Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kids Interview

How I wish I can put all the kids' recording here. They are really funny. One was of Nadine who loves to pretend she's a talk show host (Oh NOOOO Is she displaying MY Tendencies?? I want her to be a surgeon!) Anyway she was interviewing her sisters and brother went something like this:

"heeeelllloooo my name is Nadine and this is the show called interviewing the FAAAAAAMILEEEE" (pernah tengok Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous tak? Something like that guy's voice)

"Today we will be interviewing a few people in the family. First of all we are going to interview Sophiaaaaaaaaaaa the third person in the family. Hello Sophia how are you"

"I am very fine."Firm chirpy answer from her

"very fine? Isnt there any answer to that? Because like, that's too formal. Ok ok never do you feel about being the third person in the family??" (Pressing question)

"I feel like the third person..because this is the third finger in myhand"She says, after giving the question some thought.

"No, I mean what do you feel like being the third person in the family??" Nadine tries again.

"Well I think ..I feel ..a little bit good"

"Ok so now we are going to interview Dahlia the fourth person in the fAYmileeeeeeeh-Ok . Dahlia how are you??


"Ok.and how do YOU feel about being the fourth person in the family?"
"Well. I feel like..err.. I feel like being on a horse."

"A HORSE? Why do you feel like being on a horse?"
"Because Ive never been on one."

Nadine pauses. "I don't quite understand..Well, never mind, we are going to move on to the next question."

"babai"Dahlia says.

"What do you feel about your sisters?" (Still asking Dahlia)

"I feel like their boss around at me"

"How about your one and only brother .How do you feel about him?

"He's very naughty."Dahlia said

"He's very naughty?"

"Yeah, like you said!You said he's very naughty?"

"Er ok, thats the end of your interview"she said."Lets interview Sara. So Sara how do you feel about your sisters and brother"

"Well, my sisters are all very annoying" (HEY! Cried Dahlia in the background) "and especially THIS One"

......ada banyak lagi but too tired to type in har har har...its on my pc and if Im doing some work Im reminded at how quacky my kids are. Just pray that they still have a chance at their dad's brains. Hee hee hee.

Mother in law is here with me. She came with Cousin M and N. Am taking her to IJN in a moment. Hubby was in OT the entire night and only finished at 5 am. Wish all those ppl would DRIVE carefully and not get themselves HIT by buses please as I am leaving tomorrow and would like to spend SOME time with my husband rather than sit at home waiting while he repairs YOU?? Sheeeshhh some people can be really RUDE. (hee hee hee) . And please donot be so rude as to DIE after all that work?? :(
Anyways Sara and Sophia has been kidnapped by my mom and spent the nite at Yana their cousin's house.

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