Monday, November 27, 2006

Costume Party & the UK

My daughter is, she tells me, having a costume party next March. A Barbie costume party. No need to ask lah which daughter kan. So anyway, she was making up a list of who is wearing what. She is going to be dressed as Barbie of course , as Princess Genevieve. She came up to me with pen and paper asking me what I would like to come as. I said, I want to be Genevieve. She said- but I want to be Genevieve! Then I said, well...then I want to be Duchess whatsername the evil one. Then she said "no mummy...she's not fat."

How not to have a weight complex I tell you he he he?? Daddy who was next to me asked , what should I be? Much to his delight he was told that he has to be someone tall and thin , like a magician. Or "the Scientist". I guess after that he felt generous enough to tell Sophia that mummy is not fat and she should be Princess Genevieve. He he he...I was just pulling her leg...but she gave it serious consideration and decided that in the end, I should be ..a flower, because "a flower is also beautiful". Either that , or the Bird. (Diplomat in the making , she found the most non controversial solution) . In the end I conceded and said "I'll be the fairy god mother " which delighted her as of course, I am the perfect fairy god mother material, ie, fat , and with the moolah to grant her wishes. he he he...My kids are smaaaaaaaaarrt. He he he.

Sigh. Miss them. Now everyone except for Johan , is asleep. Johan is almost near tears because Brownie, the mother cat, is looking for her 2 kittens. Alamak I also cannot bear lah. She is walking here and there and I can't help thinking that its the kittens she's missing. I have promised Jojo that the cats will come back if things don't work out. I'm apologising to the mummy. Sorry Brownie, I didn't think you would miss them this much?. I hope the vet was right abt them no longer needing the mommy's milk. Alahai she's mewing somemore...she's going upstairs ... kesian kesian!!!....She's come down again ....Imagine if it was my kids. This Wednesday, Hubby wants to send the eldest three to spend the night with MIL before we all go home to join them on Thursday and I am allready having reservations.

Hubby told everyone that MY mom has said that she'd take them tomorrow nite. Sophia said "yeah I know". Then it dawned on hubby that if my mom told Sophia and not the others, it probably means that its just Sophia that she wants. Probably true too. Mom seem to be having a special place for Sophia. Guess she was the youngest when we first came back from the UK.. and got close to my parents... and she was the fair and chubby one of the (then) three. She kinda reminds them of me when I was her age. So they say lar. Yeah I was fair and chubby too. come to think of it, still am .... he he he..

Talking about UK, the old subject of taking a break overseas came up again today. Hubby and I were invited to join in the birthday celebration for Shireen, the adopted daughter of Mak B. We went , despite protests from the brood - from "going out again!! Will you STOP going to dinners???" (I mean, you complain that you don't go out enough and then there's just no stopping you he he he) to Jojo flinging self on me and declaring "I'm not letting go" and only letting go once I opened up the "" site.

Happy Birthday Shireen!! You look absolutely fantabulous, despite apparently being caught by surprise. The food at Bukhara was good as usual. (That's B.U.K.H.A.R.A, the floor on top of Dome, KLCC- he he he) - Thank you Mak B for inviting us.

So anyway we were chatting at Bukhara and the new mommy ie Itin, mentioned about sometimes yearning to go overseas with hubby again, preferably England. I was exactly like her when I had Nadine. ie hubby sitting for exams. Difference was, Hubby and I were in the UK, I had no maid & hubby didn't mind being woken up at 3 to "go and study sayang, the way can you change the baby" he he he...It was hard, but now, years later, I am looking back and my mind is deleting all the hard part and thinking how fun it was and how close we were and how I wish we can go back again. Yes Fifi, you will think so too, regardless of how hard it must be to be away with 2 young kids and NO maid. You ARE having fun, you ARE happy, its just that its going to take you another 10 years to realise that you are he he he... Why is it that we always think if so and so happens, we will be happy? When we were in the UK, N my friend and I always said, if only our husbands would pass their FRCS/MRCP , we'd have it made..Should have realised that problems will never end , might as well enjoy the ride.

THAT is the piece of wisdom you can impart once you reach the age we have hehehe..

But I did enjoy raising Nadine over there. You think you are the first one ever to have a baby, the first one to feel all that you are feeling, and you think you are going to raise that child this way and that way, and no one knows what you know. Once you have a child you can act slightly superior with the others..he he he ..I am a mother. Work?? Leave this precious bundle of joy?? For MONEY?? Cheh! (Obviosuly we were earning pounds then he hehe )

With the first child, its going to have Mozart in its cot, you actually go and GET it a cot (with the others I realised they never use the cot anyway and its my arms they sleep in, something that is continuing until NOW darn it) , and she gets the best in terms of material things and attention. With the second the love is not compromised, but you just realised that just because she does not speak by a certain age, it does not mean she is going to miss University. he don't panic as much, I guess. And by the third and the fourth, you don't have that many high faluting theories - the ones that made you buy the diapers disposal machine for the first one. (and the room steamer, and the steriliser etc etc- whats wrong with microwave??)

So back to going back to the UK, for a while it was nice thinking of moving out for a couple of years, maybe for hubby to get an additional qualification etc etc. However, hubby was right, with the 5 its going to be (a) expensive and (b) difficult. Plus Nadine has UPSR next year. So maybe one day we'll take them back on a holiday (at RM4 k a person, are you mad?? )

But for you, Izreen, go for it. Nothing bonds a couple closer than housework and raising kids sans maid. Really.

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