Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alan Pereira & Indie Nadarajah

Or is it the other way around? Alan Nadarajah and Indie Pereira? (8.30 Pm Actors Studio Comedy Court)

Hubby picked up the challenge and surprised me last Thursday with 2 tickets to watch Comedy Court . Alan Pereira and Indie Nadarajah, two ex lawyers who obviously came to their senses and realised there's no money in law (ha ha) and performed sketches. Hey I tell those jokes on a daily basis I think I should give this serious consideration. ha ha ha

We arrived with 10 mins to spare and had a hurried dinner (ginger beef kuayteow and seafood fried rice) at the food court on the third floor- this must be the reason the food court was placed next to the Actors' Studio huh. Anyway because I was a pig, I had a fillet of fish as well (except I snucked it into the Studio and tried to quietly devour it inside the theatre- as if ppl cannot smell hah-, or hear the plastic crunching)- Well, I was on a oatmeal diet the entire day- my clever plan was an oatmeal drink for breakfast and lunch, and light dinner , but didn't figure on being hungry ! In the end I had 1 in the morning, 2 at lunch, 1 at 4 p.m and 1 at 6 pm, and also had dinner which was the beefginger kuay teow (but that's more soup onlieeee right?) plus my fish fillet (but how many calories can a fish be anyway??) - so basically I had overdosed on the oat drink and probably gained an extra 2 kilo on it ha haha! So.. now I am back to my normal diet lar....

Ok back to Indie and Alan, firstly, they're great satirists. They make fun of everything and ever racial group. Second they are great actors (and singers!). They had 3 basic acts, one as a couple of malay parliamentarians, who had "conversations" with the chinese group, the indian groups, Datuk Zakaria, Datuk Mukhriz, and Khairi! They were really believable as malay policitians. Mannerism etc memang melayu lah! Alan was "talking" to a chinese faction about the speeches made at the Umno assembly with the racial undertones (some not so discreet or hidden) and said "relaks lahh..jangan risau...we all ada NEP you all ada DAP....apa nak takuuttt..." he he he and the best part was after he said "ok ok pi makan , you tak makan lagi? pi get food" and after it appeared that they have left him, he mumbled "sigh..cina ni". Which is exactly some of us out there do !! Pedas oit..

Sigh..what do you guys think about those Umno politicians and the racial undertones. How to justify on any level please?? I would have no face or nerve to tell my non malay friends that this is not their country (nak kena tampar???) and about malay supremacy etc- I don't know how we can think that anyway? How have we become the country we are , coming up to 50 years old, if not for their and all of our collective sweat tears blood and contribution. Why can't we , with all the help we got, own more than 18.9% equity in the (What? nations' companies?PLC? ) Do we want to? Are we not successful if we don't ? Do we all have to be superterror business people? Or do we have to control the economy to rule?? If we want more than 18.9, so work harder lah. so why have to moan and gripe. So why have to dengki dengki..Each races ada own strength wat. Malay supremacy...if you want to ensure that goes on we must learn to work with others while taking care of our own, but if between a crap "our own" and an excellent non malay candidate, i would be shooting in my foot by taking the crap one right. If I have my own business habislah kan.

We are lucky actually, to all those whose favourite occupation is knocking the government, I would like to remind that when Condoleeza was appointed, it was a big score for blacks and women in America which kinda proved the point that discrimination of any level is everywhere....even in the great state discrimination is an issue , here we don't bat an eyelid if we see a table at a restaurant with all racial group in it having a cordial dinner and I would credit the government with some of that , would you not?

Ok, down I go from my soap box.

Darn it the kids want to use pc..sambung later again....

Ok here I am again 2 days later. I was saying, Indie and Alan then went on to be 2 indians in a pub, getting properly drunk and satirising cricket and the SMS english. This part was ok if you follow cricket and can appreciate the Aussie vs India row. If not you would , if you are my husband, fall asleep (he follows criket though)

After that, (got song in the middle about standing by your man- abt viagra) , they were 2 chinamen - one dvd seller and one other chinese guy who comes to watch. Where they learn how to pronounce the words like the chinese I have no idea. Alan keeps going "Eh Baaaahgur yu, you dont know so and so meh?" . The DVD Seller had a list of new releases which include a story about a rich couple who married and then divorced and then the man got married to a very famous singer and the show is called "Sad in the City". Waaahaaahaa...

Towards the end they sang , and they were goood. I was however freezing my tush off and could not wait to go home.

But definitely make a refreshing change to the humdrum! :-)

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