Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hellooooo !!

Helloooooooooo!!! We're back from lovely Mumbai!! Arrived this morning. It was Great!! Enjoyed every minute of it! Not as bad as I have heard it to be. Mumbai is like some parts of KL actually ...or KL 20 years ago and I felt quite comfortable there as in "I can live here" kind of comfortable. But of course, I was driven here and there and was basically at my friend's place all the time so I can't really say I've "seen" all aspects of Mumbai. But, Nadine and I saw the wedding, and we met the family and let me say here that everyone we met was very warm and very kind and made us feel like family from day 1. The food! I was eating all the time! The wedding! The colours! The amazing sarees everyone wore (and we think we had cornered the bead and labuchi market eh - forGET it these sarees were magnificent) !! The rickshaw ride! The traffic! (OMYGOD the traffic) The friends we made! Kunal Kapoor and Suzanne Khan aka Mrs Hritik Roshan coming to the wedding!(Who you say???Google him) It was fantastic. I know they probably won't see this but I'd like to publicly say thank you to the entire Shetty(andRai )clan for making us feel very welcome. To Nivi, Sharan, Nishad, Sahen, Profulla Auntie, Uncle, Aka, Ana, Chinni, Sharan's Mom, Bubbly, Chintu,Banti, Shoba Auntie, Dr Sadanan (who was Amitabh's surgeon), Partu, Preina, Kajol, Dhiraj, Manar, Paushelli, Meera who came from UK, Geenie who I was going to pass off as Aishwarya, Sunita for her lovely char, even Shumita, and of course the bride and groom, Lipika and Nikhil- thank you very very much for having us, and putting up with that malaysian woman with the camera and her daughter with the appetite. I was promoting Malaysia so much I should get paid by TDC heh heh heh.

Can't believe hols is over.....will post soon all our adventures there. Now just want to go to sleep . Every day was full with the wedding. Go go go.. all the time! Prewedding bash on day 1, mehendi on day 2, murtaa and wedding on day 3, reception on day 4, go home on day 5. Hang around at Nivi's house and wait for driver to send here there and everywhere. Nadine made me very proud as she was the best companion.

Guys, I did not shop sorry! No time to grab more than a few things! Also- did not help that we not have any RUPPEE on us- Being so clever plus having just about 20 minutes to check in before the actual flight we had nooo way of getting any currency changed and thought can do it in Mumbai- but what was shocking is that Malaysian Ringgit was not available at the airport!! For the first 3 days we were rupeeless until Dhiraj got his friend at Thomas **ok to help! Thanks Dhiraj!! I want to go again just to shop please!!

Sigh..wish can rewind the entire thing. See you soon with the posting!

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