us of the kittens being ill, and throwing up and doing their mess everywhere. Having diarrhoea and vomiting. Since we have not been home, we nodded, made a point to take them to the vet, but basically, what with stuff happening we did not get to it. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we do not feel like we are cat owners, so we don't really bother taking them to the vet- in fact I have never taken them to the vet, confession. But I was on leave last Thursday (the awards day) and I saw first hand how miserable the poor kitties were, so I called the vet and spoke to the doctor about the kittens. The diagnosis over the phone was either (a) worms or (b) virus. If it was virus, not much the doc can do, either they pull through or not. If it was worms, then she'd leave me the worm medicine for Hubby to pick up from work. I told the vet that the cat's a stray but Hubby told the doc that the cat has stayed with us from when it was a few days old. Basically, I had a stray cat coming to my house to have her kittens, (she had 3) and then I heard this mewing next door and in a box abandoned just like that, was one kitten- we picked this kitten up (Brownie) and gave it to the mother cat to be nursed. The mother cat, the original 3 kittens have all been sent away, to market, to restaurants etc but this Brownie, has decided to have 5 kittens with us. I saw the dad, actually, this handsome Garfield tomcat.

Anyways, Brownie had 4 ginger and 1 white kittens. Hubby came home to feed them medicine- rather tricky as we didn't know how to get the tiny mouth open! Well, I said, Hubby's working with what used to be University Pertanian Malaysia which includes veterinarian science (in fact when he first got a job there a lot of people thought he was attached as a vet)- so now we know the reason for the connection- he was to have 5 kittens under his care later. (and don't forget the story of the rabbit).

On Friday, I got a call from sobbing Sara- the white kitten has died...apparently it vomited so much after that, that it just died. Poor thing. She kept crying through school, and her eyes were sooo swollen. She is always my sensitive one, Sara. We buried the cat under the ELECTRIC TIANG!! Would have buried it behind on the empty plot of land but the BLARDIE contractor of my nextdoor neighbour (not you Haq) actually had dumped all the construction garbage there- so the land is full of glass, and rocks ! Grrrrr!!!

I said, well, at least the kitten is no longer suffering. She was the sickest , though. Johan said she smelt stinky. We had to take them to the fun fair nearby to cheer them up- I went along and joined in one of the rides- kids were having fun but I was going "Stop this ride!!" all the way- its the spinning top one.

The other kittens are apparently a bit better. To gross you out, my kids are telling me that worms keep coming out of their butts!!! Eeee- is that what deworming medicine do????

Ok now we are going to Dahlia's concert...she's gone allready but I need to get the other kids ready...she graduates as well today...My big girl.

OH YES- Hubby dropped a big bombshell- he has exams organised for the exact dates we were planning to go to India- I was soooooo disappointed, esp since he took a nonchalant air around me, like, take it or leave it, this is my work. I mean, why let me get all excited if you have known it all along?? I was only ok when he confessed that he knew since Monday and did not know how to tell me. Im thinking of taking Nadine. After all, N knows Nadine and met her when she was a few minutes old. In the labour room. With her husband. And her brother. How not to go to her brother's wedding, you tell me?? Out of the question.

Ok byeeee

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scenes before Bedtime

I'm sure its not your typical putting your kids to sleep scene for most household, yelling to everyone, but over here its what I'm doing. The 5 of them are now either drawing, walking, drinking, etc and I have to catch each one of them to say "go to sleep". Everyone talks to me at the same time, and I'm turning this way and that to answer everyone. When I tell Johan "Johan kenapa tak mandi? Pergi mandi now." He looks at me and said "Er I dont speak Spanish". Spanish???!! Alamak???

Dahlia wants to know when I met her daddy- she and Sara are great at coming up with questions like that to distract me. The first thing Dahlia does as soon as she sees me appearing to get mad is ask me a completely irrelevant question.

Sara is drawing a woman - and showing it to me. It says "there was a beautiful mother - hardworking loyar; type of work: typing".

