Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia

Ok, trying my hand at a controversial issue here. I dont think we need to be one bangsa to get along. I think we should not be threatened by other bangsa(race) and be proud to say that we are Malaysian Chinese/Malaysian Indian/Malaysian Malay..rather than deny our heritage by saying we are simply..Malaysian. How foreigners going to know what a richly diverse culture and country we are and what a wonderfully harmonious lot we (relatively)are?? I dont know. I dont want to have a name like everyone else (yeah its ok to name all my kids "international can go anywhere wont have any issues with race" name) . I think, we should let the veils go veiled, we should not force you to live like me, or me to live like you, we should just tolerate each other. WE dont have to love each other do we?? Isnt toleration ,lined with respect and a healthy fear of the law - enough??

anyway thats my thought for the day....(no its not, its actually that scandalous Mongolian model being blown to bits and discovered in the jungle and connected to Mr A ha ha ha) - did you k now that the Malaysian Bar website has more news on this than the local newspaper??

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