Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today's entry is from Home.

I'm off sick...Really. Not because I want to wallow at home bloghopping my favourite sites . Got some water infection tomorrow off too but will go in office as feel better...or do you think I should stay home? After all, I check my mails and have 2 files already to occupy me. Hmmm. What do you think????

Brothers 2 and 3, sis in law, niece and nephew and mom just left- they came over to the house- nice. Maid hurriedly put up the new curtains when they called. Now brother 3 has gone off to the famous place where they sell fake computer stuff- LY Plaza at Bukit Bintang. Son has gone off with them with no backward look at his mom. (talking of Bukit Bintang- someone told me that BYJ once came to KL and to BUKIT BINTANG!!!! Eeee how come I was not working there then???)

Cat is in the house. OUT!! Sis in law have remarked that my kittens reflect my kids- 4 are ginger and 1 is white. Apparently 4 are girls and 1's a boy. How bizarre is that?? The black and grey one, Angel, is now in the family way. Haiyaaaa. Mom is advocating leaving her at the local market. I know, but I bet the kittens would be lovely eh. There is a tomcat (ginger striped- what a coincidence) strutting around - he must be the one!!!! (should neuter HIM- why should the women suffer??)

Maid's handphone is not working. She just bought it last saturday. She has a RM600 NOKIA phone ok . My maid has an expensive handphone, and my phone is - hmmm- RM150?? My phone, you can throw it against the wall and it'll be ok. She said she bought it to use at "home". Helloo? You live in remote part of Indonesia?? Got line ah? I told you she's not your typical maid from village one....Eh but you dont play play ok because I saw a picture of earthquake or some other disaster (she says nonchalantly!) at this remote village and one of the ppl in the picture was using a handphone. Actually now, handphone is a necessity. Life saver. Thinking of giving to my girls. If they get (god forbid) abducted, at least they can take pic of the guy and send to us or else call the cops direct.

Talking of kids calling-Yesterday at the clinic hubby and I , while waiting for turn to be seen by doc) got a call from sobbing Sara. Apparently she saw her dad's car as we passed the school on the way to the clinic and she had thought we were going to pick her and Sophia up. (We didn't as we thought we were too late and they'd go with the van) so she waited and when we didn't come she went on the van and she was crying when she called us from home saying she was waiting for TWO HOURS. Sophia backed the "waiting for TWO HOURS " story but then I figured, they called us at 7 p.m,from HOME which meant they must have reached there by 6.55 earliest and the school ends at 6.30. That must mean that they waited er..10 mins?? Still, sad that she was sobbing. Must be tiredness. Today, Sophia's turn to arrive home crying. This time, it was because "all the time I have to close the gate!" I think they must be worn out, afternoon schools is a bad idea lar.

Clinic is a funny place- for Hubby lar. He finds the adverts pushing all these alternative medicine very funny. Needless to say he does not believe in all these mesotheraphy and other herbs stuff and don't even start him on that thing you put your feet in and the water will change colour! Hmmm.

Ok kids are lining up to "play computer" so better give it up. Byeeeee


riesha said...

Hi....I got to know about this blog of yours thru happiebb....Guess what.....we are in the same boat....I'm kinda obssessed with wuri yong joon....couldn't stop thinking about him...just discovered him in WS in 8tv.....glad to know that I'm not alone....

Fulltime Mom said...

Get well soon!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...