Hmm so now I know that my girls think that my work is typing, and Im a "loyer". Waaahaaahaaa. Oh well, it beats Sophia telling the kindy teacher that Im a lorry driver. Sounds close enough to lawyering I guess.

So now, all four of them (Johan coming later) are in bed, packed like sardines.Have their own room but prefer to sleep together so that they can natter away into the night. I can hear Dahlia bossing her sisters about. I think they are playing charades now! I'm getting them to recite their quranic verses before going to sleep. Problem is they are doing it loudly together.Well, the Charades have stopped.

Sigh..I guess in a few short years time this will just be a memory eh.

Chaos again, as Johan is apparently scaring the sisters away by trying to kiss them. I’m hearing complaints of Johan trying to put his drooly lips on his sisters. It’s really a marketplace over with them. I have to do something.

Miracle! I have told them that I’m counting to 10 and whoever is not sleeping at the end of that will get a smack from me. Now they are completely quiet and I do believe, actually asleep! Snoring even..!

Oh yeah. Hubby is allready asleep. Ha ha ha

Back to my typing...!

My kids' results

You know that Sara is receiving an award from her school, no 3 in something ? Yesterday Sophia called to tell us that she was also getting this award, for being no 2. Well we will have to find out no 2 and 3 in what?? Nadine also tells me that although she is not getting any award, she got no 25 in the whole of standard 5, out of 327 students. (Update: Sophia is going to the top class next year yay yay!)

What does that tell us. Hubby and I think that it means they are doing allright at school. It's also nice that they are so excited about it and I hope it will motivate them to learn more. Of course, I'm very very proud of them . However, I do think that we can't rely on school alone to form a complete child. Too much emphasis on academic excellence. I totally do not agree with our system where the kids who mug and learn to pass exams are appreciated more than those kids who are creative, and intelligent but get bored at studying. I think you must have a system to encourage the kids to first really like the subject, and that comes from an innovative teacher with unique teaching methods. And once you like the subject, then reading about it and mugging about it becomes not a big deal. (I,for one, hate chemistry, and physics was beyond me. Add Maths- sorry!! But maybe I would have if I had a better teacher?? (yah blame the teacher huh) . I told my hubby - hey you did not marry me for my brains ok. I married you to improve the genetic make up of my kids ha ha ha...)
Anyway I digress-

I tell the girls that the exam is not for you, but to tell the teachers how much you understand of the subject, ie if you get 80% that means, 20% of the paper, you don't understand, However, now its become where you are in your class and how much more cleverer you are than the others. Sara the daydreamer and Sophia the equally good daydreamer in particular, are very creative and imaginative and it's just sad if the current system we have squeeze that out of them. Well, it's just going to be up to us to make sure they keep getting their creative 'feed' - take them to shows, etc- all that requires MOOLAH...

I'm not saying that learning to pass exams is a bad thing, or that my kids should not do homework etc. The reality of life is that it's always the survival of the fittest and sadly, its measured by how well you do in school. And honing the discipline to sit down and do homework is also a good skill. But I do wish that my kids can have a more rounded exposure..

But how??? Im at fault as we are both working and letting them watch tv is by far the easier option than thinking of craft stuff to do. When we were in Adelaide hubby used to make kites with them and fly them near the beach. Because we had a big compound the kids were outside all the time, playing with sand, etc etc.

Which brings me to my present situation, ie applying for government housing. We want the space. But...the houses are old....and maybe he's leaving for private practice...but, when would that be?? dont know what to do, KIV je lah. But it'd be nice to have a biiig compound.

Anyway the kids - I hope they grow to be nice, decent, kind, bright, people with a high sense of right and wrong, never forget what their parents teach them, never forget God, and keep on asking questions.

(and if they are neurosurgeons, doctors, engineers, hey, I'm ok with that)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cousin L's Dinner (and Era Fazira!)

