Sunday, November 26, 2006

sara writes

Kah kah kah....! I had started this, and supposed to pass over to Sara for her to tell us how she feels - she had looked rather cut up after the kittens left ...but then , it turned out that, she had done something and deleted the entire blog, and then she rewrote it from memory - so the first para is her trying to be me! hee hee hee! What's funny is that its not even what I wrote- it was AJ's wife who was not that enamoured of cats .. sorry AJ he he he..
Ok this is what Sara wrote :

Sara:hello! i feel sad b'cause 2 beloved kittens have left the building! Mom send them thousands of time buying kitten food,deworming M,diaria M, and so on. (does she mean thousands of trips out?)
Write about now sophia is here to share hers.(feelings of course)

Sophia:hi, my feelings are i'm completely sad. luckly, me and sara have computer pets. on the websites, thats all to say now.

He he he...why does Sophia not sound as heartbroken.

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