Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hellooooo !!

Helloooooooooo!!! We're back from lovely Mumbai!! Arrived this morning. It was Great!! Enjoyed every minute of it! Not as bad as I have heard it to be. Mumbai is like some parts of KL actually ...or KL 20 years ago and I felt quite comfortable there as in "I can live here" kind of comfortable. But of course, I was driven here and there and was basically at my friend's place all the time so I can't really say I've "seen" all aspects of Mumbai. But, Nadine and I saw the wedding, and we met the family and let me say here that everyone we met was very warm and very kind and made us feel like family from day 1. The food! I was eating all the time! The wedding! The colours! The amazing sarees everyone wore (and we think we had cornered the bead and labuchi market eh - forGET it these sarees were magnificent) !! The rickshaw ride! The traffic! (OMYGOD the traffic) The friends we made! Kunal Kapoor and Suzanne Khan aka Mrs Hritik Roshan coming to the wedding!(Who you say???Google him) It was fantastic. I know they probably won't see this but I'd like to publicly say thank you to the entire Shetty(andRai )clan for making us feel very welcome. To Nivi, Sharan, Nishad, Sahen, Profulla Auntie, Uncle, Aka, Ana, Chinni, Sharan's Mom, Bubbly, Chintu,Banti, Shoba Auntie, Dr Sadanan (who was Amitabh's surgeon), Partu, Preina, Kajol, Dhiraj, Manar, Paushelli, Meera who came from UK, Geenie who I was going to pass off as Aishwarya, Sunita for her lovely char, even Shumita, and of course the bride and groom, Lipika and Nikhil- thank you very very much for having us, and putting up with that malaysian woman with the camera and her daughter with the appetite. I was promoting Malaysia so much I should get paid by TDC heh heh heh.

Can't believe hols is over.....will post soon all our adventures there. Now just want to go to sleep . Every day was full with the wedding. Go go go.. all the time! Prewedding bash on day 1, mehendi on day 2, murtaa and wedding on day 3, reception on day 4, go home on day 5. Hang around at Nivi's house and wait for driver to send here there and everywhere. Nadine made me very proud as she was the best companion.

Guys, I did not shop sorry! No time to grab more than a few things! Also- did not help that we not have any RUPPEE on us- Being so clever plus having just about 20 minutes to check in before the actual flight we had nooo way of getting any currency changed and thought can do it in Mumbai- but what was shocking is that Malaysian Ringgit was not available at the airport!! For the first 3 days we were rupeeless until Dhiraj got his friend at Thomas **ok to help! Thanks Dhiraj!! I want to go again just to shop please!!

Sigh..wish can rewind the entire thing. See you soon with the posting!

Monday, December 25, 2006


It is so HOT TODAY!!!! I have a persistent i coming down with something??Arggghhhh the unfairness of it all!!!

Yesterday went to see Abah. Brought the kids over. Got stopped at lift. No kids on weekends until about half four. I am thinking of opening up a day care centre there , where parents can drop their kids for a fee. What do you think. Dont cilok my idea ok! Hee hee hee! Anyway so Mom in law went up. Me, Nadine Dahlia n Jo loitered at the shops. Managed to "lose" RM20 . Johan wanted to get a box on which it showed a flying rocket thing. The rest wanted foodstuff like chocs and drinks but he was adamant that he wanted it. So I got that for him...then, we went to the shop next door selling mags..and we got him an ABC book. Then, off we went to sit and he asked me to open the toy box. It was nicely wrapped , and took a bit taking off. Imagine my surprise when, instead of toy, it had an assortment of sweets! Sour power, some 3 for a dime candy, and other cheap looking sweets not worth more than a buck. And I paid RM4.50 for mine. I told him Im taking it back but he wanted it.

At that point, dad came down (He was upstairs with Abah). Allready without sleep (operating) when I told him he was enraged. I said, let it go lar. this is a small shop, but Im going to tell them but not do anything .

So off I went in to the shop. I told the lady in charge that instead of a toy, it contained sweets. She shrugged and said you had opened the box. I said yahlah , then I poured out the sweets on her counter. I feel that we should support all this small business . Hubby came in and said you have to give us our money back. The lady asked us to call the number of the manufacturer. Hubby said "YOU Lah call!!" Anyway I was allready bothered by this unpleasantness and left , telling him it was not worth it. I'd assert my right if it was ISETA*N but not here lah.

I looked at the box. It did say that the contents may not match the description, which was of a rocket flying into space, but I don't suppose that can be extended to describing it as toy rocket and actually meaning SWEETS.

Hubby was still fuming. I was annoyed but I felt sorry for them. Hubby said these shops make RM20 grand a month for all you know so you should stop feeling sorry and also stop other ppl getting cheated. On that thought I took a deep breath , decided to be firm and assertive and said "You go lah".

A few minutes later he came along, with the money in hand. The lady apparently was waiting for him. Hee hee hee. He told the lady, "Dont sell the rest of those boxes- thats not nice." Yalah, can't imagine I'm the only one like that. RM4.50 or get complained to the Consumer Bureau...

Phew~! am I glad I was assertive heh heh heh..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nadine is writing.....

Dear all

I am writing in as my mommy wants me to either mandi or write . So I am writing in:

Hey thats not what i said. To everybody, mommy wrote that up there.

Well, I'm really really exited 2 b going 2 India tomorrow. It's been such a looooooong time snce the last time i went on a plane. And since i'm going 2 india, my sisters have made requests 2 go overseas too (because mommy said she'd bring them each to a different country, 1 by 1). So Sara wants to go to Tokyo and Dahlia wants to go to America. They all chose countries where there is Disneyland. Okay mommy's going to the hospital now.

Hi all..this is Mommy..i feel soo soo sad to be leaving you guys..even though its only for one, two three four days. Be good and stay at Opah's house ok.

Kids Interview

How I wish I can put all the kids' recording here. They are really funny. One was of Nadine who loves to pretend she's a talk show host (Oh NOOOO Is she displaying MY Tendencies?? I want her to be a surgeon!) Anyway she was interviewing her sisters and brother went something like this:

"heeeelllloooo my name is Nadine and this is the show called interviewing the FAAAAAAMILEEEE" (pernah tengok Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous tak? Something like that guy's voice)

"Today we will be interviewing a few people in the family. First of all we are going to interview Sophiaaaaaaaaaaa the third person in the family. Hello Sophia how are you"

"I am very fine."Firm chirpy answer from her

"very fine? Isnt there any answer to that? Because like, that's too formal. Ok ok never do you feel about being the third person in the family??" (Pressing question)

"I feel like the third person..because this is the third finger in myhand"She says, after giving the question some thought.

