Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Day

Kids woke up early today (as in 6 a.m) excited as they were going on their first ever train ride. Dad was taking them home to Kluang. The plan was to leave the girls there with mom in law and dad in law for today, and we go home tomorrow. Hubby insisted to come back home so that we can drive together tomorrow.

Well the experience apparently was not that exciting after all. I received calls from them to say that the train ride was BORING, dad did not let them buy things and they were soooooo bored. He he he. Of course, a lot of calls missing me and wanting to come home and when am I going to get there. I miss the kids a lot too ...I thought the house was going to be empty tonite but work took care of that.

Well, work exploded today of all days. Suffice to say, things are serious on the maintaining client front and I am torn between telling a particularly rude client to go sod off and being nice to them. Sequence of events have to be sorted out and I came home at half eleven. At night. Its now ten to 5 in the morning and I am so worried abt this that I cannot sleep.

Will blog later. Am working on some other matters...(reason also that I cannot sleep)

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