Awhile back, Cousin L mentioned that she had gone for a makeover near where I live. And a few weeks later, I think, she mentioned that her picture was one of the contestant in the "most dramatic transformation" category and that she'd be buying a table at the official dinner that was going to be organised by the people taking her picture. She offered 2 places for us and the other 7 would also be her friends and family members. We saw the picture- it was really nice! Of course we 'd be there, we said!

So tonite was the night. Not any hotel, mind you, but the Shang. Which in my mind remains the poshest place in KL, despite the arrival of newer hotels. Anyways! Arrived at the ShangriLa hotel's ballroom, to be greeted by glamourous looking women and menfolk in ballgowns and dresses, some very elaborate, and glitzy. Me and Hubby in conventional baju kebaya and batik. There were potraits set on tables , in various categories- child, teen, demure 20s, something 30s, and 40s, elegant 50s and even the over 60s! The pictures were very nicely taken, some airbrushed a bit, some HEAVILY airbrushed (er some of the over 50s look 20s ok- no nasal labia at all and no sign of lines anywhere). Cousin L was waiting outside allready, and after giving us our tickets we registered & got our pink ribbon to be tied to our wrists. We were also supposed to vote for our choice of the "Miss Photoshoot 2007" ie the picture we most like. Of course, we put our votes with Cousin L. Cousin Lana, Helostzz, Mak Z ( to whom future son in law bears a scarily striking appear, Mak B and Uncle M, and Mak M also turned up to show our support to Cousin L. Also because she had paid for our seats!he he he he!

You can guess that this was no stuffy dinner with speeches when the clip shown to introduce dinner (wondering if any other countries have this "introducing dinner" parlava?) - was from Beauty and the Beast - the scene where the candelabra start singing "Be our guest" .Food was mercifully quickly served. Pictures of the contestant, before and after were put up for all to ooh and ahh over. Looking at some of the before pictures, I thought- really, the digital age makes anything possible. He he he.

We found out then that the organisers were called "Pink Professionals" , the main sponsor and the whole point of this dinner was this cosmetic and skincare products from America,TLV, and is a clever and interesting marketing idea basically to reward these participants of the photoshoot and the members of the beauty company. Boy they had a lot of sponsors- Habib, Boustead, Kodak, Mercy Malaysia etc etc., which was why we got to watch catwalk sponsored by Kodak & jewelry show showing expensive Habib diamonds. In fact the grand prize (the most votes etc) in the Adult /teen category would win RM10,000 worth of jewelry, and in the children section, RM3,000. Not something to be sniffed at , ok. We all hoped that Cousin L would win! Although she was already a winner as far as we were all concerned.

There was even a lucky draw- although I had no hope of winning as I'm not lucky. It also does not help if the lucky draw in question seemed to be FIXED!! If it was not, then I'm sorry but it did look suspiscious when the winners of the lucky draw wore pink shirts and/or bearing the name of the beauty product he he . And all starting from the same pre-fix 6. Oh well, why not reward own members eh.

Then, an unexpected treat- Erra Fazira! Announced as the top diva and entertainer- (for a while I thought it was Siti) she appeared - long wavy hair, tall and slender and basically drop dead beautiful- hey Miss Malaysia, whaaaattt. I was surprised that she can sing live - she can sing well! She sang 4 songs, but the 2nd one, Sway, was a real hoot- she made this man go on stage - he was randomly picked but so happen to be the son in law of one of the key members of this company- and accompanied her singing and swaying with a feather boa (a lot of "bulu" jokes) . The guy sportingly salsaed with her. She came to the tables,spotted Yusni Jaafar and Norlia Ghani on one table and said hi. Mak B who knew her from before, said I'm here too! and instant spotlight to our table as kisses were exchanged between my husband's aunt and Erra - this girl was more beautiful close up, I tell you. Stupid Yusri. If I was his next girlfriend I would constantly feel inferior- yelah his ex was Erra Fazira! He he he.