"No, I mean what do you feel like being the third person in the family??" Nadine tries again.

"Well I think ..I feel ..a little bit good"

"Ok so now we are going to interview Dahlia the fourth person in the fAYmileeeeeeeh-Ok . Dahlia how are you??


"Ok.and how do YOU feel about being the fourth person in the family?"
"Well. I feel like..err.. I feel like being on a horse."

"A HORSE? Why do you feel like being on a horse?"
"Because Ive never been on one."

Nadine pauses. "I don't quite understand..Well, never mind, we are going to move on to the next question."

"babai"Dahlia says.

"What do you feel about your sisters?" (Still asking Dahlia)

"I feel like their boss around at me"

"How about your one and only brother .How do you feel about him?

"He's very naughty."Dahlia said

"He's very naughty?"

"Yeah, like you said!You said he's very naughty?"

"Er ok, thats the end of your interview"she said."Lets interview Sara. So Sara how do you feel about your sisters and brother"

"Well, my sisters are all very annoying" (HEY! Cried Dahlia in the background) "and especially THIS One"

......ada banyak lagi but too tired to type in har har har...its on my pc and if Im doing some work Im reminded at how quacky my kids are. Just pray that they still have a chance at their dad's brains. Hee hee hee.

Mother in law is here with me. She came with Cousin M and N. Am taking her to IJN in a moment. Hubby was in OT the entire night and only finished at 5 am. Wish all those ppl would DRIVE carefully and not get themselves HIT by buses please as I am leaving tomorrow and would like to spend SOME time with my husband rather than sit at home waiting while he repairs YOU?? Sheeeshhh some people can be really RUDE. (hee hee hee) . And please donot be so rude as to DIE after all that work?? :(
Anyways Sara and Sophia has been kidnapped by my mom and spent the nite at Yana their cousin's house.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dad In Law [update]

Just went to see DIL. He is cheerful, although I think a bit scared as they are thinking of another angio for him ...apparently his saluran darah banyak "karat" and blocked. He has to wait until the Doc in Charge balik from his hols. Doctors have to go on leave too I guess. If he has another episode and things have to be done, the replacement doc would take over. He's not terrified but he knows what its like and had fun telling me exactly what was involved (eeeeeehhhhh geli- I maintain my stand that any procedure I have to go through must be under General Anaesthesia) I had to go up alone as Daya and Johan (or Bonnie and Clyde /sonny and cher as I am fast thinking of them) were with me and IJN would not let kids go up. So they stayed with their sleepdeprived daddy downstairs in the lobby until I came down an hour later.

DIL revealed that he started driving 3 days after discharge, and had resumed normal duties including gardening. On the day he had his attack, he was actually preparing an area for his next project in the garden. Abah has green fingers the way we are SO not. This project involved him carrying bricks from here to there and back again.

No point scolding I guess! Some people when they are so used to being active, being told to rest is an alien concept, and doing nothing would make them feel more ill.

He is pretty savvy about his ubat. He was telling me that the nurse gave him one tablet which was supposed to be put in liquid but the nurse forgot and asked him to eat is as per normal. He had written all instructions down and could tell the nurse that she was wrong. Haaa...jangan main main with my DadinLaw.

This time around he's in Ward Hibiscus. Ward Hibiscus lawa lah - besar..macam VIP lak. Stilll share 2 to aroom but ok what. Macam mana IJN sustain itself ya?? Siapa nak kutuk our health system please do some calculation re: IJN expenses. Its national service,for these docs. No wonder they get their datokship fast.

Don't think Abah is coming out anytime soon. Although I hope he won't be too bored in there. Mak is probably coming soon. BTW just found out that Mak had very sweetly and without my knowledge organised a doa selamat for our trip to Mumbai, thank you Mak.

Have signed off at work. Took EL today as Jo demam panas. Nadine pun panas ! Don't think maid can cope with Jo. Took Jo to the office and settle some matters which had to be signed today. Bought him cheezels as he refused to eat anything else. He was soo listless and I gave him his paracetamol before we go. When he was in the office he started to perk up. They must think I'm making it up. I took him in my arms and cradled him and told this 4 year old to go to sleep. He must have liked being treated like a baby as he nodded off immediately. The receptionist gave me a carpet and cushion and Johan slept for a good hour. Did get some work done . When he got up he was back to being sick ! Went to fetch the kids at their cousins' place - Thanks AuntieA for taking care of them . Then home and I zonked off for a couple of hours.

ok, guys hope you can go cheer up father in law.....

Dadin law

Worried. Have not been able to sleep since hubby woke me up at 12.30 am telling me that dadinlaw is having chest pains since Maghrib and he is going to take him from sisinlaw Atie from Air Keroh. Its now 5.15 am and no news so far . Hubby's using my handphone as his is being charged at home. Now, he's switched it off. He's taking DIL to IJN (again). Its barely 2 weeks since his last visit. I hope this is just me overreacting. Hope everything is ok. Hope everything is ok, Hope everything is ok, amin. He is one cool guy my dad in law. A former headmaster, he is soft spoken but firm. He is one smart man . Engage him in conversation and he will keep you entertained. Hope he gets better.

And hope hubby calls me soon!!(I think I hear the car- hope it is)
update: Nope, was not the car. Its now quarter to 7 in the morning. Shd join Amazing Race or Survivor or something, as have not gone to sleep at all. To top it all Johan has a high fever and is whiny. Dahlia Sophia and Sara is over at Camelia's grandma's place. Normally I don't let the girls go away but this is their cousins and aunti A was alone anyway and the kids would not stop begging I tell you, until I said yes. They have no toothbrush and no change of clothing, the plan was to drop those stuff this morning on our way to work. Now not even sure if I am coming in to the office. However I have to as I will need to sign off a few stuff before I go this Monday.
Nope, have not packed. Have not bought pressies. Now wondering if able to go at all and should I cancel it as it seems a bit cold of me to gallavant off in the light of dad in law's distress????

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Wedding - Perdana

First, mintak maaf banyak banyak kepada bride and groom...for hogging the mike and making the band play as I howled in my sad singing voice. Heh heh.

It was such a FUN wedding! The bride sang a song for the guests as a gift and boy I think SITI has a serious contender! Last wedding for the year. 3 more unmarried ladies of the Adom family..and 4 young men !(betul tak I kira nie?)

