Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scenes before Bedtime

I'm sure its not your typical putting your kids to sleep scene for most household, yelling to everyone, but over here its what I'm doing. The 5 of them are now either drawing, walking, drinking, etc and I have to catch each one of them to say "go to sleep". Everyone talks to me at the same time, and I'm turning this way and that to answer everyone. When I tell Johan "Johan kenapa tak mandi? Pergi mandi now." He looks at me and said "Er I dont speak Spanish". Spanish???!! Alamak???

Dahlia wants to know when I met her daddy- she and Sara are great at coming up with questions like that to distract me. The first thing Dahlia does as soon as she sees me appearing to get mad is ask me a completely irrelevant question.

Sara is drawing a woman - and showing it to me. It says "there was a beautiful mother - hardworking loyar; type of work: typing".

Hmm so now I know that my girls think that my work is typing, and Im a "loyer". Waaahaaahaaa. Oh well, it beats Sophia telling the kindy teacher that Im a lorry driver. Sounds close enough to lawyering I guess.

So now, all four of them (Johan coming later) are in bed, packed like sardines.Have their own room but prefer to sleep together so that they can natter away into the night. I can hear Dahlia bossing her sisters about. I think they are playing charades now! I'm getting them to recite their quranic verses before going to sleep. Problem is they are doing it loudly together.Well, the Charades have stopped.

Sigh..I guess in a few short years time this will just be a memory eh.

Chaos again, as Johan is apparently scaring the sisters away by trying to kiss them. I’m hearing complaints of Johan trying to put his drooly lips on his sisters. It’s really a marketplace over with them. I have to do something.

Miracle! I have told them that I’m counting to 10 and whoever is not sleeping at the end of that will get a smack from me. Now they are completely quiet and I do believe, actually asleep! Snoring even..!

Oh yeah. Hubby is allready asleep. Ha ha ha

Back to my typing...!

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