Back to dinner- after the show, they launched the Pink Calendar- Cousin L was in it! Yay!! Must get the calendar- 20% goes to Mercy Malaysia. Then ,Hubby and I went outside for fresh air- to discover Mak Z and Mak M having the same idea- we found them at the sofa near the loo- and we joined in. Suddenly, some caffufle- oh, it was Erra going off, and some people taking pics. Mak Z and Mak M went up (with me tagging along) and salamed her hands, and exchanged words and then she left. Wah, happy semua orang, dapat salam Erra Fazira. He he he!

The thing about me is that I don't get star struck when I actually see these stars- like seing Pak Lah. I was blur only, with no thought to shake the man's hands, or even with Era, with no thought to getting her autograph etc. It's only when Im alone that I think- oh, wouldn't it be nice had I taken some PICTURES!!, or at least get her to sign something. Or shake Pak Lah's hand. If I were to ever see BYJ ever, I'd probably just go ho hum how are you, and later, kick myself for not doing whatever. Ha ha ha!

We went back in for the results of the voting. Yay Cousin L!!! We all wanted her to win! They had 12 categories, and each winner would receive a digital camera. Not a bad deal. But luck was not on Cousin L's side, and she was not one of the 12. We were ok with it- hey its a fair competition. Then they started on the Grand Prize winners and that was when we got an inkling that it may not be such a fair competition after all. It just felt funny to us that the Grand Prize winner, the one who got the most votes, and won the RM10,000 worth of jewelry- is the daughter of one of the main sponsors! Her picture was neither the prettiest, nor the most photogenic, nor the most memorable, nor the most dramatic transformation etc etc, it probably just meant that the sponsor company bought the most tables, and had the most votes for her! It's all about money and where's the fairness in that??? What is the sense of psyching all these individuals like Cousin L to think that they stand a chance when the real determining factor is not how you actually do in the contest, but how much money you sink in their dinner?? It's really burning Hubby up, let me tell you that. Dont quite like the Grandprize thing as they got so many individuals to pay to enter into this photoshoot contest and not everyone can buy the votes that this winner got- its not right , its not ethical, and it's morally wrong. Cousin L is too nice to be bothered about it, I think, but how can you think - "oh well, I tried", when you failed not because you didn't deserve to win, but because you did not have deep enough pockets? Not fair to all the others, too. Cousin L, you look nice, you'll always be a winner to us, and I'm so tempted to tell you to stop supporting this company and its products.

But!! I guess all's fair in love, war and business! It leaves a bad bad bad taste in my mouth, but at the end of the day, we had a good time, and thank you Cousin L, for inviting us to share in your nite. Again, your picture was one of the better ones!

Night night everyone.....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We saw the Prime MInister...nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh

Ha ha ha..Im sure you will think - so what? Actually, So what was what I initially felt also Friday nite when we attended the 79th General Assembly of the International Motonautique - yeah International ehwhatsit?? Motorized water sports.

Not that I and Hubby knew all this when we drove into the Marriot Putrajaya,dressed to the nines. All I knew was at 4 plus pm hubby called and said, Mak B has invited us to attend a dinner with her, would you like to go, its something to do with songket.And it involves TV3. So I said, er actually I did want to paint the railing of my house today, so no thanks . Ha ha ha ! What i REALLY said was - Are you KIDDING me? YEAH! The instant the phone rangoff Mak B was on the line, unfortunately I could not speak to her as the Boss dropped in and said hello and all I could tell Mak B is "sorry I cant speak to you but the answer is YES!" ..Heee sorry Mak B..

Hubby had left the hospital for home soon after(miraculously able to leave OT suddenly- oh by the way the reason Friday found me at the office and not lounging in Corus Hotel PD as was planned is that he was having to operate on Friday all day and would not be attending the conference at all). But anyway I digress. As I could not leave my office and my very important job of ensuring that people get the loan that they applied for quickly (ho hum how the mighty has fallen) before 6 pm, Hubby was tasked to choose a dressy outfit for me to wear and bring it over, and then the plan was that we'd leave from office.. He kept calling me and asking me what I wanted to wear and I was directing him to find stuff- he hunted in my closet (the WHITE pair of shoes, honey!! What white pair of shoes?? I dont see any??? etc etc.