Rehearsal in the morning - we took all kids (sans Jo) to Mak B's house, who had agreed to our begging request to please take them to the rehearsal (they were the flowergirls). (alternative was to take them to either my office or the hospital) Thank you Mak B for treating them so well - Auntie Izreen belanja hash brown they said (thanks Izreen) and also they had their hair set as well!(Something I never, outside of my own wedding, managed to do you know- usually opt for the run-finger-through-hair- hairstyle, which goes along with the makeup-in-car-on-the-way-to-function style )

Hubby periodically called (he had a meeting all the way in Serdang and basically was free to call his wife) to update on what time he was picking me up etc. At 7.15 PM he turned up at the office with everyone , fully dressed in their bajukurung, and bajumelayu, all talking at FULL volume and treating my office like a playground such that my colleagues were gaping at their boisterousness (read- LOUD) . Hubby handed me my last minute dress (Sent thursday siap monday). Thank GOODNESS the tailor (who had let me down before) came through and got the baju kurung kedah made in time- and it looked decent! I think she came through because hubby asked her to do it ha ha ha..the other day I sent her some material, she sat on it for 6 months - and I took the material back, uncut.

Anyway by the time we arrived, the bride and groom were having their trousseau and make up ready- LOVELINESS! Kids lined up to get their eyes done by Auntie Zu and then we basically hung around until we hear Mak B (standing in for Mahathir L) announce that the bride was to arrive. The flower girls are such pros this time around that the moms didn't have to accompany them (could it be also because both moms ie Zu and I did not attend the rehearsal so had no idea what was going on and who was to stand where ???he he he)

The BRIDE arrived first , with the flower girls...and went all the way up to the stage. Then the GROOM appeared (With the pageboys) and had to pay toll at 3 "stations" (*samyvelly would be proud...) Then.finally reunited on stage and the blessing ceremony started....(the flower girls took their position at foot of stage - never thought I'd ever see the day when they STAND STILL for such a period! Heh heh)- the bride and groom "threw" coins and candy ala-ala bride throwing bouquet - and kids and adults (and me noshame) rushed ahead for the chocs (I got chocs as I ducked when money came my way- how lah)

Then dinner. Nice huge Prawns - we sat with kids and they dont eat prawns so Zu and later me, sat facing the prawns. Baby Nadya sat with us for a while before she was "babynapped" by her auntie. (and made her mom panic!)

Mak B read the biodata and a "special" ie Heloz and Lana's version of how they met ..Very entertaining and cute! Added that extra special touch- and read in an informal way by Mak B- wonder how Mahathir L would do it?? Not quite the same effect as he would not know them as family does.! Then, slides of the bride and groom through the fast time we see the cheeky cherubs blossom into adults , and we saw pics of their time in the States in the snow.

Then, the most sayu touching part- the parents' speech. Uncle and Mak Z- by the way it is their 30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY today so Happy Anniversary Uncle and Mak Z!!
I got not a little teary as the mother and father of the bride addressed their daughter who now is someone's wife, advised her on how to conduct self as a wife and also some advice for the son in law now. Again...How fast time flies.

Then, cake cutting. Bride sang "Nirmala" before cutting cake and even had a little joget with Groom. Difficult song if you dont have the bride's voice .

Bride and Groom left to say tata for the guests and then- the FAMILY took over! Uncle Y's family sat around watching us make total and complete fools of ourselves (me lah at least) and basically had fun lah! The kids sang "My Heart" , I got a couple of songs in, and Izreen too and even Imee! Then, gambar time and we all took turns on the stage.

Sigh..came home still on a"high" (with 2 kids extra). So who's next ?? Hee hee....

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Wedding!

Congratulations Lana and Helmi! Welcome to the family!

(Yes, the guy who looks like he should be waiting for his SPM results is the groom)...hee hee jangan marraaaaahhh. I meant it as a compliment weh!
Lawa tak??
Also. must say that the food was Lovely..kambing ..and briani ...and murtabak...
Thank you...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cinta the Movie....waaaaaa sobfest or what

"Isteri bukan hakmilik, ianya satu anugerah".(A wife is not a property to be owned, she is a gift..")

"Kadang-kadang, orang yang sangat disayangi itulah yang paling susah untuk disayangi" (Sometimes the one you love most is the one you find most difficult to love)

If you are STILL wondering, yes, we went to see CINTA and those are some of the lines in the moie. Thanks Zu for buying the tickets and sorry we were a bit late despite arriving at the Mi*nes about 20 mins early. We came back from a wedding at Si*me Derb*y Convention Centre and we thought we might as well factor in the-looking-for-the-MI*nes-mall part and leave early. Unfortunately its been a while since I went out to see a midnite show and by the time you guys arrived, we were snoring in the car. at the car park. Thank goodness we didn't miss the starting of the show or there'd be alot less "cinta" in this family he he he.

Three old married couples, ie us, e*pa and zu, and N*r and Fair*s , watching a movie about love...its due to love that the hubbies went. E*pa wanted to see CICAKMAN.

I love this movie! Ok it does have its flaws but lets not go there. It has all the factors to make it worthy of an international movie. Its casual potrayal of what makes KL , KL. The man washing the highrise floor. The busy crossing-the-road-at-Chow Kit scene.The barber shop. The LRT station. The successful english speaking architects. The english speaking bookstore assistant with a body that just won't quit. (Sis in law and I was talking about how sickeningly perfect that Fa*ha San*a was). he he he. The acting was subtle for some and OTT for others. It was five main love stories interwoven so that everyone has touched the other's life. I say Five MAIN love stories as it does not stop there. There are also other types of love that was captured. The love of a friend (between the busker and the painter) ..the love of the grandson and the senile Grandad, the love of the doctor for his old teacher, the love of the community members for the retired teacher. The love of a father for his daughter. The love of the daughter for her (gatal) mom (tsk !) :-(

Then there's different types of love. The Mills & Boon one where the eligible bachelor miraculously found a string quartet to play in the middle of nowhere to serenade the salesgirl. The salesgirl, is secretly a PhD holder in magazine publishing (he he he) and lives in a posh place and has a life where , when someone asks you out, you would be dressed to the nines with jewelry to match, and not a jaw drop at the sight of the Beemer waiting for her! Obviously used to this life or else MpH pays their staff well.

Then, there is the innocent love where Syarifah Annoying Amani (sorry she so was in this movie) found the one decent man left in Brickfields who would take her back to his place and not touch her. If any of my girls ever is stupid enough to do what she did, I would consider myself a total failure. BUT!! Discounting all that, on the assumption that she DID find a very decent man, it was very sweet to see such a love flower. The totally Malay looking actor with the totally french name , was excellent as a hangdog selamba but hopeful best friend/savior.

