Friday, December 22, 2006

Dadin law

Worried. Have not been able to sleep since hubby woke me up at 12.30 am telling me that dadinlaw is having chest pains since Maghrib and he is going to take him from sisinlaw Atie from Air Keroh. Its now 5.15 am and no news so far . Hubby's using my handphone as his is being charged at home. Now, he's switched it off. He's taking DIL to IJN (again). Its barely 2 weeks since his last visit. I hope this is just me overreacting. Hope everything is ok. Hope everything is ok, Hope everything is ok, amin. He is one cool guy my dad in law. A former headmaster, he is soft spoken but firm. He is one smart man . Engage him in conversation and he will keep you entertained. Hope he gets better.

And hope hubby calls me soon!!(I think I hear the car- hope it is)
update: Nope, was not the car. Its now quarter to 7 in the morning. Shd join Amazing Race or Survivor or something, as have not gone to sleep at all. To top it all Johan has a high fever and is whiny. Dahlia Sophia and Sara is over at Camelia's grandma's place. Normally I don't let the girls go away but this is their cousins and aunti A was alone anyway and the kids would not stop begging I tell you, until I said yes. They have no toothbrush and no change of clothing, the plan was to drop those stuff this morning on our way to work. Now not even sure if I am coming in to the office. However I have to as I will need to sign off a few stuff before I go this Monday.
Nope, have not packed. Have not bought pressies. Now wondering if able to go at all and should I cancel it as it seems a bit cold of me to gallavant off in the light of dad in law's distress????


Dad of Four said...

Keep us updated ok!

Channel 11.5 said...

along, i pray ayah epi get well soon. Ma & Ba are here, but off to port dickson with ayong, lin & kids. take care. I will visit the kids tomorrow & monday. Have a good trip!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

DadofFour- thanks for giving me a lift yesterday really are a good friend. everytime we think about finding a house with some land the thought that stops me is that we will lose you guys as neighbours....:(

Aida- thanks- salam to your parents. He's better as they gave him some MORE ubat.

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