Saturday, November 11, 2006

We saw the Prime MInister...nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh

Ha ha ha..Im sure you will think - so what? Actually, So what was what I initially felt also Friday nite when we attended the 79th General Assembly of the International Motonautique - yeah International ehwhatsit?? Motorized water sports.

Not that I and Hubby knew all this when we drove into the Marriot Putrajaya,dressed to the nines. All I knew was at 4 plus pm hubby called and said, Mak B has invited us to attend a dinner with her, would you like to go, its something to do with songket.And it involves TV3. So I said, er actually I did want to paint the railing of my house today, so no thanks . Ha ha ha ! What i REALLY said was - Are you KIDDING me? YEAH! The instant the phone rangoff Mak B was on the line, unfortunately I could not speak to her as the Boss dropped in and said hello and all I could tell Mak B is "sorry I cant speak to you but the answer is YES!" ..Heee sorry Mak B..

Hubby had left the hospital for home soon after(miraculously able to leave OT suddenly- oh by the way the reason Friday found me at the office and not lounging in Corus Hotel PD as was planned is that he was having to operate on Friday all day and would not be attending the conference at all). But anyway I digress. As I could not leave my office and my very important job of ensuring that people get the loan that they applied for quickly (ho hum how the mighty has fallen) before 6 pm, Hubby was tasked to choose a dressy outfit for me to wear and bring it over, and then the plan was that we'd leave from office.. He kept calling me and asking me what I wanted to wear and I was directing him to find stuff- he hunted in my closet (the WHITE pair of shoes, honey!! What white pair of shoes?? I dont see any??? etc etc.

Having no item that remotely looks like songket (a cloth woven with gold thread) in the end he got me this black and white batik outfit studded with pearly beads, which had once belonged to Mak B (ha ha sorry Mak B I have this habit of wearing the fancy stuff you give me to functions which you attend as well but then as you say I dont go to that many functions!). But the dress was nice.

What am I doing nattering about what I was wearing. I wanted to tell you how we saw the PM. By the time we beat Friday nite traffic to get to this hotel, we were of course 15 mins late but then, due to the rain , so was most people. Marriot IOI is one fancy hotel, which you need to drive up into. There were gorgeous TV3? staff draped in songket greeting us. We sat down at a table with Mak B's friends who worked with her on a special program for children, headed by the wife of the Deputy PM. We sat with some staff working for the 2nd Lady . I can tell you certain things but I better not.

Shortly after the speeches began , the aforementioned staff suddenly started to fuss about. It turned out that the 2nd Man himself! Was going to come. And also the Big Man! Pak Lah was also joining us! They did arrive, mid dinner and we all stood up as they came in and actually applauded. They passed our table . And we sat down when he sat down. Waaaahhhhh , he commanded that much respect. He's handsome you know...but look tired. (ceh pandai je I comment). The room was filled with three people's set of bodyguard. I later found out that the First Son and his wife were also there! ( I saw them, and they looked at me, but I forgot what they looked like so I,turned away...he he how rude eh?)

So happy to get to see Pak Lah.

The evening itself was great fun - thank you Mak B-there was a spectacularly beautiful display of songket by svelte, slim, thin, models (I was gorging myself away at this time)- and when I went to the loo, I passed the tables selling these songkets and I asked how much a 2.5 metre piece of cloth would cost me- basically I would be paying off 2 months salary- minimum.

Then, there was a show of Datuk Yahaya ?? 's personal songket collection. He had about 10 or 12 I think - and each of them was the costing more than my 2 months gaji type.

Last this guy called Buddy Loren appeared. At first I thought ..hohum American comedian wonder what his act was. But he was great! He sang P Ramlee songs (boy he really knew his PR eh) and he sang Tamil songs, he sang a Japanese song, and he sang an Italian song, he put on a red cardi and moppy wig and pretended he was shahrukhkhan singing on top of the train, (he sang hindi songs!) and he put on a sparkly black jacket and put on a high voice, did the dance steps of Michael Jackson! I loved him as Michael Jackson- this white, 50 plus old entertainer, could have fooled me. There was a part where he started crying in highvoice, and then he said "sob sob, I would blow my nose but I don't have one" ha ha ha ha..Yes, a law suit waiting to happen if ever there was one.

Anyway by the time we left it was nearly 12- had a good time and the next day had to double payback to the kids by taking them to Lake Garden to see Nickelodeon "get up get out and play" or something like that- they have been asking to go since 10 am, since the thingy starts then, but we only left at 3 pm. Well, it WAS raining. Then we arrived, to find out that it ends at 4. But we thought might as well go as allready there. Stalls having games were tidying up, but they did generously give the kids the stickers of Dora and other Nick's characters (taken by the Superkiasu mom) and the kids caught the finale of the appearance of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star - by this time there were only about 20 kids?? So everyone had their turn taking pics with them. And we saw 2 acts- a dance by this 8 year olds- moving like Britney Spears I tellyou, and a show by the Cheerleaders - apparently would do more jumping moves but since the stage was sodding wet, they only did a few safe moves.

The, we caught the tram/train/bus/van/slowest mode of transportation ever invented in the 21st Cent, to go to our car, but this bus had to go around the Lake Garden , which in itself was nice, we went behind the Bird Park, the Butterfly Park, the Orchid Garden, the Bukit Aman police headquarters , before we got to the car.We promised to come again to Lake Garden as it had so much to offer and we never bothered to go! Especially post looked really green and luscious.

Ok..continue have to get ready to go to ShangriLa to support a cousin in her makeover contest Dinner.

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