There is also the love between the sister and the brother. Sister is carrying on with a married man who apparently cheats on her (Duh!!) and everytime she is mad with the boyfriend she'd look for her brother and start picking on him. He however has NO IDEA why she is so against him living hand to mouth - i MEAN, how totally selfish she is!!! Can't she just leave him alone??What kind of sister IS she?? :-)

My two most favourite stories which had me tearing up and hubby shedding a tear himself, is the one between the teacher and the restaurant owner ..she followed him as he carries himself through the day and is amazed at the respect that the ppl in the community accord him. The dutiful grandson who never loses his temper at the grandfather's forgetfulness and insistence in calling him after his dad.

The one that made me cry?? The man whose wife. on the nite when he took her out to where they had a first date, DUMPED him. "I've met my soulmate." comment la. I dont believe in this soulmate after marriage thing. But to some people honour means nothing. Soulmate is everything. He loves her SOOO much he let her go. Waaaa he is such a wimp!!! And the scene that was the most heartwrenching was when he cuddled his daughter after being dumped and they ended sleeping on the sofa.

The movie was also funny. The scene where the eligible bachelor tried to ask the salesgirl out. The one where the LRT passengers watched with rapt attention., as the said eligible bachelor proposed with a hugeA*S ring. The one where the kutu friend sang after being given 20 sen for his efforts .

The movie ends with one line that will stay with me for a while, I suspect. As we chase what is uncertain , we forget to celebrate what we already have..Love.

Go see it. Its not CICAKMAN, but it'll do...

An Afternoon With Pewter

Blogging about Karyaneka got me thinking about the other crafthouse which I keep meaning to go to but never got around to..the Royal Selangor Pewter House. It's just round the corner and I do see it overseas but to my longlasting shame I have never taken an interest in it. I spent a couple of years of my childhood living in SgBesi camp and everyday I'd travel from there to school and everyday I'd pass this huge dredging thing.Now, my kids have no clue what it looks like, and still less about what it did. Now, the huge crater that was once my permanent memory of Sg Besi is...Mines Wonderland I think!

I must say that RSP is run a lot better than Karyaneka. As soon as we stepped into the compound, a woman approached us and gave us a guide who would take us around. First stop, we had a look at the humble beginnings of the company , how the founder travelled from China to the country, founded a small pewter gift place until the late Sultan Selangor gave his royal endorsement. Then we were let loose to look at all things tin . Pewter is a mixture of three metals and not just tin. The kids saw how in the olden days small heavy tin animals were used as currency , they saw tin replica of the dredging ship, wondered whether it was a cruise ship, and also looked at all the personal effects of the founder.
They got to take pictures in old clothes (and I saw this baju songket which would look so nice at Cousin L's wedding !) anyways ...then we proceeded to the factory proper.

First stop was at the huge KLCC made out of Pewter beer mugs. There's even free sprite in pewter mugs for us ! After that, we got to see how hot liquidy metal got poured into a mould , and then practised knocking patterns on to a mug. A tour round the factory (empty today but I was told, otherwise it'd be buzzing as it is a fully operating factory) and then- SHOP. (I was of course so anxious that the kids not touch anything. ) Sophia kept telling me to buy this and that as it was "only" RM90 or something like that.

The kids loved the huge tanker. My kids are such posers. And so noisy! Everything had to be fought over. Nak duduk kat the handle of the mug pun...nak fight. So in the end we took 5 pics where everyone had a go. Sigh. Nak tankap gambaar pun nak gaduh. We had to let each of them have a go at the digital cam.
Really, the factory is clean, airconditioned, there were a lot of officers around, all smiling although there was one lady who followed my kids with a rather apprehensive smile on her face. Why? You worry ah?? Our guide Raj can speak Mandarin you know. He had to know as apparently the factory receives a lot of Chinese visitors. Today we saw a huge bus unload.
Good visit lah. After that, took them to the Salon to cut their hair, mummy shocked to find out that it is RM10 for an inch , each. After that, park , and home.
Mummy and Daddy merendek after that....!(wedding lar...and "CINTA")

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Karyaneka is underrated. How come I don't see more aggressive advertising on it? The compound is so beautiful. The songket and batik exhibits are so exquisite. But such a pity. The planning sucks. The Singaporeans would have it thronging with ppl. There was no food served anywhere (unless there is a restaurant inside somewhere?), there was no officer standing around to guide you (inside the shops adalah but no information officers) , there were no clear passage as to where to go first, (a marked path would help the blur blur tourists) and also there are not enough signs! The sign saying parking led us to an entrance marked Parking, but was closed with boards and there are ppl there. Then we parked at the back. Then we didn't know what was what? It looks like there was construction going on but then this was apparently not so. Then where is the toilet??
Things were very quiet the day we went. The guy doing batik there, he basically can draw to his heart's contents lah. Until my brood arrived to ask him noisily about what he was doing, I bet he did not have to speak to anyone the whole day. The Batik paintings are gorgeous. But way way expensive. I don't know whether it is overpriced or not, for me, the effort that goes into it, makes it worthwhile.

(BTW Camarina is Johan's favourite cousin....)

Iris- Aw*e....(yah right)

Love the romantic.....when first heard it I thought it was meant for the exgirlfriend? Then maybe to the wifey prior to her asking for a divorce? Sis in law thinks its for current wife. Who knows...?? I like the song.

Kau masih ku cintai ….sungguh(for now, I mean)
Dari awal dulu hingga hari ini
Aku pasti seyakinnya pasti
Kau lah satu untuk ku

Kau masih Dewi hatiku….sungguh
Biar sejuta tahun hilang di hari
Usah gusar sayang usah ragu (er...with YOUR record? you kiddingme?)
Aku milikmu

Chorus *Cintaku jika kau tanya pada bintang
Gemilauan sinar tak kan hilang
Akan aku sinari duniamu
Moga terpadam sangsi mu oh….
Cintaku jika kau lihat tingginya awan
Tak kan tercakar tinggi cintaku
Hanya hati ku tahu apa mahuku (and i want I want I want)
Kan dunia ku pastinya milikmu
Hingga ke akhir hayatku

Ulang *Kau masih ku cintai….sungguh
Dari hari pertama kau ku nikahi (and I can nikah 4 times dont forget hee hee)
Aku pasti seyakinnya pasti
Engkau milik ku..

What Hubby sees on the way to pick me [part 2]

security risk ke ni??i miss not having me own room, but on the other hand, this saves me the time of walking to find a chatting partner hee hee...

What Hubby sees when picking me up[part 1]

Chow Kit....Monorail....Bukit Bintang ....

no wonder he is late most kot...heh heh

Dad in Law's angiogram.

before and after baloon and stents.

