Monday, December 25, 2006


It is so HOT TODAY!!!! I have a persistent i coming down with something??Arggghhhh the unfairness of it all!!!

Yesterday went to see Abah. Brought the kids over. Got stopped at lift. No kids on weekends until about half four. I am thinking of opening up a day care centre there , where parents can drop their kids for a fee. What do you think. Dont cilok my idea ok! Hee hee hee! Anyway so Mom in law went up. Me, Nadine Dahlia n Jo loitered at the shops. Managed to "lose" RM20 . Johan wanted to get a box on which it showed a flying rocket thing. The rest wanted foodstuff like chocs and drinks but he was adamant that he wanted it. So I got that for him...then, we went to the shop next door selling mags..and we got him an ABC book. Then, off we went to sit and he asked me to open the toy box. It was nicely wrapped , and took a bit taking off. Imagine my surprise when, instead of toy, it had an assortment of sweets! Sour power, some 3 for a dime candy, and other cheap looking sweets not worth more than a buck. And I paid RM4.50 for mine. I told him Im taking it back but he wanted it.

At that point, dad came down (He was upstairs with Abah). Allready without sleep (operating) when I told him he was enraged. I said, let it go lar. this is a small shop, but Im going to tell them but not do anything .

So off I went in to the shop. I told the lady in charge that instead of a toy, it contained sweets. She shrugged and said you had opened the box. I said yahlah , then I poured out the sweets on her counter. I feel that we should support all this small business . Hubby came in and said you have to give us our money back. The lady asked us to call the number of the manufacturer. Hubby said "YOU Lah call!!" Anyway I was allready bothered by this unpleasantness and left , telling him it was not worth it. I'd assert my right if it was ISETA*N but not here lah.

I looked at the box. It did say that the contents may not match the description, which was of a rocket flying into space, but I don't suppose that can be extended to describing it as toy rocket and actually meaning SWEETS.

Hubby was still fuming. I was annoyed but I felt sorry for them. Hubby said these shops make RM20 grand a month for all you know so you should stop feeling sorry and also stop other ppl getting cheated. On that thought I took a deep breath , decided to be firm and assertive and said "You go lah".

A few minutes later he came along, with the money in hand. The lady apparently was waiting for him. Hee hee hee. He told the lady, "Dont sell the rest of those boxes- thats not nice." Yalah, can't imagine I'm the only one like that. RM4.50 or get complained to the Consumer Bureau...

Phew~! am I glad I was assertive heh heh heh..

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shah said...

aloo kaklong.nak g india eh?belikan kurta lelawa satu:Dnyway i just made fotopages for babah.babah nak upload gmbar banyak2 kasi kita sume tgok la.dia kata nak wat blog tp blog kan leceh .
for the time being ade my pics je

n owh..hellouuu kak izan!:Dn hellooo nadine.

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