I can't believe my last post was 18 November 2006. Honestly where is the time.
To update, yes I am in the office. And I am working. Waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

I've booked the flight to India for me and Nadine. Now waiting for N to confirm whether we can bunk in with other single moms or not. However, have not put in leave. Today I have done so and guess what- I have been told that the Partners are meeting tomorrow and are discussing leave so my leave will be discussed then. But Im going to INDIA! Aiyooo. Obviously they think that the firm will disintergrate without me he he . So wait I must lar. Thank goodness I have not paid or have not started to make visa or renew passport which horrors I have discovered - have expired. Nadine needs hers to be renewed as well as she has to have six months clear space from date of travel. I dont know why the girl at the travel agent asks me many times "She IS 11 at the time of travel, ya??? Otherwise she will be charged as an adult". Yaaaaa ok ok..anyway the difference is a "mere" 200 plus. Nikhill why didnt you get married in other non peak season hee hee

Ok hubby is here...continue later ok...


Dad of Four said…
My attempt to make a comment on your brilliant and highly entertaining blog! When r you going?
Hi!!! Welcome..if the leave is approved you mean?? 25 to 29..and hubby has been forbidden to stay home with kids and the maid alone ..and Im getting him to stay with mom..See the poor man really suffers..he he

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