Having no item that remotely looks like songket (a cloth woven with gold thread) in the end he got me this black and white batik outfit studded with pearly beads, which had once belonged to Mak B (ha ha sorry Mak B I have this habit of wearing the fancy stuff you give me to functions which you attend as well but then as you say I dont go to that many functions!). But the dress was nice.

What am I doing nattering about what I was wearing. I wanted to tell you how we saw the PM. By the time we beat Friday nite traffic to get to this hotel, we were of course 15 mins late but then, due to the rain , so was most people. Marriot IOI is one fancy hotel, which you need to drive up into. There were gorgeous TV3? staff draped in songket greeting us. We sat down at a table with Mak B's friends who worked with her on a special program for children, headed by the wife of the Deputy PM. We sat with some staff working for the 2nd Lady . I can tell you certain things but I better not.

Shortly after the speeches began , the aforementioned staff suddenly started to fuss about. It turned out that the 2nd Man himself! Was going to come. And also the Big Man! Pak Lah was also joining us! They did arrive, mid dinner and we all stood up as they came in and actually applauded. They passed our table . And we sat down when he sat down. Waaaahhhhh , he commanded that much respect. He's handsome you know...but look tired. (ceh pandai je I comment). The room was filled with three people's set of bodyguard. I later found out that the First Son and his wife were also there! ( I saw them, and they looked at me, but I forgot what they looked like so I,turned away...he he how rude eh?)

So happy to get to see Pak Lah.

The evening itself was great fun - thank you Mak B-there was a spectacularly beautiful display of songket by svelte, slim, thin, models (I was gorging myself away at this time)- and when I went to the loo, I passed the tables selling these songkets and I asked how much a 2.5 metre piece of cloth would cost me- basically I would be paying off 2 months salary- minimum.

Then, there was a show of Datuk Yahaya ?? 's personal songket collection. He had about 10 or 12 I think - and each of them was the costing more than my 2 months gaji type.

Last this guy called Buddy Loren appeared. At first I thought ..hohum American comedian wonder what his act was. But he was great! He sang P Ramlee songs (boy he really knew his PR eh) and he sang Tamil songs, he sang a Japanese song, and he sang an Italian song, he put on a red cardi and moppy wig and pretended he was shahrukhkhan singing on top of the train, (he sang hindi songs!) and he put on a sparkly black jacket and put on a high voice, did the dance steps of Michael Jackson! I loved him as Michael Jackson- this white, 50 plus old entertainer, could have fooled me. There was a part where he started crying in highvoice, and then he said "sob sob, I would blow my nose but I don't have one" ha ha ha ha..Yes, a law suit waiting to happen if ever there was one.

Anyway by the time we left it was nearly 12- had a good time and the next day had to double payback to the kids by taking them to Lake Garden to see Nickelodeon "get up get out and play" or something like that- they have been asking to go since 10 am, since the thingy starts then, but we only left at 3 pm. Well, it WAS raining. Then we arrived, to find out that it ends at 4. But we thought might as well go as allready there. Stalls having games were tidying up, but they did generously give the kids the stickers of Dora and other Nick's characters (taken by the Superkiasu mom) and the kids caught the finale of the appearance of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star - by this time there were only about 20 kids?? So everyone had their turn taking pics with them. And we saw 2 acts- a dance by this 8 year olds- moving like Britney Spears I tellyou, and a show by the Cheerleaders - apparently would do more jumping moves but since the stage was sodding wet, they only did a few safe moves.

The, we caught the tram/train/bus/van/slowest mode of transportation ever invented in the 21st Cent, to go to our car, but this bus had to go around the Lake Garden , which in itself was nice, we went behind the Bird Park, the Butterfly Park, the Orchid Garden, the Bukit Aman police headquarters , before we got to the car.We promised to come again to Lake Garden as it had so much to offer and we never bothered to go! Especially post looked really green and luscious.

