Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Long yabble about nothing and everything

You know what the cat was doing when it went upstairs to my room? It was not looking for its kittens, it was doing a poo in my bathroom!! CHET!!! Anyway found out today from AJ that the kittens had settled in and one seems to be more active and playful than the other. Although his other half had screamed each time the kittens came close to her, I am hopeful that the kittens have found a permanent home. He has bought them a two tiered cage. That SOUNDS permanent. He hehe.

Have finally started seing Hotelier. First episode. Slow and steady this time around. Can't believe that the Yong Joon there is the same Yong Joon in WS. Where's my romantic hero gone? Anyway its not going to be a mad all niter as was WinterSonata because I simply do not have the time these days! This banking thing is a 24 hour thing Im telling you. I was just making calls all day long yesterday! It cannot be done by any other gender (and in this modern times I believe there are more than 2) than a female. Men would have NOOO patience. Now doing other work. Its almost 3. a.m. You TUBE's Winter Sonata is playing (for the 24th time) so I get all the dialogue through my headphone, he he he.The voice! The voice! One thing though I notice, for the five mins after I watch a KDrama, I would stop moving at my normal elephant stomp pace and would walk properly for a while...must be the effect of Telly !

Talking of telly. Have you watched "Table for Three"? I caught it the other day, held my interest for a while and then - no lah. Oh yes I find the "Office" hilarious. If you ever get a chance, do watch it..! Weird, but hilarious. Dont like anything to do with ghosts and supernaturals. Sara is fascinated by that. I tell her off when she start telling her sisters ghost stories.

"House" is playing now. Hubby has just returned from having to operate and is pretending to watch House while sleeping. If woken up he will insist that he is watching TV. Interesting how some people can snore while watching the tube he he he. Absolutely fabulous , House. And to think that he once (no, twice!) played the father of a MOUSE! (Stuart LIttle?) And the mother of the mouse is now the madam president of the USA in Commander in Chief. He he he.

I suggest to the powers that be, do a medical series based on our own HKL..How about it guys...we can have total chaos, harrassed doctors, and long waiting lines. And sometimes surly nurses! Maybe get er..Hans Isaac to play one of the doc?? (sorry, no cute docs at GH, although if you come to the UPM half of them speak with an English accent! This is true. .)

HKL based hospital drama...I would bet that whenever a new patient comes in at A&E there won't be that frantic movements you see in ER, but rather a slow and steady "nantilah everything will be ok, we'll call you when we can call you " attitude? Silap hari bulan kena tengking dengan nurse....he he he. The cases would be "mat rempit"s, stabbing wounds, accidents where young men injure various parts of the body - invariably the spleen would be involved, and if they are very very unlucky, they get to be transferred to surgeons !! And Nepalese, Bangladeshis and Indonesians would be the visitors (hubby actually like that aspect to it) (He he he- not fair for me to say anything about A&E since Ive never had to go there as a patient alhamdulillah....!!)

I have to thank Allah for letting me have very few encounters with the surgeon- maybe three times? First when I had to have my tooth operated on, (yes I was 5) and then there was that miscarriage after Nadine where I insulted the surgeon by telling him "this is a MINOR surgery ,right" and he said " there is NO SUCH THING as a MINOR surgery" and then proceeded to terrify me, minutes before the D&C, with details on exactly how he can botch up the operation (Mr LOW I remember you !) Hey providing information is one thing, but that is sadistic. Which I think is a subject they teach surgeons he he he...if you had seen my hubby chasing me all around the house in Nottingham with a headless chicken you'd understand why I say this. That and the holly leaves he'd randomly pick up during our walks purely for the purpose of poking me with it when I least expect it. Not to mention that red hat he bought me as a present with an elastic that goes under the chin, and the time he pulled that elastic and let go- ooooh I could have killed him cheerfully I tell you. I still have not gotten back at him for that although I was slightly appeased when I coloured his nails red while he was sleeping ha ha ha . Or when I botched up his haircut ("I'm a doctor you know! Not a Pop Star!! Tomorrow I have to WORK with this hair!!! ) hee hee heee heee! (my experiment with the home salon kit he he...we had to rush down to London to find the only hairdresser open on a Sunday ("My MARRIAGE is at stake here!" I had told him beseeching him to stay open for us while we drove the distance from Chelmsford to London! Hee hee) - the hairdresser said "I dont try to be a surgeon do I " he hehe)

Back to the surgeons- the last episode though was with my gynae , the very very wonderful and very very softspoken DR MARLIK in AMPANG PUTERI (marketing sikit) - nothing like a guy gynae. Ok segan lah siapa tak segan , but rather than the "dahlah tu, bukan nye sakit sangat" attitude I suspect most women gynaes hold, I'd prefer a man who I think thanks god everyday that he is NOT a woman. He he he...!

Kids have packed. Tickets have been bought for the train ride this Wednesday. Hubby saw through my bravado "Let me drive back by myself with the maid on Thursday, you stay at your mom's with the kids" and is coming back on the same day. I dont think its going to be possible, as he will arrive at 1 p.m, and will need to catch the 3 pm train the same day if he wants to come back to KL on the same day. So I think the bravado will have to be reality.

Tomorrow need to visit the immigration. (er, not to Kluang, ok he he he) Tickets are in my hand....Wheels are in motion guys..just hope the extra moolah comes in this December. Hope the firm won't go all petty on me comes bonus time..I think I deserve some!

Sigh ok lah...nite nite...


izreen fara said...

thats epi allright...
he seems to take great interest in chasing people with something in hand - in my case, it was a frying pan of hot scrambled eggs

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Poor you- sampai sekarang pun ada lagi perangai niee tau.:-)

bb said...

did you know frank shin was supposed to be the second male lead in hotelier? and in almost all k-dramas, the first male lead always wins the girl...

except... when yong joon happens to be the second lead. apparently, the tv audience loved him when this drama was aired, so much so that the scriptwriter changed the storyline to give him more airtime [still too little, just ask any fan, hehe...] and he wins the girl too!

oops! i just gave the plot away, didn't i? sorry...!!

but yea, for alot of us, hotelier is the next one after wls. and we all could not believe they're the same man.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...