Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bye Bye Adek

My brother has gone back...I feel v sad that could not make the plan to go send him off, but last nite did spend a lot of time with him at mom's- Came back from work and immediately sent Dahlia and Sophia to Sophia's old kindy for "camping" and then decided to go see family. Found mum busy cooking nasi dagang, fish curry, and was informed that Auntie N, Uncle Y, Amy and Aida and other sisters of mom would also come over. Decided to go home again and have proper bath before re-joining polite society. Also would bring maid. Did not plan to sleep over , but due to Hubby not being able to wake up, that's what happened.

This morning, ate leftover nasi dagang- yumms- and went home to get the kids from "camp". They were totally wet and we changed them to their Eid clothes as the entire day was full of Eid visits- first on the list was Cousin Y's baby's "marhaban" to welcome her 6th SON (wonder if she is going to try again for a girl? Mine and cousin Y's grandmother, had 6 boys and a girl- the last). Anyways, then,we had to pop to Kak I's place, and then, visit M's open house and then off to the airport by maghrib. Somewhere in between have to squeeze I's open house and visit Uncle Fuad.

What actually happened was- after getting Dahlia and Sophia- thoroughly wet after a water game, thanks principle D, we ran over a HUGE hole, and the suspension of the car, BROKE OFF. So we had to send the kids home, while Hubby and me drove very slowly to the regular conmen aka mechanic. It took a while before he got the spare part - he had to order it etc etc and in the meantime we amused ourselves by walking along the row of shops. Even stopped at an Indian restaurant for Pakora, Kashmiri Tea and Cashew Nut Kulfi- really creamy kulfi, and after I had fished out all the spices out of the tea, it was actually quite nice. And the pakora? Small fried cekodok style balls- were also crispy and tasty.

Finally the car was ready, I "donated" to the mechanic. Then, went home to get the kids- this was nearly 4. We went to first house. Stayed until 6- then off to the second house - due to jam etc arrived only at 7.15. Then went off to see M. 9.30 on the dot, according to her. In the middle of all that, brother called from the airport telling us he was already at the airport, he may just go in early, ie by 10, and that it might not be a good idea for us to go and make the hour long drive just to see him off. So we stayed on at M's place and by the time we left it was late enough that the kids slept immediately. Did not visit Cousin Y's house. At all.

Anyways now back in front of the PC. Work has exploded since colleague has left, and trying to handle it. I feel mad at client for not raising all the issues with the colleague . Why wait until NOW?? Idiot.

Hubby on call. Tomorrow has invite to JANDA BAIK, someone's resort there in the middle of lush nature/waterfall thingy- but hubby may just have to spend it in lush hospital/patient thingy. Ha ha ha..

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