Ok..continue have to get ready to go to ShangriLa to support a cousin in her makeover contest Dinner.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia

Ok, trying my hand at a controversial issue here. I dont think we need to be one bangsa to get along. I think we should not be threatened by other bangsa(race) and be proud to say that we are Malaysian Chinese/Malaysian Indian/Malaysian Malay..rather than deny our heritage by saying we are simply..Malaysian. How foreigners going to know what a richly diverse culture and country we are and what a wonderfully harmonious lot we (relatively)are?? I dont know. I dont want to have a name like everyone else (yeah its ok to name all my kids "international can go anywhere wont have any issues with race" name) . I think, we should let the veils go veiled, we should not force you to live like me, or me to live like you, we should just tolerate each other. WE dont have to love each other do we?? Isnt toleration ,lined with respect and a healthy fear of the law - enough??

anyway thats my thought for the day....(no its not, its actually that scandalous Mongolian model being blown to bits and discovered in the jungle and connected to Mr A ha ha ha) - did you k now that the Malaysian Bar website has more news on this than the local newspaper??

Janda Baik

If you have the time, do pop up to Janda Baik. We went up courtesy of Mak Zah, thanks very much Mak Zah. You would not believe that the place is close to Genting Highlands and 45 mins away from our place! Although the road winds a bit and we nearly came head to head with this STOOPID blue bus coming down!! It was worth the drive when we finally reached Am*n R**ba. (che Izan, copy your style). The villa, was Bali Style (so I hear, Ive never been to Bali) and has a central eating area, a hut ie bedroom with attached bathroom, and peacock, adn swans and places you can lounge, and is a 3 minute walk to the stream. Which was very refreshing (read freezing). Definitely want to come again. Sophia said "Good bye Paradise!" Sara said "Mom can we live here??" (she also said she wants a Compressor Merc so there) . We arrived late as Hubby had work in the morning. We only got there after 2 I think. WE stayed until nearly 7. The stream was a bit fast that day, having just rained,and one old ice cream seller stopped and (made a killing that day) and said be careful, the river's fast. The villa must take a lot of maintenance I tell you, but everything was beautifully done, right down to the last plant.

There ends my travel review.he he he.

Us at Eid

So formal eh.

Us& Langkawi Island

Me and My hero at Pantai chenang

The Gang!

Our newest niece..Fayha


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to Kids!

I just want to share with you what Johan said to me just now. Its 12 and he just could not get to sleep. This is funny k, not hantu or ghosts funnie. But he wanted me to draw a girl for him. So I drew a girl dancing. Then he wanted me to draw him. I asked him. should I draw you same level as the girl's waist? Ie a child? He said no, he wants me to draw him dancing with the girl. Ok lah. Then he said he likes the picture. then he asked me to draw again . I drew a girl. As its for Johan, i drew the girl flat chested . You know what he said?? What about boobs mummy??? Boobs????!! Ha ha aha!! When I called my husband, he got all shy with me. He's gone to sleep now. Got me worried for awhile. I want grandchildren from this boy of mine ok.

Next Dahlia. Dahlia also cracked me up. Johan , after the long Hari Raya break, refused to go to school. All of a sudden Dahlia said, mummy, I cant TAKE it anymore!! Send JOhan to school! Everyday the teacher ask me about Johan. I cant TAKE it anymore!! Ha haha ha.

Sara, wanted pizza to take to the School Hitea- ie nearly the end of term, exam is over and they have no idea what to do so they told the kids to bring in food to eat in class together. So I said yesterday, we'll make pizza. She said, er, can we have Pizza Hut? What has the world come to when I actually regret not saving those Pizza Hut boxes to put our home made pizzas in??? ANyway today I persuaded hubby that she will have her friends' mouth gape open if she brings Pizza Hut and I ordered some. And she did like them, but complained that the boys ate them all. She got no 4 in class, and this is a BIG improvement from being the LAST last year. It would be cruel to move her to another school now when she is so happy. She tells me of tales of her "exfriend" who is now so "Action" since she move to another van. The trauma of being 8. Can't be easy.

