Friday, December 15, 2006

How much we miss you Internet!!!

Internet – oh how much we rely on it.

Have been internet-less both at work and to some extent, at home, due to the (unasked for) upgrade in service by T*M (as my colleague would say- How Rude!) Anyway they did apologise for the screw up and today things are looking ok again and I must say, I feel like Im among the living again.

Which got me thinking, how much we rely on internet. I have to do research? Just google it. (oh my law professors are groaning I can hear them) I was told by hubby that Im NOT to take my laptop to India and Im feeling half naked already. But what if there is work that I would need to do?? But what about my emails?? Waaaaahhh! But then I guess other people dont take their laptop to their holidays either eh.

And cant blog without internet, cant send mails, cant do work from home etc etc.....

So basically now glad that internet is on, and glad that we have such lifestyles that the internet is readily and freely available. And I am back utilizing time at the office (lunch hour! I swear!) to do my blogging.

What have I got to blog about..Oh yeah. We have been totally useless nephew and niece of Mak Z as we did not turn up to the meeting held last Wednesday. I am soo sorry cousin L as we did have all intention to go to your house for the meeting. I have no idea what Hubby told your mom but basically we did intend to go. I went to work dressed like a rose garden (ie in red) fully prepared to attend any function after work. But hubby came back late from OT and then insisted on getting the kids. Kids had mengaji so we had to wait. So we sat around in front of the telly.......By the time we woke up (!!) it was way past any decent hour to go visiting you. Pointless blaming each other for not waking the other up took place for the first 5 mins, after which we realised that it was,indeed pointless. He he he.

Last nite I was a single mom. Some inconsiderate mat rempit decided to get himself into some serious accident which made my husband have to operate on him (he lived-lucky bu*ger). To all Mat rempits, your surgeons have kids and family ok!!! Can you think of that before you go and kill yourself- kalau mati one thing , ni requiring long hours in the OT…sheesh ! Anyway he has been mega busy and not able to go buy grocery and it totally escaped my mind that I can also take the car and buy groceries...he he he (buying groceries and going to the supermarket is not my thang, yaknow…) BUT! When I got several calls from an irate Mr Johan telling me that he has taken his breakfast, he has taken his lunch, he has had his bath, now can he PLEASE have his M*ilo in the bottle PLEASE thank you!!

So last nite I went to Giant with Sara Dahlia and Johan where they immediately proceeded to shop for me, with not a thought to cost or value for money. Mummy can we take dove hairshampoo- no take the cheapo one from Giant he hehe (no lah, we’re not that bad lar) Johan sat in the trolley (can still fit) and got pushed around. Dahlia told me at the top of her lungs that she wanted Vitagen (she got it) by the time we paid I was sure everyone in the shop knew exactly what we bought. Considerably more than M*ilo, let me tell u that. My kids consume about 15 cartons of milk a week. The maid tells me that they don't make their mi*lo with water , its with milk only. I don't mind. It's healthy ......waaat.

Did catch a movie last Wednesday. Heard that mom took the kids so called hubby and said "be at Berj*aya Ti*mes Squa*re in about an hour . I rushed out and barely made it to the ticket counters. Despite the phone reservations system telling me that there are only tickets after 9, there were a LOT of tickets left in the Premier theatre. We watched Casino royale. It was good! Sexy nyee and sorry Pier*ce, you did not stand a chancelah, can't imagine you being the kind of bo*nd that Daniel was . The guy was ugly but you can tell he means business. Half the time I had my hands over my eyes. Of course, I lurve the mushy part...the fact that he fell in love for a change and the woman is someone I can actually respect and have some sort of regard for, rather than the usual bimbo..(what was the line? "I have no guard"??sigh...) Although I think that they tried to cram a lot into it- what WAS the plot by the way? A lot of jumping around and a lot of bombs going off and much much more gory than you'd expect Roger M*ore or Pie*rce to handle.

On another note, had lunch with my brother yesterday at Sh*oks. Blardie hell the pe*psi cost RM12 man!!! Each!! What the heck do they put in there?? And not even with umbrella! :-). The most value for money meal was the PIZZA. Huge and shareable and just 32 bucks. It was fun to meet up with own flesh and blood for a change, can't believe that I used to fight like mad and really hated his GUTS when we were growing up. he tells me his son Yasser wants to know if can play with the new baby- he replied, can , when he's bigger. and now Yasser is asking everyday whether the baby is bigger .."dah besar ke" , "lamaaaanyeee nak besar!"....he he he
Of course that was the very lunch that boss decided to treat his staff...which I missed out. They went to the padang restaurant and I pesaned tunjang kari?? It is absolutely delicious but don't look too closely at what you are eating. Saved some for hubby who came back last nite at 12 and he ate it all, and in the end he said "what WAS that?" the leg? the tendon? ..err nvr mind.....
Radio 104.9 is playing online - really old songs but which I recognise!! Do you know "Damn, wish I was your lover" or some song which has that line in it?? Or "Abercrombie and Fitch"?? They really know how to make you feel old..
That ends my inane rambling for today...
ok ok..tara...

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