New layout

What do you think of my new layout? Just fancied a change. This box thing makes life seem neater. Konon-konon. How do I put in my shoutbox though??
(FTMOM- doc said tell SH to give particulars etc (IC) and he'll refer her to GH if she wants to see him)

Inai Fiesta

Just came home from cousin L's house, taking back 6 girls - 2 of them belonging to my bro in law and wife. Under strict orders to send them home to their grandma before half ten tomorrow. Its nearly half past 1 in the morning and they are still yakking away. Yelling is not working. Nadine has come down to say that the slats in her bed has fallen down??? Dahlia wants to tell me that Jojo is crying for some reason. Sigh. Daddy is asleep in front of the telly. No, Daddy has gotten up to fix the slats in Nadine's bed.

The girls' back of hands , and Johan's too, have inai drawings on them. The man is quite skilful , drawing intricate patterns on the back of his patient customers. Jojo got a spiderman, Nadine has a nice butterfly. Apparently mine is roses. Well that should cure any craving for real ones eh. The girls have washed theirs off but Im still keeping mine on. However, I notice that as I type, more and more henna bits are falling off. Maybe I should keep still? As soon as my hand got drawn on, it was time to go. I was too too nervous to continue to let my kids to be in Mak Z's lovely home, the thought of having any henna smudging any of the wedding decorations (white wedding decorations) was too scary! Everything was lovely though....(Izreen , rugi you tak join lah siapa suruh balik ceeeepaaat...he he he...)
Cousin L's henna was very intricate and well done. Her feet and soles were done too. Helo*s had three of his fingers on each hand "hennaed" as well. (I'm creating new words he he) - we figured that he'd need to tell the public that he would have 6 kids, or that the dowry was 33 dollars (I have no clue what it was he he) or just, Peace, new millenium style.
(The pelamin- cantikkan?)
Discussed our kids' wedding with sis in law. Imagine, she has 3 girls and me, 4. How lah. maybe mass wedding? Bet none of the girls would agree. Im sure each of them would want a fairy tale wedding. Ala ala Siti gitu he he he.. and each would still want a mega fantastic pink or purple bedroom lah ..he hehe.

Oh well, maybe by then we can have such a grand wedding eh.Jemput our then neighbour sebelah if he (or why not "she") is not too busy running the country. (Waduh berangan) or the best thing, as the father would want, a simple wedding with joget lambak. As long as I have known him he has mentioned the joget lambak thing. He wanted his own wedding to have one. Hope he will never get his wish. Har har har..You know this morning I was telling Ni*i about ppl getting divorced and having affairs here and she said "Your husband is a good guy, he won't fool around, or else he has to deal with me. That would be my first visit to Malaysia" Har har har..Well, I sure hope you visit for otherreasons, Ni*i.

Hope our daughters would realise that the weddings are for the parents and nothing to do with them at all. They just have to turn up. hee hee.
Jojo just asked for egg and bread. At 2 am. He sounds like my dad who would crave food after watching football and my poor mom would cook for him. My mom is such an idol to me. She will get in heaven for the patient way she layan my dad. No wonder she is horrified at the way I treat hubby. (Shabbily, according to her- where is the tray when I send him his drink???) He loves me for my laziness mom. I have other talents nudge nudge wink wink (gross) . The other day I told hubby I love cooking. And he turned around and said "really? Somehow I never got that impression?" Chee-lah-ker...I said "No, really I do enjoy cooking when I have the time, you know " (I don't know what possessed me to lie like that) And he said "I know I enjoy cooking" . Ok then dear, you cook lah ok. (:-)) Actually it is not a total lie. I do enjoy cooking, I just suck at it. I don't know the melayu resipe where got loads of jerang jerang and tumis tumis and spices and santan and very confusing lah!I prefer my straightforward no fail chicken pie or other western food where there is less guesswork. He he he...


Friday, December 15, 2006

How much we miss you Internet!!!

Internet – oh how much we rely on it.

Have been internet-less both at work and to some extent, at home, due to the (unasked for) upgrade in service by T*M (as my colleague would say- How Rude!) Anyway they did apologise for the screw up and today things are looking ok again and I must say, I feel like Im among the living again.

Which got me thinking, how much we rely on internet. I have to do research? Just google it. (oh my law professors are groaning I can hear them) I was told by hubby that Im NOT to take my laptop to India and Im feeling half naked already. But what if there is work that I would need to do?? But what about my emails?? Waaaaahhh! But then I guess other people dont take their laptop to their holidays either eh.

And cant blog without internet, cant send mails, cant do work from home etc etc.....

So basically now glad that internet is on, and glad that we have such lifestyles that the internet is readily and freely available. And I am back utilizing time at the office (lunch hour! I swear!) to do my blogging.

What have I got to blog about..Oh yeah. We have been totally useless nephew and niece of Mak Z as we did not turn up to the meeting held last Wednesday. I am soo sorry cousin L as we did have all intention to go to your house for the meeting. I have no idea what Hubby told your mom but basically we did intend to go. I went to work dressed like a rose garden (ie in red) fully prepared to attend any function after work. But hubby came back late from OT and then insisted on getting the kids. Kids had mengaji so we had to wait. So we sat around in front of the telly.......By the time we woke up (!!) it was way past any decent hour to go visiting you. Pointless blaming each other for not waking the other up took place for the first 5 mins, after which we realised that it was,indeed pointless. He he he.

Last nite I was a single mom. Some inconsiderate mat rempit decided to get himself into some serious accident which made my husband have to operate on him (he lived-lucky bu*ger). To all Mat rempits, your surgeons have kids and family ok!!! Can you think of that before you go and kill yourself- kalau mati one thing , ni requiring long hours in the OT…sheesh ! Anyway he has been mega busy and not able to go buy grocery and it totally escaped my mind that I can also take the car and buy groceries...he he he (buying groceries and going to the supermarket is not my thang, yaknow…) BUT! When I got several calls from an irate Mr Johan telling me that he has taken his breakfast, he has taken his lunch, he has had his bath, now can he PLEASE have his M*ilo in the bottle PLEASE thank you!!

So last nite I went to Giant with Sara Dahlia and Johan where they immediately proceeded to shop for me, with not a thought to cost or value for money. Mummy can we take dove hairshampoo- no take the cheapo one from Giant he hehe (no lah, we’re not that bad lar) Johan sat in the trolley (can still fit) and got pushed around. Dahlia told me at the top of her lungs that she wanted Vitagen (she got it) by the time we paid I was sure everyone in the shop knew exactly what we bought. Considerably more than M*ilo, let me tell u that. My kids consume about 15 cartons of milk a week. The maid tells me that they don't make their mi*lo with water , its with milk only. I don't mind. It's healthy ......waaat.