And Nadine- told me her best friend got an annoucement over the PA system asking her to go to the office only to be told that her 4 cousins have perished in a car accident. So sad..... She told me that she got 60% in science because she didnt understand the question. I told her Im not mad, Im worried as this means you dont understand the question, so I told her to find out what the right answer is from reading her text book again and do the exam again.

Sophia??? She told me I m the greatest mom of all. So hard to get her to sit through mengaji just now. Uztaz told me she is fast, but she lacks concentration, and that he has to threaten her with telling her dad for her to finish more than one page. Just now she sat to "teach" Johan his Iqra' and he got it. Hmmm , its good to have more than one kid. She had her hi tea yesterday- she called me telling me she needs a bowl. I was at theoffice so what can I do?? I called hubby and he said "I have a CLINIC!" . Sara called meimmediately after that (they must have been together) and i told her- pi mintak canteen!! In the end she ate off a tupperware lid. I mean, the teacher pun...if you are doing a class hi tea- cant you bring extra paper plates etc????

HAve I covered all?? Oh yes tomorrow nite going to PD. Hubby got a conference at PD and thought we should go together ie sans kids but then I had a look at the website of the hotel -CORUS PORT DICKSON and it looks too good for the kids to miss and both of us look at each other and said- bring the kids lah. We'll have our nite away some other day.

India...what are the chances that someone I know has a boyfriend from India, ie Mumbai. When I told this friend, ask him if I can get a hotel for under RM200 a nite he laughed. Ok the picture.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Something funneeee part 2

He he he, this is NOT to say Im obsessed by WS but just to tell you that can't seem to run away from it Even during Raya!!! he heh he!!! at the 3rd house we visited today, I was quietly having a drink when I looked up and there on the mantle piece was a calendar on BYJ - it turned out that the hostess was a fan and her sister in law just came back from Seoul and had gotten her the calendar and mug. which she showed me. Her husband was rolling his eyes and telling me that he thinks Rain is cuter. I pun tak tau who Rain is! What amazes me is that these are BigWigs! He he heh!

Oh yes, M if you are reading this, thanks for having us at your open house- had fun but wish could talk to you more!

Bye Bye Adek

My brother has gone back...I feel v sad that could not make the plan to go send him off, but last nite did spend a lot of time with him at mom's- Came back from work and immediately sent Dahlia and Sophia to Sophia's old kindy for "camping" and then decided to go see family. Found mum busy cooking nasi dagang, fish curry, and was informed that Auntie N, Uncle Y, Amy and Aida and other sisters of mom would also come over. Decided to go home again and have proper bath before re-joining polite society. Also would bring maid. Did not plan to sleep over , but due to Hubby not being able to wake up, that's what happened.

This morning, ate leftover nasi dagang- yumms- and went home to get the kids from "camp". They were totally wet and we changed them to their Eid clothes as the entire day was full of Eid visits- first on the list was Cousin Y's baby's "marhaban" to welcome her 6th SON (wonder if she is going to try again for a girl? Mine and cousin Y's grandmother, had 6 boys and a girl- the last). Anyways, then,we had to pop to Kak I's place, and then, visit M's open house and then off to the airport by maghrib. Somewhere in between have to squeeze I's open house and visit Uncle Fuad.

What actually happened was- after getting Dahlia and Sophia- thoroughly wet after a water game, thanks principle D, we ran over a HUGE hole, and the suspension of the car, BROKE OFF. So we had to send the kids home, while Hubby and me drove very slowly to the regular conmen aka mechanic. It took a while before he got the spare part - he had to order it etc etc and in the meantime we amused ourselves by walking along the row of shops. Even stopped at an Indian restaurant for Pakora, Kashmiri Tea and Cashew Nut Kulfi- really creamy kulfi, and after I had fished out all the spices out of the tea, it was actually quite nice. And the pakora? Small fried cekodok style balls- were also crispy and tasty.

