Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sad Sad Day...

Since last Saturday, I think, the maid has been telling us of the kittens being ill, and throwing up and doing their mess everywhere. Having diarrhoea and vomiting. Since we have not been home, we nodded, made a point to take them to the vet, but basically, what with stuff happening we did not get to it. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we do not feel like we are cat owners, so we don't really bother taking them to the vet- in fact I have never taken them to the vet, confession. But I was on leave last Thursday (the awards day) and I saw first hand how miserable the poor kitties were, so I called the vet and spoke to the doctor about the kittens. The diagnosis over the phone was either (a) worms or (b) virus. If it was virus, not much the doc can do, either they pull through or not. If it was worms, then she'd leave me the worm medicine for Hubby to pick up from work. I told the vet that the cat's a stray but Hubby told the doc that the cat has stayed with us from when it was a few days old. Basically, I had a stray cat coming to my house to have her kittens, (she had 3) and then I heard this mewing next door and in a box abandoned just like that, was one kitten- we picked this kitten up (Brownie) and gave it to the mother cat to be nursed. The mother cat, the original 3 kittens have all been sent away, to market, to restaurants etc but this Brownie, has decided to have 5 kittens with us. I saw the dad, actually, this handsome Garfield tomcat.

Anyways, Brownie had 4 ginger and 1 white kittens. Hubby came home to feed them medicine- rather tricky as we didn't know how to get the tiny mouth open! Well, I said, Hubby's working with what used to be University Pertanian Malaysia which includes veterinarian science (in fact when he first got a job there a lot of people thought he was attached as a vet)- so now we know the reason for the connection- he was to have 5 kittens under his care later. (and don't forget the story of the rabbit).

On Friday, I got a call from sobbing Sara- the white kitten has died...apparently it vomited so much after that, that it just died. Poor thing. She kept crying through school, and her eyes were sooo swollen. She is always my sensitive one, Sara. We buried the cat under the ELECTRIC TIANG!! Would have buried it behind on the empty plot of land but the BLARDIE contractor of my nextdoor neighbour (not you Haq) actually had dumped all the construction garbage there- so the land is full of glass, and rocks ! Grrrrr!!!

I said, well, at least the kitten is no longer suffering. She was the sickest , though. Johan said she smelt stinky. We had to take them to the fun fair nearby to cheer them up- I went along and joined in one of the rides- kids were having fun but I was going "Stop this ride!!" all the way- its the spinning top one.

The other kittens are apparently a bit better. To gross you out, my kids are telling me that worms keep coming out of their butts!!! Eeee- is that what deworming medicine do????

Ok now we are going to Dahlia's concert...she's gone allready but I need to get the other kids ready...she graduates as well today...My big girl.

OH YES- Hubby dropped a big bombshell- he has exams organised for the exact dates we were planning to go to India- I was soooooo disappointed, esp since he took a nonchalant air around me, like, take it or leave it, this is my work. I mean, why let me get all excited if you have known it all along?? I was only ok when he confessed that he knew since Monday and did not know how to tell me. Im thinking of taking Nadine. After all, N knows Nadine and met her when she was a few minutes old. In the labour room. With her husband. And her brother. How not to go to her brother's wedding, you tell me?? Out of the question.

Ok byeeee


Fulltime Mom said...

I thought your mum said not too go. Neway, is it good idea ah? To bring Nadine?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

HEllo there stranger...have not heard from you for ages, and was JUST telling Jab that I wonder what you are up to these days..yah mom still can't appreciate why need to go. I need to find out a few things first before I take Nadine

Fulltime Mom said...

Let's Bakerzin soon then. With or without the rest. If not, come over lah. You know you are always welcomed.

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