Saturday, November 25, 2006

Troysaurus saga continued...

Yeah you know that dinosaur - alongside Barney, Troysaurus must be the favouritest dinosaur ever and we visited him just now. He he he...

After calling me all of Friday to ask me To*sRUs related questions, such as :

1. Mummy, if I want to buy the cash machine as WELL as the pixel chicks, can I?
2. Mummy! Have you reminded Cikgu Ahmad NOT to come for tuition on Saturday as we will go to To*sRUS?? (I have told him not to come, ever ,by the way- but only because the kids are too big for his "nice" style of teaching); and
3. Mummy, what time ARE we going to To*s R Us tomorrow??
4. Mummy! Why aren't you back yet?? Are you at To*s R Us???? (I was then at KLCC picking up my CREA mag and ended up having dinner with Hubby in Nando's)

In the end , exasperated, I had asked them to continue to pore over the brochure , and choose THREE things that they like in the order that they'd want and let mummy finish what mummy is doing for the superkiasu bankers yah?

Saturday morning arrived and everyone was snoring away peacefully , and hubby suggested sneaking out for breakfast (the man can't stop taking me out on dates now) . Unfortunately the ever alert Dahlia jerked upright from bed and ..well and what? We basically shelved the breakfast plan and put on the "Family CD"... Anyway we had a lot of stuff to do before the Visit. Like:

1. Take kittens /kids to Vet- (the main vet of all people, is the brother of one of the partners at my previous workplace how bizzare is that??) Anyway we took the 4 ginger kittens in the cage (thanks G for that cage) and one of the vets, this young woman doctor , a graduate of UPM (I mean!! will the links never stop!) finally saw the kittens, and I am proud to say, pronounced them to be 3 boys and 1 girl . Every one of them are in the PINK of health, not a single ear mite or flea (not serious enough to catch her attention anyway). She effortlessly did what we nearly died doing (and killed one of them doing) - ie gave medicine- (well she had the syringe didn't she? We had to use a straw! )Anyways !! She dewormed them, and then sprayed them with flea medicine. So now all four (who, 5 minutes before seing the vet, were named)- Ginger, Cookie, Coffee (maybe my kids were hungry?)and Curly Tail. A friend from the office was coming to get two of them, but that was on the proviso that the kittens would be female! I told the guy that I only have 1 female. He was worried that the boy cat may "mark" his territory you know what I mean?? I didn't have the heart to tell him that the girl cats aren't exactly slow in the marking territory department if my maid and the kids are to be believed. He now is coming tomorrow.

2. Fixed the car- on the way back the car suddenly went POMP!!! and tilted to one side. Nasib baik we were slow! The suspension bar thingy , which had broken off on the right side last time and was repaired, now decided to make things even by breaking on the OTHER side! We then drove very very slowly, stopped at the nearest mechanic, previously untried, and got out. Then hubby got mad at me for us stopping at this untried mechanic (which he agreed to a minute earlier) and only then revealed his preference to go to the mechanic we are used to. (used to being conned that is, he he he). This obviously put the plan to visit with that dinosaur back by several hours. We took a cab and waited at home for daddy to come back.

Finally ! Car is ready, daddy is poorer by some amount of cash, and off we go to spend the kids' money - well that was what we told them anyway. The reality was their money is untouched and daddy is now even poorer-rer. (heh??el bantai ler the english). My kids' choice of toys is very telling. Kaklong chose Monopoly. Angah wanted an Eduscience Adventure stuff with a pair of binoculars, telescope and cool explorer stuff, Sophia is unwaveringly, Barbieee.., and Dahlia,- guess what she wanted - an ATM Machine!!!(she did ask for Mc Donald cash register before) Johan wanted a remote control bike. My husband said Daya is Atok reincarnated. Hee hee hee...(she "left" her duit raya at home unlike everyone else who brought it with them)

Upon arriving, I let them loose so to speak , and gave them their last chance to change their minds. But they stuck to their choice. They had pored over the magazine for so long that they really wanted what they wanted and within 15 minutes we were done! Except for Jojo who changed his mind to a Spiderman that you have to assemble.

Maid went home by the way. So now am maidless. (Daddy just made the Milointhebottle that Jojo requested , and Jojo came over to me to complain that "I ordered a small bottle not a big bottle... Kak Minah and you do it right but daddy got my order wrong..!" (Order??) )

We did drop by LakeGardens on the way back , and had half an hour at this underutilised park (or is it underutilised by us onliee??) - Kids had fun using the bino and the telescope at the park. Ice cream all around and then home.

Ok lah - not a bad day...for me, any day when I get to spend with the kids is fine. Not to say I am nice and cuddly ok, I have been barking orders since I came home ..poor thing. they had to take their bath, have dinner, pick up their plastic covers of their toys and I had to nag them to do it in my Sargeant Mummy voice. I don't actually like to be so garang but I feel if not I get ignored. I bet my next door neighbours are thinking what a horrible parent I am ("I" as opposed to "we" as dad never nags. He gets nagged he he he ) ..


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