Thursday, November 09, 2006

Janda Baik

If you have the time, do pop up to Janda Baik. We went up courtesy of Mak Zah, thanks very much Mak Zah. You would not believe that the place is close to Genting Highlands and 45 mins away from our place! Although the road winds a bit and we nearly came head to head with this STOOPID blue bus coming down!! It was worth the drive when we finally reached Am*n R**ba. (che Izan, copy your style). The villa, was Bali Style (so I hear, Ive never been to Bali) and has a central eating area, a hut ie bedroom with attached bathroom, and peacock, adn swans and places you can lounge, and is a 3 minute walk to the stream. Which was very refreshing (read freezing). Definitely want to come again. Sophia said "Good bye Paradise!" Sara said "Mom can we live here??" (she also said she wants a Compressor Merc so there) . We arrived late as Hubby had work in the morning. We only got there after 2 I think. WE stayed until nearly 7. The stream was a bit fast that day, having just rained,and one old ice cream seller stopped and (made a killing that day) and said be careful, the river's fast. The villa must take a lot of maintenance I tell you, but everything was beautifully done, right down to the last plant.

There ends my travel review.he he he.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
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heavenly lasting impression...guaranteed!

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