Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My kids' results

You know that Sara is receiving an award from her school, no 3 in something ? Yesterday Sophia called to tell us that she was also getting this award, for being no 2. Well we will have to find out no 2 and 3 in what?? Nadine also tells me that although she is not getting any award, she got no 25 in the whole of standard 5, out of 327 students. (Update: Sophia is going to the top class next year yay yay!)

What does that tell us. Hubby and I think that it means they are doing allright at school. It's also nice that they are so excited about it and I hope it will motivate them to learn more. Of course, I'm very very proud of them . However, I do think that we can't rely on school alone to form a complete child. Too much emphasis on academic excellence. I totally do not agree with our system where the kids who mug and learn to pass exams are appreciated more than those kids who are creative, and intelligent but get bored at studying. I think you must have a system to encourage the kids to first really like the subject, and that comes from an innovative teacher with unique teaching methods. And once you like the subject, then reading about it and mugging about it becomes not a big deal. (I,for one, hate chemistry, and physics was beyond me. Add Maths- sorry!! But maybe I would have if I had a better teacher?? (yah blame the teacher huh) . I told my hubby - hey you did not marry me for my brains ok. I married you to improve the genetic make up of my kids ha ha ha...)
Anyway I digress-

I tell the girls that the exam is not for you, but to tell the teachers how much you understand of the subject, ie if you get 80% that means, 20% of the paper, you don't understand, However, now its become where you are in your class and how much more cleverer you are than the others. Sara the daydreamer and Sophia the equally good daydreamer in particular, are very creative and imaginative and it's just sad if the current system we have squeeze that out of them. Well, it's just going to be up to us to make sure they keep getting their creative 'feed' - take them to shows, etc- all that requires MOOLAH...

I'm not saying that learning to pass exams is a bad thing, or that my kids should not do homework etc. The reality of life is that it's always the survival of the fittest and sadly, its measured by how well you do in school. And honing the discipline to sit down and do homework is also a good skill. But I do wish that my kids can have a more rounded exposure..

But how??? Im at fault as we are both working and letting them watch tv is by far the easier option than thinking of craft stuff to do. When we were in Adelaide hubby used to make kites with them and fly them near the beach. Because we had a big compound the kids were outside all the time, playing with sand, etc etc.

Which brings me to my present situation, ie applying for government housing. We want the space. But...the houses are old....and maybe he's leaving for private practice...but, when would that be?? so...now dont know what to do, KIV je lah. But it'd be nice to have a biiig compound.

Anyway the kids - I hope they grow to be nice, decent, kind, bright, people with a high sense of right and wrong, never forget what their parents teach them, never forget God, and keep on asking questions.

(and if they are neurosurgeons, doctors, engineers, hey, I'm ok with that)

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