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[Warning- KDrama] Hotelier - whats it about???

I have gotten up to episode 12 i think of this interesting drama.

Where WS is about a love story, Hotelier is about er..a hotel and its hoteliers. The hotel is basically the star. The main heroine, whom I was lamenting could not be as beautiful as the Yong Joon, is actually quite pretty! She plays a manager at this hotel, who , when the owner of the hotel died, was sent by his widow to get the one man who could turn around the hotel, Han Tai Chun (? Ye ke- call him Manager Han je lah can ah) Anyways, he had to be in Las Vegas lah kan ( KL cannot ah, nearer what) and she flew out there armed with only his old work address to find him and basically beg him to come back. She stayed at this posh hotel and miracles upon miracles, after several days of walking aimlessly around, managed to find Manager Han even though he had left his work place. So they met, and she explained to him that the hotel is in a mess, the banks are baying at the door and basically if he did not return with her, the hotel will collapse and everyone will suffer.

He refused initially as the reason he left in the first place was 3 years ago he was framed by a female guest who claimed that he molested her and he had to leave. To cut a long (and its basically 2 or 3 episodes long) in the end he had to follow her back to Korea as his "ward" was being hounded for money by some Korean bad guys (in Las Vegas) . (he's staying with this chick he's taking care of) Oh yeah i forgot to mention that he and the heroine had a thing going 3 years ago. This time around they agreed to be "friends" although a blind man can see that the sparks are still there.

In the meantime, while all this finding Han Tai Chun episode was going on, our heroine bumped into our Yong Joon, the second male lead, (I read that he was never to get the girl and was supposed to act as the obstacle only. It was due to his surprising popularity that the script was changed so that he can get the girl. Well, you can see that actually, up to episode 12 the main heroine and hero were Manager Han and the heroine.)

ANYWAY, while all this was going on, the heroine has caught our man's eyes. Our man even picked her up in the desert when she got left by Han during a tiff. What are the odds of that eh. Firstly-what kind of a man would actually stop the car when the girl asks him to eh?? You dont la call our bluff!! But, Han did that and she was fuming in the desert until a long limo came along to pick her up and in there was guesswho- Yong jOon and his sidekick Leo. Secondly- how amazing is it that of all the cars that she could have been picked up by (and ordinarily she would be a topclass idiot to go into a stranger's car) she got into Yong Joon's car.? Yong Joon played Frank Shin the mergers and acquisition specialist, who had been approached to help take over the very hotel Manager Heroine and hero worked in. He had refused to take up the case until he found Manager heroine was working there. By end of episode 3 or thereabouts, you know that he likes her. They had lunch and he sent her to her hotel.

Back to the Hotel. New characters kept being introduced! I could not keep up! There is Yi Si, the girl whose father has hired Frank Shin to take over Seoul Hotel, who ended up working at Seoul hotel and developing a huge mega crush on Manager Han . Then there is Run Ci, the son of the owner of the Seoul Hotel, who has fallen heads over heels for Yi Si. He's a bit of a layabout but later redeems himself through the power of lurve...he he he. Then there is the Manager Wu- an evil looking (seriously, where do they find ppl like this) man who wants to be general manager and hates Han Tai Chun because he came back and took his job. There is Manager Li, a tarted up woman with red lipstick who loves Han Tai Chun and is emotional and fights with Manager Heroine and then becomes her good friend and also whenever she goes out she wears less make up than when she is at work! There is the supporting characters - Han Tai Chin's ward who manages to get a job in the kitchen with the chef, the head cook (or as the translation says' kepala koki") . It looks like no one was going to be happy- Manager Heroine likes Manager Han, he is too thicko to act on it, Frank Shin likes Manager Heroine, Yi Si likes Manager Han , Manager Li definitely likes Manager Han, MAnager Wu likes Manager Li, Ru Xi likes Yi Si (and my husband can see why) and Manager Han's ward likes Ru Xi, Aiyah!!! Watching episode 6 to about 12 while travelling to the south meant that hubby watched too, ie me translating into english all the dialogues.

Ok sambung later....

Hi Back a day plus later. Where was I? Oh yeah. So many characters liking ppl who did not feel the same way. And of course the main plot was the romance between the Manager Heroine and the M&A Specialist who is staying at the hotel secretly ? or is the main plot how Manager Han deals with the stuff that happened at the hotel? (and there are many- kidnapping, lost child) OR is it about how work politics are? OR is it about how a daughter of a rich man is trying to win her independence by of all things, working at the restaurant of a rival hotel (the one the dad has hired the M&A person to take over???)

Lets concentrate on the lurve stuff then, although I found all the subplots interesting. Chemistry wise, Manager Han and the heroine worked well together. You believe that she likes him and you believe that he likes her too. He just did not know what to do about it. He is the boyfriend most of us have,the ones who do not know the right words to say, the ones who moved far far too slowly for our liking, the ones who deliberately pretend to be "blur" when we ask for some signs of commitment. She is at once exasperated with him, and still waits for him.

Then in comes the cool and collected and incredibly perasan and self assured Frank Shin. He knows what he wants, he wants this hotel ,and he wants her. In the beginning she kept saying she was not ready, and you know what? I believed it that she was not interested. He was the boy who courts you (not that I have ever been courted that way) - with the 300 roses , with the luxurious gifts. In the end you wonder if she likes him, or she feels sorry for him? She gets all confused. Especially since he just won't stop pursuing her and telling her he loves her!

To be honest with you, Frank Shin is a bit intense for me. He is cool and calm and supposedly ruthless one minute, but when he thought that she had stood him up in favour of the hotel, he blew his top and threw a tantrum, really. Yong Joon was NOT the ever smiling ever accomodating Min Hyeung of WS. He was the solemn, tortured, competitive person. He reminded me of Joon Sang but a bit older. He was NOT a person at peace with himself, always wanting and always looking. Whereas Han has found the place he wants to be and the girl he wants, and is too lepak about it. He had heard her tell Frank Shin that she was not ready and is waiting for "him" ...so how not to perasan??

Then , all of a sudden, in the 12th or 13th episode, Manager Heroine had a change of heart. It crept up on me and was not too convincing initially but basically she likes Frank Shin too. Despite him shouting at her (I'd have told him to get lost with your jaguar--er maybe not with your jaguar he he he) I was told that the second lead never ever get the girl and it was only because Yong Joon was so popular that he did. But by the time I finished the last episode (ie 8 more to go), ok lah I can accept that she likes him..he he he..got chemistry lah..Thats what you call Acting I guess!!!

I know its just a drama...but its depiction of love is so true. So many types of love. The crush, the infatuation, the obsession. The one which we hanker after never liking us back. A couple of months back a colleague asked if we should accept the love in front of us even if we don't feel the same way? Or do we pursue the "love at first sight" ideal?? Love can get really mundane, I feel and if you still love each other through the mundane ness, that's staying power! Hee hee.
Susah nak kata...I'd say wait for the true love but on the other hand who is to know what is your true love?? Maybe the one you think you "settled" for, would in the end prove to be your one true love with whom you would be having 5 or 6 kids? (you know who you are he he he) . Chemistry comes later?? What is chemistry anyways?? When someone makes your heart beat faster??

Anyways I am still watching this ..between dad in law, mom in law, work, etc etc.Will keep you KDrama fellow fans posted.

PS Hubby has now taken to making comments like "Yi Si is cute eh?" . I guess I better stop fawning over Bae Yong Joon too much he heh ehe.....

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