Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to Kids!

I just want to share with you what Johan said to me just now. Its 12 and he just could not get to sleep. This is funny k, not hantu or ghosts funnie. But he wanted me to draw a girl for him. So I drew a girl dancing. Then he wanted me to draw him. I asked him. should I draw you same level as the girl's waist? Ie a child? He said no, he wants me to draw him dancing with the girl. Ok lah. Then he said he likes the picture. then he asked me to draw again . I drew a girl. As its for Johan, i drew the girl flat chested . You know what he said?? What about boobs mummy??? Boobs????!! Ha ha aha!! When I called my husband, he got all shy with me. He's gone to sleep now. Got me worried for awhile. I want grandchildren from this boy of mine ok.

Next Dahlia. Dahlia also cracked me up. Johan , after the long Hari Raya break, refused to go to school. All of a sudden Dahlia said, mummy, I cant TAKE it anymore!! Send JOhan to school! Everyday the teacher ask me about Johan. I cant TAKE it anymore!! Ha haha ha.

Sara, wanted pizza to take to the School Hitea- ie nearly the end of term, exam is over and they have no idea what to do so they told the kids to bring in food to eat in class together. So I said yesterday, we'll make pizza. She said, er, can we have Pizza Hut? What has the world come to when I actually regret not saving those Pizza Hut boxes to put our home made pizzas in??? ANyway today I persuaded hubby that she will have her friends' mouth gape open if she brings Pizza Hut and I ordered some. And she did like them, but complained that the boys ate them all. She got no 4 in class, and this is a BIG improvement from being the LAST last year. It would be cruel to move her to another school now when she is so happy. She tells me of tales of her "exfriend" who is now so "Action" since she move to another van. The trauma of being 8. Can't be easy.

And Nadine- told me her best friend got an annoucement over the PA system asking her to go to the office only to be told that her 4 cousins have perished in a car accident. So sad..... She told me that she got 60% in science because she didnt understand the question. I told her Im not mad, Im worried as this means you dont understand the question, so I told her to find out what the right answer is from reading her text book again and do the exam again.

Sophia??? She told me I m the greatest mom of all. So hard to get her to sit through mengaji just now. Uztaz told me she is fast, but she lacks concentration, and that he has to threaten her with telling her dad for her to finish more than one page. Just now she sat to "teach" Johan his Iqra' and he got it. Hmmm , its good to have more than one kid. She had her hi tea yesterday- she called me telling me she needs a bowl. I was at theoffice so what can I do?? I called hubby and he said "I have a CLINIC!" . Sara called meimmediately after that (they must have been together) and i told her- pi mintak canteen!! In the end she ate off a tupperware lid. I mean, the teacher pun...if you are doing a class hi tea- cant you bring extra paper plates etc????

HAve I covered all?? Oh yes tomorrow nite going to PD. Hubby got a conference at PD and thought we should go together ie sans kids but then I had a look at the website of the hotel -CORUS PORT DICKSON and it looks too good for the kids to miss and both of us look at each other and said- bring the kids lah. We'll have our nite away some other day.

India...what are the chances that someone I know has a boyfriend from India, ie Mumbai. When I told this friend, ask him if I can get a hotel for under RM200 a nite he laughed. Ok the picture.

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