Did catch a movie last Wednesday. Heard that mom took the kids so called hubby and said "be at Berj*aya Ti*mes Squa*re in about an hour . I rushed out and barely made it to the ticket counters. Despite the phone reservations system telling me that there are only tickets after 9, there were a LOT of tickets left in the Premier theatre. We watched Casino royale. It was good! Sexy nyee and sorry Pier*ce, you did not stand a chancelah, can't imagine you being the kind of bo*nd that Daniel was . The guy was ugly but you can tell he means business. Half the time I had my hands over my eyes. Of course, I lurve the mushy part...the fact that he fell in love for a change and the woman is someone I can actually respect and have some sort of regard for, rather than the usual bimbo..(what was the line? "I have no guard"??sigh...) Although I think that they tried to cram a lot into it- what WAS the plot by the way? A lot of jumping around and a lot of bombs going off and much much more gory than you'd expect Roger M*ore or Pie*rce to handle.

On another note, had lunch with my brother yesterday at Sh*oks. Blardie hell the pe*psi cost RM12 man!!! Each!! What the heck do they put in there?? And not even with umbrella! :-). The most value for money meal was the PIZZA. Huge and shareable and just 32 bucks. It was fun to meet up with own flesh and blood for a change, can't believe that I used to fight like mad and really hated his GUTS when we were growing up. he tells me his son Yasser wants to know if can play with the new baby- he replied, can , when he's bigger. and now Yasser is asking everyday whether the baby is bigger .."dah besar ke" , "lamaaaanyeee nak besar!"....he he he
Of course that was the very lunch that boss decided to treat his staff...which I missed out. They went to the padang restaurant and I pesaned tunjang kari?? It is absolutely delicious but don't look too closely at what you are eating. Saved some for hubby who came back last nite at 12 and he ate it all, and in the end he said "what WAS that?" the leg? the tendon? ..err nvr mind.....
Radio 104.9 is playing online - really old songs but which I recognise!! Do you know "Damn, wish I was your lover" or some song which has that line in it?? Or "Abercrombie and Fitch"?? They really know how to make you feel old..
That ends my inane rambling for today...
ok ok..tara...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hotelier- Blow by Blow account to the end!(note to self- this is only a drama)

Ok, I know no one will read this, and to the friends, the family members - just skip this ...but I like K Drama and feel compelled to put down a blow by blow account of it he hehehe so bear with me, yaaa!

Phew! Finished episode 14 to 20 all in one day! Ok, interesting plot. Unlike WS, this time around even my (sick) husband took an interest in the going ons of Seoul Hotel. Only thing is the translation is Indonesian so I had to guess what words such as "repot", "butuh", "rapat", "rekan" are and what the heck is "keteplar"? .and as well as marvel at the words "investisasi" and "permisi" ..anglisising malay or what, eh.

The heroine Manager Si, lived with Manager Han's ward. Chen Ti. Chen Ti got a job in the kitchen. The guy who hired Frank Shin , Director Chin ,his rich daughter for some reason (and only on telly), decided she wanted to work as a waitress at Manager Han's hotel. She developed a humongous crush (not entirely unreturned) on Manager Han. Meanwhile our Frank Shin and our heroine started getting friendly, until his secret came out and everyone knew that he was there to take over the hotel. Kids glove are thereafter off, our heroine got very upset, and did not want to talk to the guy, and rather sexy broody intense scenes where Frank Shin earnestly told her how he feels. Yong Joon's character in both WS and here so far are not shy in coming out with their feelings, I must say! Are Korean men like that??! And not taking no for an answer either! But of course if the heroine said yes then the story would end kan, so the heroine went through a period of standing with Han Tai Chun in trying to save the hotel and not liking the guy.

Honestly, I didn't blame her. Even I didn't like Frank Shin. I read from BB's blog at (sorry really got to learn how to create links) that wuri Yongjoon studied how to be that kind of a ruthless arrogant cold businessman and really got into his character. Well, lets just say that he did well. I was rooting for the other guy all the way till Episode 15. Frank Shin was cold cold cold. And also hot tempered with Heroine. Started buying all the shares of Seoul Hotel, but thwarted at the last minute as the last 3 percent was owned by the lady who framed Manager Han and she appointed him to act for her, to atone for her part in getting him fired all those years ago. Yay Han Tai Chun!

Then Frank Shin (or Tung Sie) got appointed as "supervisor" (I dont know Im going by the translation) and first thing he suggested was to lay off the staff. And took pleasure in humiliating Manager Han. And of course Heroine is not going to have anything to do with him either. It looks doomed, frankly, for our Frank Shin Tung Sie.

I am guessing that by that time that the Yongjoon factor must have made the producers change their heart about where the character of Frank Shin was going and what was going to happen to this incredibly confused ppl. (He maintains that he loves her. She however was still hung up on her blur ex boyfriend and now best friend. Who is being pursued by a very pretty girl, smartly, through his stomach (so the old adage is true...) by popping into his office late at nite with dinner/coffee/etc. Han on the other hand hankers for Heroine but too cowardly to admit - ada ke later he told he she was like a sticker on a baggage- after a holiday you don't want to throw the sticker away as it reminds you of the holiday???Madam, is there any real choice ah?? ). Like I said, confused.

Come episode 15 or thereabouts, Frank Shin became human. He was , it appeared, only lonely and never knew the love of a good woman. He was adopted by an American couple when he was small, and apart from coming back from the states to (a) track the heroine, (b) take over the hotel, he also wanted to trace his dad. Ok he found him (of course, a drunkard) . What they don't tell you is that Chen Ti, the ward, was also adopted by an American couple years ago and guess what??? She is his sister!! And once they all found out , the hotel arranged the meeting between Tung Sie, Tung Shi (ie Chen Ti) and the drunkard dad (who cleaned up nicely) ...I know, this is cheesy and far too bizzare a coincidence but it somehow works- must confess the scene where Chen Ti, (just getting her mind around the fact that the hotel's most hated guest was her long lost brother) broke down when she met up with the dad (and he kept saying Im sorry Im sorry) etc ...made me weep buckets. Joon Sang getting hit by a truck, Im fine. But scenes when families cry- always find me crying too. And when Frank Shin went looking for the sister , he saw the staff, the service etc and he appreciated the human factor...which then makes it interesting as he is no longer the ruthless machine and tool for Director Chin. Esp after Director Chin and his awful henchmen beat Han Tai Chun up! Our man said (in not so many words) o-kay , you are obviously a nut case so I don't want to work with you..he he he..

