Friday, December 22, 2006

Dad In Law [update]

Just went to see DIL. He is cheerful, although I think a bit scared as they are thinking of another angio for him ...apparently his saluran darah banyak "karat" and blocked. He has to wait until the Doc in Charge balik from his hols. Doctors have to go on leave too I guess. If he has another episode and things have to be done, the replacement doc would take over. He's not terrified but he knows what its like and had fun telling me exactly what was involved (eeeeeehhhhh geli- I maintain my stand that any procedure I have to go through must be under General Anaesthesia) I had to go up alone as Daya and Johan (or Bonnie and Clyde /sonny and cher as I am fast thinking of them) were with me and IJN would not let kids go up. So they stayed with their sleepdeprived daddy downstairs in the lobby until I came down an hour later.

DIL revealed that he started driving 3 days after discharge, and had resumed normal duties including gardening. On the day he had his attack, he was actually preparing an area for his next project in the garden. Abah has green fingers the way we are SO not. This project involved him carrying bricks from here to there and back again.

No point scolding I guess! Some people when they are so used to being active, being told to rest is an alien concept, and doing nothing would make them feel more ill.

He is pretty savvy about his ubat. He was telling me that the nurse gave him one tablet which was supposed to be put in liquid but the nurse forgot and asked him to eat is as per normal. He had written all instructions down and could tell the nurse that she was wrong. Haaa...jangan main main with my DadinLaw.

This time around he's in Ward Hibiscus. Ward Hibiscus lawa lah - besar..macam VIP lak. Stilll share 2 to aroom but ok what. Macam mana IJN sustain itself ya?? Siapa nak kutuk our health system please do some calculation re: IJN expenses. Its national service,for these docs. No wonder they get their datokship fast.

Don't think Abah is coming out anytime soon. Although I hope he won't be too bored in there. Mak is probably coming soon. BTW just found out that Mak had very sweetly and without my knowledge organised a doa selamat for our trip to Mumbai, thank you Mak.

Have signed off at work. Took EL today as Jo demam panas. Nadine pun panas ! Don't think maid can cope with Jo. Took Jo to the office and settle some matters which had to be signed today. Bought him cheezels as he refused to eat anything else. He was soo listless and I gave him his paracetamol before we go. When he was in the office he started to perk up. They must think I'm making it up. I took him in my arms and cradled him and told this 4 year old to go to sleep. He must have liked being treated like a baby as he nodded off immediately. The receptionist gave me a carpet and cushion and Johan slept for a good hour. Did get some work done . When he got up he was back to being sick ! Went to fetch the kids at their cousins' place - Thanks AuntieA for taking care of them . Then home and I zonked off for a couple of hours.

ok, guys hope you can go cheer up father in law.....

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