Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Korean Wave

In a couple of days there's going to be an expo on the Korean wave in Jeju. I don't even know where Jeju is, but it's a big thing and Yong Joon is going to be one of the artists at the opening event. I try not to talk about Yong Joon much on this blog (Izan shut up he he he) but to be honest I find him, and his fans, very interesting. Korea is interesting. Japan is interesting. Singaporean , Thai, Phillipina, Malaysian and heck Egyptian fans of all background willing to share time on cyberspace away from the presentations, files, board papers, coursework what have you, to discuss him and his works and his latest whatsgoingon, and how he looks in all of them, are all the stuff that have me firmly captivated. My hubby has long given up he he he.... I would not yet declare myself a hardcore fan lah, I have not even seen any other work other than Winter Sonata, but it still is interesting to read all the blogs!

I was reading BB's blog ( (she is fun to read and is very witty- there are some non BYJ related stuff) and found out the Korean Wave expo is basically catered extensively to Japanese market. The non Korean and non Japanese fans would have a masaalah to go - apart from being far, expensive, details of how to get there were sparse and like pulling teeth out.

Ignoring Yong Joon's fans outside Japan and Korea would I think, be a grave mistake. Let me tell you that there are a lot of people who follow the career and the life of this actor. Moi,as I have said, I have not actually gotten around to watching his other works. But I read the blogs and discussions about it, and about how the guy actually works. (If I start finding other Korean American or other nationality actors/actresses I'm sure I'd let you know he he he..but I don't usually do even this!) I would safely say that to a lot of ppl, he is an icon. The ideal to hold as a standard, against other guys. The fact that he is from another country and speaks another language not on the UN standard lists is irrelevant. He has an aura akin to Mawi in local context. From all accounts he genuinely appears to be that guy you would like to sit and have a cup of tea to natter with, if you manage to concentrate and not get distracted by his looks lar. Sorry I still maintain that he is prettier than most of his costars. And Korean costars are stunning. The matsallehs have nothing on us Asians.

It is stupid if the organisers don't capitalise on this and bring whatever expo they have over to this side. or photography exhibition , come to think of it. Can he come over to promote "Legends". ..? Hmmm...If only we have one Malaysian with this sort of appeal man, I'd put him out there and take him everywhere! (Khairi Jamaludin comes to mind- or Nazir Razak? Do we have ANYone???)

To many he is just that actor in Winter Sonata. Old story whaaaat...To others, he is someone to wait at airports for, to care for and the affection is genuine. He falls and someone hands over an ointment. Some cook for the crew. Some watch him film . I read that he vows to do the best for his family because of what they feel for him. The relationship is personal. When he tells a fan he hates that she waits for him in the cold , watching him film, she decides to stop, as she hates doing what he hates. I wonder all the time how he manages not to find the attention claustrophobic, but he seems to take it all and turn it into support and love from a real family. But sometimes even the best of families can stifle you eh?? Although I don't hear about his real family??! He he he...Although you know, if , say, a non Korean fan goes over , he'd better not let that fan down by suddenly acting cold man!!

Ok then thats it from me on this.....


bb said...

ahem... thanks for reading me, i guess... yea, they'll be so silly to ignore us. us... who can make helluva noise :p

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi BB...of course you are my first source of reference he hehe...when is he coming over larr

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...