Sunday, December 17, 2006

An Afternoon With Pewter

Blogging about Karyaneka got me thinking about the other crafthouse which I keep meaning to go to but never got around to..the Royal Selangor Pewter House. It's just round the corner and I do see it overseas but to my longlasting shame I have never taken an interest in it. I spent a couple of years of my childhood living in SgBesi camp and everyday I'd travel from there to school and everyday I'd pass this huge dredging thing.Now, my kids have no clue what it looks like, and still less about what it did. Now, the huge crater that was once my permanent memory of Sg Besi is...Mines Wonderland I think!

I must say that RSP is run a lot better than Karyaneka. As soon as we stepped into the compound, a woman approached us and gave us a guide who would take us around. First stop, we had a look at the humble beginnings of the company , how the founder travelled from China to the country, founded a small pewter gift place until the late Sultan Selangor gave his royal endorsement. Then we were let loose to look at all things tin . Pewter is a mixture of three metals and not just tin. The kids saw how in the olden days small heavy tin animals were used as currency , they saw tin replica of the dredging ship, wondered whether it was a cruise ship, and also looked at all the personal effects of the founder.
They got to take pictures in old clothes (and I saw this baju songket which would look so nice at Cousin L's wedding !) anyways ...then we proceeded to the factory proper.

First stop was at the huge KLCC made out of Pewter beer mugs. There's even free sprite in pewter mugs for us ! After that, we got to see how hot liquidy metal got poured into a mould , and then practised knocking patterns on to a mug. A tour round the factory (empty today but I was told, otherwise it'd be buzzing as it is a fully operating factory) and then- SHOP. (I was of course so anxious that the kids not touch anything. ) Sophia kept telling me to buy this and that as it was "only" RM90 or something like that.

The kids loved the huge tanker. My kids are such posers. And so noisy! Everything had to be fought over. Nak duduk kat the handle of the mug pun...nak fight. So in the end we took 5 pics where everyone had a go. Sigh. Nak tankap gambaar pun nak gaduh. We had to let each of them have a go at the digital cam.
Really, the factory is clean, airconditioned, there were a lot of officers around, all smiling although there was one lady who followed my kids with a rather apprehensive smile on her face. Why? You worry ah?? Our guide Raj can speak Mandarin you know. He had to know as apparently the factory receives a lot of Chinese visitors. Today we saw a huge bus unload.
Good visit lah. After that, took them to the Salon to cut their hair, mummy shocked to find out that it is RM10 for an inch , each. After that, park , and home.
Mummy and Daddy merendek after that....!(wedding lar...and "CINTA")


Dad of Four said...

Our kids fight all the time too over the most trivial matter...We just let them bruise each other.....Well they have to experience it and learn....LOL. Heard your kids went "bye mom....bye dad...." (I think Jojo was the loudest......kesian budak kecik tu) last nite..merendek rupanya!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

He he he sorry sometimes i lupa we dont live all alone and you can hear the byes byes- he he cinta best larrrrr!!!!!

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