Inai Fiesta

Just came home from cousin L's house, taking back 6 girls - 2 of them belonging to my bro in law and wife. Under strict orders to send them home to their grandma before half ten tomorrow. Its nearly half past 1 in the morning and they are still yakking away. Yelling is not working. Nadine has come down to say that the slats in her bed has fallen down??? Dahlia wants to tell me that Jojo is crying for some reason. Sigh. Daddy is asleep in front of the telly. No, Daddy has gotten up to fix the slats in Nadine's bed.

The girls' back of hands , and Johan's too, have inai drawings on them. The man is quite skilful , drawing intricate patterns on the back of his patient customers. Jojo got a spiderman, Nadine has a nice butterfly. Apparently mine is roses. Well that should cure any craving for real ones eh. The girls have washed theirs off but Im still keeping mine on. However, I notice that as I type, more and more henna bits are falling off. Maybe I should keep still? As soon as my hand got drawn on, it was time to go. I was too too nervous to continue to let my kids to be in Mak Z's lovely home, the thought of having any henna smudging any of the wedding decorations (white wedding decorations) was too scary! Everything was lovely though....(Izreen , rugi you tak join lah siapa suruh balik ceeeepaaat...he he he...)
Cousin L's henna was very intricate and well done. Her feet and soles were done too. Helo*s had three of his fingers on each hand "hennaed" as well. (I'm creating new words he he) - we figured that he'd need to tell the public that he would have 6 kids, or that the dowry was 33 dollars (I have no clue what it was he he) or just, Peace, new millenium style.
(The pelamin- cantikkan?)
Discussed our kids' wedding with sis in law. Imagine, she has 3 girls and me, 4. How lah. maybe mass wedding? Bet none of the girls would agree. Im sure each of them would want a fairy tale wedding. Ala ala Siti gitu he he he.. and each would still want a mega fantastic pink or purple bedroom lah ..he hehe.

Oh well, maybe by then we can have such a grand wedding eh.Jemput our then neighbour sebelah if he (or why not "she") is not too busy running the country. (Waduh berangan) or the best thing, as the father would want, a simple wedding with joget lambak. As long as I have known him he has mentioned the joget lambak thing. He wanted his own wedding to have one. Hope he will never get his wish. Har har har..You know this morning I was telling Ni*i about ppl getting divorced and having affairs here and she said "Your husband is a good guy, he won't fool around, or else he has to deal with me. That would be my first visit to Malaysia" Har har har..Well, I sure hope you visit for otherreasons, Ni*i.

Hope our daughters would realise that the weddings are for the parents and nothing to do with them at all. They just have to turn up. hee hee.
Jojo just asked for egg and bread. At 2 am. He sounds like my dad who would crave food after watching football and my poor mom would cook for him. My mom is such an idol to me. She will get in heaven for the patient way she layan my dad. No wonder she is horrified at the way I treat hubby. (Shabbily, according to her- where is the tray when I send him his drink???) He loves me for my laziness mom. I have other talents nudge nudge wink wink (gross) . The other day I told hubby I love cooking. And he turned around and said "really? Somehow I never got that impression?" Chee-lah-ker...I said "No, really I do enjoy cooking when I have the time, you know " (I don't know what possessed me to lie like that) And he said "I know I enjoy cooking" . Ok then dear, you cook lah ok. (:-)) Actually it is not a total lie. I do enjoy cooking, I just suck at it. I don't know the melayu resipe where got loads of jerang jerang and tumis tumis and spices and santan and very confusing lah!I prefer my straightforward no fail chicken pie or other western food where there is less guesswork. He he he...



Fulltime Mom said…
cooking: it must be something with doctors. i was told only this week, that peah loves and is a real good cook!
Fulltime Mom said…
eh... don't make me malu lah.... where got..
Anonymous said…
haha good post madE me laugh. nice new layout. least its clearer on my ipaq. happy holidays.

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