Finally the car was ready, I "donated" to the mechanic. Then, went home to get the kids- this was nearly 4. We went to first house. Stayed until 6- then off to the second house - due to jam etc arrived only at 7.15. Then went off to see M. 9.30 on the dot, according to her. In the middle of all that, brother called from the airport telling us he was already at the airport, he may just go in early, ie by 10, and that it might not be a good idea for us to go and make the hour long drive just to see him off. So we stayed on at M's place and by the time we left it was late enough that the kids slept immediately. Did not visit Cousin Y's house. At all.

Anyways now back in front of the PC. Work has exploded since colleague has left, and trying to handle it. I feel mad at client for not raising all the issues with the colleague . Why wait until NOW?? Idiot.

Hubby on call. Tomorrow has invite to JANDA BAIK, someone's resort there in the middle of lush nature/waterfall thingy- but hubby may just have to spend it in lush hospital/patient thingy. Ha ha ha..

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today's entry is from Home.

I'm off sick...Really. Not because I want to wallow at home bloghopping my favourite sites . Got some water infection tomorrow off too but will go in office as feel better...or do you think I should stay home? After all, I check my mails and have 2 files already to occupy me. Hmmm. What do you think????

Brothers 2 and 3, sis in law, niece and nephew and mom just left- they came over to the house- nice. Maid hurriedly put up the new curtains when they called. Now brother 3 has gone off to the famous place where they sell fake computer stuff- LY Plaza at Bukit Bintang. Son has gone off with them with no backward look at his mom. (talking of Bukit Bintang- someone told me that BYJ once came to KL and to BUKIT BINTANG!!!! Eeee how come I was not working there then???)

Cat is in the house. OUT!! Sis in law have remarked that my kittens reflect my kids- 4 are ginger and 1 is white. Apparently 4 are girls and 1's a boy. How bizarre is that?? The black and grey one, Angel, is now in the family way. Haiyaaaa. Mom is advocating leaving her at the local market. I know, but I bet the kittens would be lovely eh. There is a tomcat (ginger striped- what a coincidence) strutting around - he must be the one!!!! (should neuter HIM- why should the women suffer??)

Maid's handphone is not working. She just bought it last saturday. She has a RM600 NOKIA phone ok . My maid has an expensive handphone, and my phone is - hmmm- RM150?? My phone, you can throw it against the wall and it'll be ok. She said she bought it to use at "home". Helloo? You live in remote part of Indonesia?? Got line ah? I told you she's not your typical maid from village one....Eh but you dont play play ok because I saw a picture of earthquake or some other disaster (she says nonchalantly!) at this remote village and one of the ppl in the picture was using a handphone. Actually now, handphone is a necessity. Life saver. Thinking of giving to my girls. If they get (god forbid) abducted, at least they can take pic of the guy and send to us or else call the cops direct.

Talking of kids calling-Yesterday at the clinic hubby and I , while waiting for turn to be seen by doc) got a call from sobbing Sara. Apparently she saw her dad's car as we passed the school on the way to the clinic and she had thought we were going to pick her and Sophia up. (We didn't as we thought we were too late and they'd go with the van) so she waited and when we didn't come she went on the van and she was crying when she called us from home saying she was waiting for TWO HOURS. Sophia backed the "waiting for TWO HOURS " story but then I figured, they called us at 7 p.m,from HOME which meant they must have reached there by 6.55 earliest and the school ends at 6.30. That must mean that they waited er..10 mins?? Still, sad that she was sobbing. Must be tiredness. Today, Sophia's turn to arrive home crying. This time, it was because "all the time I have to close the gate!" I think they must be worn out, afternoon schools is a bad idea lar.

Clinic is a funny place- for Hubby lar. He finds the adverts pushing all these alternative medicine very funny. Needless to say he does not believe in all these mesotheraphy and other herbs stuff and don't even start him on that thing you put your feet in and the water will change colour! Hmmm.

Ok kids are lining up to "play computer" so better give it up. Byeeeee

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...