Friday, December 01, 2006


Plan ada sedikit perubahan. We are going back today, not last nite as was planned. Hope the kids are ok. Dahlia sounds as if she missed us the most...she should have come back. I bet the phone bill in nenek's house is going to SPIKE UP suddenly as they call me almost every hour.

Johan, having come back with his dad last nite, had NO CLUE how to play by himself and complained loudly and long that he was left all alone at home with Kak Minah! I asked him why didnt he go and play with the boys next door , he said Ibrahim is going to the hospital and he went "hee haa hee haa" and i am guessing that Ib had another Asthma attack in which case I hope he gets better soon, Haq!

Came back late again today...not planned at ALL. Brother went and had a baby so there goes my plans to go back to Kluang tonite as well.;..(ceh, inconsiderate betul he he he). After work, off we went to see the new addition to the family . Oh Yes:


I arrived first at Ampang Puteri as hitched a ride with my boss who was also going over to see our client/friend. Apparently the client/friend knows my brother. Good - as the client/friend's company not very happy with the firm and maybe that would help . We do a lot of work for them and I think some people feel the distribution of work has not been fair and now questioning whether we are good etc hence the sequence of event and justifying this and that - Main complaint- we took time with the docs- hey! Lawyers are NOT rubber stamps ok!! We DON'T just take precedents and copy them ok?? (Ok confession - we used to, but when our clients called us on the meaning of every other line, we realised pretty damn quick that we had better KNOW the precedents inside out and WHY precedents are there and there ARE basis in law for things that goes in there oKAy. Hmmmph!!!!So there! he he he..Sad to say I am still trying to emphasis this fact to the younger innocent new lawyers he he he)

Intan however did not come out of the labour room- apparently she had bled one litre and the docs were talking surgery! Brother asking me what I think if he's asked if he agrees to surgery .Hubby arriving on the scene looked as if its incomprehensible that anyone would NOT go for surgery if the docs have recommended it...he he heh....Minute I realised that she maybe g0ing to OT I called hubby- everything medically tainted and Im getting my doctor- I am SOO chuffed to have a surgeon for a husband I admit- he hehe and shows him off any reason and any time I can. Ie- MAIIIII husband is a Dooooocctor, nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh (he he he!)- Im so proud that he's so "crever" and he is SUUCCHH a genius. Was just telling someone at work that he took a government exam recently and was the only one to ace it when others flunked it. Sigh...however my kids are NOT showing any signs of taking after the dad. . (Yess, Wintersonata has a long lasting effect of making me see my husband in a rosy light he hehe )

Wonder what he must be thinking when I call him everytime someone mentions they have a problem hee hee..I really should be out of this office and out there with Angelina Jolie doing charity work (but me only marketing lar , hubby would be doing the actual work he he he)

Sorry, back to Intan (I am so Self absorbed today!) she is ok- Dr Gee came along and declared that she's fine now and can be removed to the room. Please go to ROOM 319 . Which I had made myself comfortable in earlier when she was still in labour room. Sorry about finishing the food, guys. I am sharing a room at office with someone who drinks herbalife and think she is fat (sheeeeshhh) and therefore I have NOT been eating as well. (no gang maaa) - and therefore I was ravished-oops famished!!!

Yusuf/Yunus etc was in the nursery, we could only look through the windows. "But thats my NEPHEW!" I told the nurse indignantly but Bolayan..sorry. Apparently its for security - baby cannot come out if mummy still in. Who MAKES these policies anyway?? Grin...

He is one montel baby- fair and pink- I have five kids and they are all brown like my brother. He has kids and they turn out pink (I'd say like me but I have gone dark too!) - funny or not?? His daughter looks like she could be mine.

Want a baby....!!! want a baby!

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Dad of Four said...


My boys are all in Muar since Tuesday hence the tranquility and serenity in Zooview.LOL

Go for it Shila, we r all right behind you, emotionally, to support you to have one more!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...