(Eh I have to fast forward this lah, I can give you a blow by blow but this is too long! )Anyway remember Yi Si? She was found out by the madam director and kicked out. She then got in again when Manager Han put in a good word. Madam director's son still liked her despite her showing every signs of not noticing him. Oh well, at least he is around to send her to airport etc. Heroine became close to Frank Shin and asked Mr Han the slowcoach would it be very bad if she went to Frank Shin??

Ok spoiler ahead. When Director Chin told him that he wanted to sell out to another hotel group, Frank Shin decided that he wanted no part of it, he wanted the hotel to stay as it is, he then invested in it. He went broke and sold everything (the man has a yacht, ppl). He later proposed to Heroine (gratefully accepted!), and reported Director Chin for his illegal ways of taking over companies (setting factories on fire?? apa nieee??).. police came, Yi Si made peace with teh dad, and dad said , I'm sending you overseas to study in a week's time. (In Korea you don't need visa to go to the US ke?)

Madam director found out she is going to die of lung cancer and got (a) Yi Si to promise to be nice to Rung Ci, (b) Director Chin (surprise surprise, was her jilted boyfriend - aaah that explains the animosity!) to promise to look after Rung Ci and (c) Heroine, not to go anywhere after she dies and continue to work at the Hotel.

Which makes it difficult for our heroine when Frank Shin gave her a ticket to go with him back to the states. By this time they are properly in love (and its nice to see a couple who love each other instead of other ppl who would never return their love!) and of course we have to introduce another factor to split them. In this case, its her devotion to Seoul Hotel. On the other hand, its not fair for him to just hand her a ticket to NY and expect her to fly with him the next day..A girl got to pack, for one. And no visa needed ke?? Can drop everything? She did not take up the offer, and did not even see him off, until she found out that he has been emailing her for months (I don't understand that scene in the business centre of the hotel where her colleague was reading emails and she told Heroine that there are a lot of mails for her from Frank Shin- general email or what?) ANyway she rushed to the airport and at this time I was yelling again as they DID NOT USE THEIR HANDPHONE to call each other!! Of course she missed him at the airport.

Ending ...the madam director died...Yi Si had her last dinner with her Manager Han. Manager Han after finding out that heroine got engaged, suddenly realised that he loves her and ran to see her - nice scene where he found her (she was outside and he was in ) and he looked at her - just looked at her - through the window, with tears in his he was really really regretting having to let her go -- TULAH!!! Men!!! When offered, don't want to take up , regret. Manager Han became Director Han, Manager Wu married the Manager Li and became the GM. Everyone is happy except for our heroine, as her fiance is all the way in the states and she can't leave the hotel...BUT do not fret...the ending was ...he came back and he is going to come to stay with her, instead of making her go to him..aaaaaaawwwwww..

Wondering what it was about the heroine that made our ultra cool never been in love Frank Shin fall so hard- is it the kookieness of her?? She speaks her mind, gets into fights, talks loudly, etc - I guess she is as far away from dutiful Yu Jin as you can get. So I guess opposite really attracts eh (in this show lah)

Phew, the end. No, I won't be sighing all over the place like I did after WS..that still can make me do that. But Hotelier..was interesting - watch it!

Taraaaa....(3.30 am)

PICS of Hotelier from BB's blog- thanks BB. The one here is of BYJ's fans waiting for him to appear. Yah the man is huge. what to do..(must say he suited playing macho and cool in Hotelier.I like him sombre more. hee hee)

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ain't this pix cute?? BTW the kittens are this big allready...time to take them for their vitamin shots.!AJ is taking the girls that he has to be spayed...does this mean he's not returning them then? Hee hee..:))


Feel really really baaaaaaddddd...that we are not in Muar with the rest. Hubby is up , with the help of voltrol. So he could go?? Waaaaa feel that the first brother should be there..

Hubby is down and Out.

Hubby came to the office yesterday looking like death. Actually he thinks he's dying. Of course, he thinks he's dying everytime he develops a fever. Every part of his body is aching, he moans. He feels so tired, he sighed. So I drove us home and can't help noting the fact that he was well enough to do the ops until about 6. He said he "only supervised". (Harrumph.)Poor baby. (ooh sick only at home aaa???) Have told sis in law that might not come. Sorry....I'll get you the vacumm yah. Guys if you want to give them anything, buy them something for the home.

Anyway its 9 am and he is still sleeping. Clad in socks and cardi. I know he's sick now. It's hard for the wife as the husband refuses to rest properly. Made him mee soup yesterday. He asked "How did you know I wanted something soupy??" I just said that Im such a good wife that I can anticipate what he wants. I of course did not tell him that in the car while on the way back he had mumbled "I feel like something soupy". He he he..that is the secret gals.. he he!

We've been married what - 13 years?? That is a LOOOOONG time. I have never had any other boyfriend! Yipes!!! He had had no other girlfriends in his life (err this is according to him ok). Are we going to wake up in 10 or 20 years and think - hmm this is boring?? At the moment he still thinks I'm gorgeous and I think he's cute. Not BYJ cute but cute nonetheless (he he he got one mention in) ..Course I told my daughters "gals, mummy is always right." Nadine responded "sometimes you are , sometimes you're not". Dahlia said "Why are you always fighting??" er..we don't hide our arguments from the kids but we don't hide our mushiness either. They of course love their daddy more as he is the silly one. He calls everyone "mohammad." So its "mohamad daya" , "mohamad mosa" (for sophia) and mohamad nadine . This was before Jojo was born even. What a relief it was when I could give him a boy to actually call "Mohammad"! !(and he said he didn't mind not having a boy then, yah right). Oh yeah Nadine was "nadine omelion" . For comel. Omel. Omelion. .Don't ask.

In this day and age everything is precious. I treasure each day we are happy. (Although moaning that we are so broke all the time) On the one hand you have Mak B and Uncle M who celebrated their 30th anniversary- congratulations!!! And on the other hand you have Aj*i and Nur*l and they are heading to the divorce courts despite spouting loads of love songs on their romance. Who knows eh?? This is why I think Mak B and Uncle M work-they LIKE each other. They are the greatest friends. They seem to be each other's best friends. And of course, he knows that she is always right too. He he he..And she doesn't let him know when he is wrong. he he he ..He is such a supportive partner. I hope we can be like them. So nice that the newlywed daughters have this role models to look up to.

