Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hubby is down and Out.

Hubby came to the office yesterday looking like death. Actually he thinks he's dying. Of course, he thinks he's dying everytime he develops a fever. Every part of his body is aching, he moans. He feels so tired, he sighed. So I drove us home and can't help noting the fact that he was well enough to do the ops until about 6. He said he "only supervised". (Harrumph.)Poor baby. (ooh sick only at home aaa???) Have told sis in law that might not come. Sorry....I'll get you the vacumm yah. Guys if you want to give them anything, buy them something for the home.

Anyway its 9 am and he is still sleeping. Clad in socks and cardi. I know he's sick now. It's hard for the wife as the husband refuses to rest properly. Made him mee soup yesterday. He asked "How did you know I wanted something soupy??" I just said that Im such a good wife that I can anticipate what he wants. I of course did not tell him that in the car while on the way back he had mumbled "I feel like something soupy". He he he..that is the secret gals.. he he!

We've been married what - 13 years?? That is a LOOOOONG time. I have never had any other boyfriend! Yipes!!! He had had no other girlfriends in his life (err this is according to him ok). Are we going to wake up in 10 or 20 years and think - hmm this is boring?? At the moment he still thinks I'm gorgeous and I think he's cute. Not BYJ cute but cute nonetheless (he he he got one mention in) ..Course I told my daughters "gals, mummy is always right." Nadine responded "sometimes you are , sometimes you're not". Dahlia said "Why are you always fighting??" er..we don't hide our arguments from the kids but we don't hide our mushiness either. They of course love their daddy more as he is the silly one. He calls everyone "mohammad." So its "mohamad daya" , "mohamad mosa" (for sophia) and mohamad nadine . This was before Jojo was born even. What a relief it was when I could give him a boy to actually call "Mohammad"! !(and he said he didn't mind not having a boy then, yah right). Oh yeah Nadine was "nadine omelion" . For comel. Omel. Omelion. .Don't ask.

In this day and age everything is precious. I treasure each day we are happy. (Although moaning that we are so broke all the time) On the one hand you have Mak B and Uncle M who celebrated their 30th anniversary- congratulations!!! And on the other hand you have Aj*i and Nur*l and they are heading to the divorce courts despite spouting loads of love songs on their romance. Who knows eh?? This is why I think Mak B and Uncle M work-they LIKE each other. They are the greatest friends. They seem to be each other's best friends. And of course, he knows that she is always right too. He he he..And she doesn't let him know when he is wrong. he he he ..He is such a supportive partner. I hope we can be like them. So nice that the newlywed daughters have this role models to look up to.

Here's what I don't want a husband to be: Chauvinistic. Demanding. I don't want a husband who EXPECTs that I cook for him. expects that I make him coffee, expects that I clean up after him, and expects that I will jump immediately on his "command". I will do all that out of love but if I hear anything in your tone that you are either patronising, condenscending or basically bossing me about, get lost lah kan. Some men though love to order their wives about , they get a kick out of the obedience bit (Ok i do not order my husband about ok he he heh)

Sophia is awake. How I know is KIMPOSS*B*E" is on. Today going to T*ysR *s with all the toys . Yesterday I called them and they said strictly speaking they don't have to look at my toys after 7 days which got my mummy/lawyer back up. I would be calling their American headquarters if they mess about - take a tip from my friend M*y who would not just moan about bad service, she'd actually go and get them by the b*lls. He he he !

(PS/I love this use of the * . A friend got to this blog by googling Berjaya langkawi and then my blog on that appears! (strange, when I google Berjaya a whole load of touristy thing came up) . So here I am asterisking everything. When I am rajin I will go back to the other posts and asterisk everyother thing. He he he..)

Have to do visa for the trip. Can go thru agent but they will charge 40 bucks just for that. What do you think??It will save me time though. My friend at the office says pay je lah!! (She must think I'm soo stingy )but then this friend bought a matching branded handbag and shoes from that basically is more than half my pay without batting an eyelid. She regrets telling me as I am still gawking. Maybe I will one day appreciate the handbag thing? Or do you think I'm missing a girl gene?? For me, if handbags are not leather, they're not "proper" handbags ha hahahaha! But her handbag (and shoes) are nice,actually.

Ok then. tata for now...

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