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Hotelier- Blow by Blow account to the end!(note to self- this is only a drama)

Ok, I know no one will read this, and to the friends, the family members - just skip this ...but I like K Drama and feel compelled to put down a blow by blow account of it he hehehe so bear with me, yaaa!

Phew! Finished episode 14 to 20 all in one day! Ok, interesting plot. Unlike WS, this time around even my (sick) husband took an interest in the going ons of Seoul Hotel. Only thing is the translation is Indonesian so I had to guess what words such as "repot", "butuh", "rapat", "rekan" are and what the heck is "keteplar"? .and as well as marvel at the words "investisasi" and "permisi" ..anglisising malay or what, eh.

The heroine Manager Si, lived with Manager Han's ward. Chen Ti. Chen Ti got a job in the kitchen. The guy who hired Frank Shin , Director Chin ,his rich daughter for some reason (and only on telly), decided she wanted to work as a waitress at Manager Han's hotel. She developed a humongous crush (not entirely unreturned) on Manager Han. Meanwhile our Frank Shin and our heroine started getting friendly, until his secret came out and everyone knew that he was there to take over the hotel. Kids glove are thereafter off, our heroine got very upset, and did not want to talk to the guy, and rather sexy broody intense scenes where Frank Shin earnestly told her how he feels. Yong Joon's character in both WS and here so far are not shy in coming out with their feelings, I must say! Are Korean men like that??! And not taking no for an answer either! But of course if the heroine said yes then the story would end kan, so the heroine went through a period of standing with Han Tai Chun in trying to save the hotel and not liking the guy.

Honestly, I didn't blame her. Even I didn't like Frank Shin. I read from BB's blog at (sorry really got to learn how to create links) that wuri Yongjoon studied how to be that kind of a ruthless arrogant cold businessman and really got into his character. Well, lets just say that he did well. I was rooting for the other guy all the way till Episode 15. Frank Shin was cold cold cold. And also hot tempered with Heroine. Started buying all the shares of Seoul Hotel, but thwarted at the last minute as the last 3 percent was owned by the lady who framed Manager Han and she appointed him to act for her, to atone for her part in getting him fired all those years ago. Yay Han Tai Chun!

Then Frank Shin (or Tung Sie) got appointed as "supervisor" (I dont know Im going by the translation) and first thing he suggested was to lay off the staff. And took pleasure in humiliating Manager Han. And of course Heroine is not going to have anything to do with him either. It looks doomed, frankly, for our Frank Shin Tung Sie.

I am guessing that by that time that the Yongjoon factor must have made the producers change their heart about where the character of Frank Shin was going and what was going to happen to this incredibly confused ppl. (He maintains that he loves her. She however was still hung up on her blur ex boyfriend and now best friend. Who is being pursued by a very pretty girl, smartly, through his stomach (so the old adage is true...) by popping into his office late at nite with dinner/coffee/etc. Han on the other hand hankers for Heroine but too cowardly to admit - ada ke later he told he she was like a sticker on a baggage- after a holiday you don't want to throw the sticker away as it reminds you of the holiday???Madam, is there any real choice ah?? ). Like I said, confused.

Come episode 15 or thereabouts, Frank Shin became human. He was , it appeared, only lonely and never knew the love of a good woman. He was adopted by an American couple when he was small, and apart from coming back from the states to (a) track the heroine, (b) take over the hotel, he also wanted to trace his dad. Ok he found him (of course, a drunkard) . What they don't tell you is that Chen Ti, the ward, was also adopted by an American couple years ago and guess what??? She is his sister!! And once they all found out , the hotel arranged the meeting between Tung Sie, Tung Shi (ie Chen Ti) and the drunkard dad (who cleaned up nicely) ...I know, this is cheesy and far too bizzare a coincidence but it somehow works- must confess the scene where Chen Ti, (just getting her mind around the fact that the hotel's most hated guest was her long lost brother) broke down when she met up with the dad (and he kept saying Im sorry Im sorry) etc ...made me weep buckets. Joon Sang getting hit by a truck, Im fine. But scenes when families cry- always find me crying too. And when Frank Shin went looking for the sister , he saw the staff, the service etc and he appreciated the human factor...which then makes it interesting as he is no longer the ruthless machine and tool for Director Chin. Esp after Director Chin and his awful henchmen beat Han Tai Chun up! Our man said (in not so many words) o-kay , you are obviously a nut case so I don't want to work with you..he he he..