Here's what I don't want a husband to be: Chauvinistic. Demanding. I don't want a husband who EXPECTs that I cook for him. expects that I make him coffee, expects that I clean up after him, and expects that I will jump immediately on his "command". I will do all that out of love but if I hear anything in your tone that you are either patronising, condenscending or basically bossing me about, get lost lah kan. Some men though love to order their wives about , they get a kick out of the obedience bit (Ok i do not order my husband about ok he he heh)

Sophia is awake. How I know is KIMPOSS*B*E" is on. Today going to T*ysR *s with all the toys . Yesterday I called them and they said strictly speaking they don't have to look at my toys after 7 days which got my mummy/lawyer back up. I would be calling their American headquarters if they mess about - take a tip from my friend M*y who would not just moan about bad service, she'd actually go and get them by the b*lls. He he he !

(PS/I love this use of the * . A friend got to this blog by googling Berjaya langkawi and then my blog on that appears! (strange, when I google Berjaya a whole load of touristy thing came up) . So here I am asterisking everything. When I am rajin I will go back to the other posts and asterisk everyother thing. He he he..)

Have to do visa for the trip. Can go thru agent but they will charge 40 bucks just for that. What do you think??It will save me time though. My friend at the office says pay je lah!! (She must think I'm soo stingy )but then this friend bought a matching branded handbag and shoes from that basically is more than half my pay without batting an eyelid. She regrets telling me as I am still gawking. Maybe I will one day appreciate the handbag thing? Or do you think I'm missing a girl gene?? For me, if handbags are not leather, they're not "proper" handbags ha hahahaha! But her handbag (and shoes) are nice,actually.

Ok then. tata for now...

Friday, December 08, 2006


Why are men so stubborn? Hubby sported a high fever today. But insists he is ok. Dear, I said, when I get sick the most damage I can do if I go to work is infect the colleagues, but you are exposed to the patients! Allready they are sick, they don't want to get flu on top of that from you. But he insists that there is no chance of that since he will be behind masks etc. If the fever persist I'm going to suggest staying home this Saturday (and incur the wrath of MIL as there is Ayin and Atie's wedding in Muar).

(that's me telling him to go and get checked out)

My MOM is also very stubborn. Adek if you are reading this, CALL HER NOW. She had chest pains a couple of months back, had tests done (at the insistence of my brother ) and apparently had an abnormaly ie rythm lari sikit. She is required to do more tests to find out more. She is point blank refusing. She tells me she is not ready. I tell her "Taknak kawan! Sampai pergi test!" he he he ..andshe said she is ok, sikit aje. Aarghhh!!! How like that?? Son is a cardioligist lagi how frustrating is that? I tell her mom if you are not ok, I am also not ok as this thing is genetic you know but she refused to be swayed by that incredibly self centred reason of mine. think your mother is immortal and any sign that she is not shocks you. Yes IJN tests can be invasive, I know but don't you think she ought to know?

Hubby not happy with IJN. Dad in Law has been discharged. And have gone home yesterday. (Thank you MIL and DIL for coming and staying at my inferior house and maaf if layanan kurenggg bagusss (I was working all the time ) and to my sister in law and her Hubby(still cant believe it) , hope you had a good time in KL. oh by the way Atie thank you for buying the milo etc you did not have to. Sorry stock habis kat rumah. )
Hubby directed IJN to not discharged until and unless everything that needs to be informed to him has been so informed. Hubby indignant that no one tells the patient anything, ie how to manage themselves etc . Ye ke?? Can't be that bad right. Again, I think that the immediate treatment that he got is impressive. IJN is clean and of international standard and I am proud that we have that kind of centre here in Malaysia and also proud that I could give them my legal services while I was at my old firm (although I note that the cafe is selling non healthy food which is against their contract with IJN? Ada ke sell all fried food kat IJN cannot lah kan) -
Researching on TB now. Tuberculosis. Someone we know has gotten it. And another someone we know's maid also has gotten it. One year after arriving in KL so cannot be from there right. What is it about TB- coming back is it?? I thought TB disease of dulu dulu?? Its the mobile phone I tell you he he he.

Kids are complaining their toys rosak. Aik baruuuu je bought from ToysR Us. At first I was mad at THEM then I thought it could be that Toys R us stocked inferior goods?? I'm going to call them today. Last nite we went to mom's house and I basically landed on the couch and slept immediately. I was soooooooooo tired have no idea why. I heard through my dozing off that dad thinks I work too hard. Ha ha ..better not tell him that I stay up watching old WS on episodes (still the most romantic story around he he he) and read other ppl's blog. UPDATE PPL!!!

Johan said to his dad "mummy is sleepy . But just now I asked her if she wants to come with us and she said she is" . He is pelat and can't pronounce certain letters properly (though he is trying) so when my baby comes out with full sentences and uses words like "actually" I get so choked up. Sophia told us her party is going to be at McDona*ld Jalan Pahang and from "dua setengah sampai lima setengah". Mummy and daddy are invited. Ha ha ha. She needs to "check if they allow" a costume party at Mc Dona*ld. Dahlia and her had a little fight about who gets to sleep on my left (my right was Jojoalready) . Sophia won and Dahlia immediately went off to the maid 's room. I summoned her back - I'm not having that! And both of them managed to squeeze next to me. Honestly sometimes I think Im just like Brownie the mommy cat. The kids cannot sleep unless they have my warm and wobblyness next to them ha ha ha. Sara also thinks its such a treat if she can sleep with us. Dad might as well move into a bachelor room lar ha ha. Nadine is on notice not to be naughty to her sisters and bro as she is going to fly off with me and they are not. Next year Im allready planning to visit either brother- thinking of Japan as Bro no 4 is graduating and it'll be nice to go and maybe I can take daughter no 2 and 3 ? (in turns lah) -money permitting lar.... Hubby is telling me by next year insyallah we can actually afford for all 7 of us to he has been told that he is getting that job. But the person he has been told by, does not have the actual authority to tell him, so until he's actually contacted by the person in charge, I'm not holding my breath for my gucci bag. heee hee. My husband's pretty confident that he will get in though. Everytime I think of him leaving the service I feel a bit sad because I know in reality he loves it and he loves being a teacher and he loves being able to treat everyone and see the most bizzare cases (really sometimes its just too bizarre- you're going to cut what and tie it back to what???) and I just hope that he can have everything (save and except a girlfriend or a second wife) If he ever leaves I know he'd want to still be actively involved in the general hospital bit. And I hope he does not have to be in private sector long, just enough to settle the kids's education and put them all (all - I have decided) in medical school. Ok sophia wants to be an art teacher. She can still do that during the days when she is not at the hospital nanti. Ha ha ha...

ok ok its lunch time ok, I am not doing this during office hour I will have you know. By the way talking about lunch I have not had mine yet. I was planning to go to the travel agent to sort out my visa but heard they are charging about 20 bucks a person so maybe this Monday I will go myself. What do you think??

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...