Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dahlia's concert

Its Dahlia's convocation day today. I'd put up pics but they are still in the camera. But anyway we got up and thought that we can have a quiet breakfast together. When suddenly all 5 woke up as well. Johan crying and wanting to come. Dahlia got ready in an instant. So we took Johan and Dahlia to "go buy fresh chicken". We had breakfast (roti canai and nasi lemak) at this place called Wangsa Bandariya , at Wangsa Maju. Must recommend the roti canai, and the nasi lemak was not too bad. The sardine roticanai was just right- not too soggy, and not too sardiniee. Having a stack of female magazines nearby also helped (Did you know that Datin Norjuma's husband , Datuk Nazim, is the secretary of a mosque?? And you think he's just someone famous's son) . There was also a water feature which kept the interest of the children, Bali style. Johan and Dahlia ate a bit and then declared themselves full. And on the way back Dahlia said "and we didn't even buy chicken".

Went back, took her shoes, then hubby dropped her at school because we were told that the concert proper would start at 10. In the meantime, got everyone ready, and by the time we went again, it was just past 10. There were no parking left at the school, where the concert was held. The concert was in full flow, in an open hall. (imagine a big hall with only three walls!)

Loads of cute kids NOT dancing , and then Dahlia finally came out to recite some poetry which honestly I could not hear- spoke to the teacher later and she said the concert did not fully reflect how good the kids can be, ie the technical problems kinda ruin it. I thought that we had missed Dahlia's graduation, but it turned out that only the first batch had graduated, and Dahlia's
"convo" would take place after one of the performance .

And there were a LOT of performances. There was a cute number by the 5 year olds which I thought was funny- they acted out to the song "This old man". 10 pairs of kids, one boy , dressed in baju melayu, and a cane, standing next to a girl holding the placard with a number, and a picture on the other side. There was one kid who was very believable as an old man, he was bent, and he had on a round hat (a kupiah) and he was really into his character - and he was smiling in a way that only toothless old men can smile- and he did have a few teeth missing!He he he.

Then, graduation time!! Dahlia came out again to receive her certificate- of course, Dad was by this time in front of the stage. I had mentioned to Nadine, I bet they'd fumble on the pronunciation of her name "sheherazade"..he he he. I bet they'd either call it SHARIZAT , or SHAYHERAZATEe. In the end they called her "Shahrizat". Ada ke?? Sheikh re zad lahhhh.....

I was slowly being depleted of money- the day was so hot and sitting down quietly to watch anything is not Johan and the rest's styles so I had to fork out for 3 sand arts, one balloon, one sticker book, and 3 tins of fizzy drink. Anything to keep them happy. In the meantime I had a slow and insistent headache.

Last Dahlia came out again, dressed as a jelly fish. It was a play about sea creatures . There were turtles, jellyfish, fish, etc. I really must commend the teachers. From the props it was clear that they had put in a lot of effort in this concert- the costumes were elaborate too. But the mike was a bit faulty, and the kids were rattling on happily, without the parents being able to really hear them. But, because it was our kids, and we'd cheer them no matter what, we just enjoyed them being up there on stage. I think the plot was about a king and his friend, flipper , and it was an under the sea story, it involved someone trying to poison the king, and flipper pushing the poisoned food away from the king, and ended with everyone going "Long Live the King"- err..rather serious for 6 year olds .

Finally went back around lunch. School kindly organised some makan makan for the parents. A lot of parents had left but we stayed to say thanks. I more than Dahlia felt sad that she is ending one era to go into another. She is never going to have to see the teachers again. We made her take pictures with each of the teachers (I say "made" because she would rather have gone to play on the playground). I think they did a good job with her. She was a kid who did not like the previous school that she was sent to, Sophia's school. and she was bored easily. She'd get up in teh middle of lessons and walked around. She was a real headstrong girl, I tell you. Still is, but a lot toned down.( I tell my husband his mom , had sent her representative to live with us ha ha a good way of course, MIL!) There was a time she didn't want to go at all. And she didn't want to read. I was worried about her reading when I realised that her cousin read a lot more and a lot faster. Now, you can't stop her from reading. It's true that the kids develop at their own pace and we parents should LAY OFF. He he heh.... year, standard 1.....Apparently that school is good too. I'm sure Dahlia will do well. She has a whole new set of friends to boss about ha ha..


Fulltime Mom said...

It's Long-sleeved Boy's concert next week. I hope he doesn't freeze up n stage like 2 yrs ago!

Anonymous said...

sheila its me the anon still reading yr posts. think this will b a lovely one 4 her to remember and reflect when shes older.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi ANON! How have you been?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Full time MOm- GOODLUCK!!!Exactly when??

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...