(Eh I have to fast forward this lah, I can give you a blow by blow but this is too long! )Anyway remember Yi Si? She was found out by the madam director and kicked out. She then got in again when Manager Han put in a good word. Madam director's son still liked her despite her showing every signs of not noticing him. Oh well, at least he is around to send her to airport etc. Heroine became close to Frank Shin and asked Mr Han the slowcoach would it be very bad if she went to Frank Shin??

Ok spoiler ahead. When Director Chin told him that he wanted to sell out to another hotel group, Frank Shin decided that he wanted no part of it, he wanted the hotel to stay as it is, he then invested in it. He went broke and sold everything (the man has a yacht, ppl). He later proposed to Heroine (gratefully accepted!), and reported Director Chin for his illegal ways of taking over companies (setting factories on fire?? apa nieee??).. police came, Yi Si made peace with teh dad, and dad said , I'm sending you overseas to study in a week's time. (In Korea you don't need visa to go to the US ke?)

Madam director found out she is going to die of lung cancer and got (a) Yi Si to promise to be nice to Rung Ci, (b) Director Chin (surprise surprise, was her jilted boyfriend - aaah that explains the animosity!) to promise to look after Rung Ci and (c) Heroine, not to go anywhere after she dies and continue to work at the Hotel.

Which makes it difficult for our heroine when Frank Shin gave her a ticket to go with him back to the states. By this time they are properly in love (and its nice to see a couple who love each other instead of other ppl who would never return their love!) and of course we have to introduce another factor to split them. In this case, its her devotion to Seoul Hotel. On the other hand, its not fair for him to just hand her a ticket to NY and expect her to fly with him the next day..A girl got to pack, for one. And no visa needed ke?? Can drop everything? She did not take up the offer, and did not even see him off, until she found out that he has been emailing her for months (I don't understand that scene in the business centre of the hotel where her colleague was reading emails and she told Heroine that there are a lot of mails for her from Frank Shin- general email or what?) ANyway she rushed to the airport and at this time I was yelling again as they DID NOT USE THEIR HANDPHONE to call each other!! Of course she missed him at the airport.

Ending ...the madam director died...Yi Si had her last dinner with her Manager Han. Manager Han after finding out that heroine got engaged, suddenly realised that he loves her and ran to see her - nice scene where he found her (she was outside and he was in ) and he looked at her - just looked at her - through the window, with tears in his he was really really regretting having to let her go -- TULAH!!! Men!!! When offered, don't want to take up , regret. Manager Han became Director Han, Manager Wu married the Manager Li and became the GM. Everyone is happy except for our heroine, as her fiance is all the way in the states and she can't leave the hotel...BUT do not fret...the ending was ...he came back and he is going to come to stay with her, instead of making her go to him..aaaaaaawwwwww..

Wondering what it was about the heroine that made our ultra cool never been in love Frank Shin fall so hard- is it the kookieness of her?? She speaks her mind, gets into fights, talks loudly, etc - I guess she is as far away from dutiful Yu Jin as you can get. So I guess opposite really attracts eh (in this show lah)

Phew, the end. No, I won't be sighing all over the place like I did after WS..that still can make me do that. But Hotelier..was interesting - watch it!

Taraaaa....(3.30 am)

PICS of Hotelier from BB's blog- thanks BB. The one here is of BYJ's fans waiting for him to appear. Yah the man is huge. what to do..(must say he suited playing macho and cool in Hotelier.I like him sombre more. hee hee)

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