Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Am at work, wondering if it really is worth all this aggravation?? Between an apek borrower (is that racist?) haggling over fees, the bank who wants me to advise release tomorrow die die, and the office policy of the firm who won't let me issue advice until the cheque clears (this cheque which I have yet to see) - I'm going mad. I really should remember to remind the borrower a few days before the actual release date of the facility (and banks being banks if they go beyond a certain date the rates will change) rather than leave the issue of when the heck are you going to pay up , to just before the day the rates are going to change and the world comes crashing down.

Have not checked on the kids . Actually am phoning them now. Sophia is on the phone, and reports that she has just watched Bawang Merah Bawang Putih episode 67. Dahlia is peeping up at the back that its actually an old episode where the mom is trapped in the closet????.They are arguing it out now. Dad had bought them a trampoline last nite and he told me we can also exercise on it..Errrr it does not look strong enough to support either you OR me, honey. he he he....I have to get him presents lah. I feel like we are getting sooo boring. Or at least, we should be more exciting. Put us at any restaurant and we'll be reading . The only time we can properly talk is in bed (get your brain out of the gutter) and even then we would be besieged by kids - hubby has a theory that the kids can smell me. If I leave their side they will wake up and they will come and seek me out. The other day Johan found me upstairs talking to the dad and he said "I KNEW IT!! I KNEW I'd find the two of you upstairs!" waaaaaa like real onlieee.. an example, last nite looked for a place to drink with hubby. Out of all the exciting restaurants in KL, all we could think of was AMWALK, and he suggested Secret Recipe. Even SR turned us out as they were closing, so we had a drink at the iranian food place next door, which was actually quite nice. We had a couple of Iranian tea, iranian bakhlava and iranian beef fillet kebab - with a killer garlic sauce. The kids called and called and I know why- they wanted to play with my laptop. At the restaurant hubby and I had a newspaper each and we were reading. What do other couples do on their dates??

But you know I am actually contented. Its just not conventional romantic TV type couple lar, with flowers etc. I dont buy him presents and have not bought him a single thing for ages. Can you believe that??? (Hello the man got five kids out of me, and 2 D&C- he wants presents too??) he he he.. I don't buy him stuff because he is fussy to buy for. I want to get him a nice pair of jeans to be honest .

Yesterday hubby came from home to fetch me rather than from work. He had spent the entire day with the kids. Basically he had to take them to the dentists and apparently they had a grand's worth of treatment. Sophia even had her tooth capped. For Free. Sigh sometimes being in the government service has its perks. Actually its more to do with the student dentists wanting to use our kids to fill up their kids quota so its a win win situation. I remember Nadine's teeth was also thoroughly capped, filled, cleaned etc in Adelaide with the school dentist who , at the end of it, even made a presentation out of her, for his thesis. The kids waited around the hospital as he performed his clinical duties. I bet the nurses all think that the kids' mother is one useless bum. never around. Sigh....

Kids also tried to take the kittens to the vet but the Universiti Putra vets close by 4 so obviosuly if you dont live within 5 minutes walking distance from them, you'd miss them. Sheesshh. We have to get the kittens healthy and glossy as Mr AJ from the office has said he wants TWO. Yeeehaaahhh!! I had actually offered to pay to spay the kitten later! He wanted girls can you believe it. Kittens are indeed looking better, but one continues to have loose bowels. Maid is telling me she sees red on the butt. Maybe too much going to the loo?

Talking about maid, for the first time in 6 years, I am having problems with Minah. Yesterday next door neighbour, called me to basically tell me her maid was giving her problems and also that her maid has received a disturbing message from a number saying something to the effect that your house is dark, ladi ladilah, how can Mr XX come in as he cant find the door. What a SHOCK it was to my system that it was actually my maid's number!!! When I confronted her , she tells me this roundabout funny story about how she meant it as a joke and she had meant to send it to someone else, who was telling her that the house is dark etc. Say what?? What the heCK man?????Hubby and I not buying it at all, and I asked to see her phone. She has of course deleted the message sent right - not stupid right. Tsk.. how? I told her you better not be smsing anyone ok and certainly not about going into any one's house - if the next door's house is broken into I am leaving you to deal with my neighbour and maybe the police! I told her my neighbour and I are friends for near on 20 years , how can she shame me like this (waaah effect of Korean drama on me) -and gave myself another little shock to realise that that fact is true!!!

Tsk..I have never known her to be anything but straight. But her phone and smses reveal someone who saves poetry in her phone (yeah all messages out would have been deleted what) and when you don't trust your maid how? Relationship is still cordial, I'm still my pleasant self,but I am watching you mannnn...How to face neighbour like that??

Any way am still waiting for full report.

In the meantime,




(All the same age!! amazing!)

Taaa back to boring borrowers.....


Dad of Four said...

What's with this Bawang Putih n Bawang Merah serials? Just the other Ib told me that the CD pack is already out at Speedy and he wants it. I'm like ????? Geez......not enuff with an indon maid living with us ar? LOL

It's quite a shocker for me when I saw the sms....My maid is going on a counselling session this Saturday with the agency and we r not supposed to tell her. Serves her right!

Anonymous said...

we do that too... go out... minum2... and the both of us will be reading... its nice what ;-)

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Dad Of Four..

Yah lar the kids like it -got fairy fairy one. Ib wants the CD??Hope this maid thing will resolve itself.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi there Anon!!

Yah lah , its nice kan..guess I was moaning lack of roses but that's not all that counts eh

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...