Saturday, December 16, 2006


Karyaneka is underrated. How come I don't see more aggressive advertising on it? The compound is so beautiful. The songket and batik exhibits are so exquisite. But such a pity. The planning sucks. The Singaporeans would have it thronging with ppl. There was no food served anywhere (unless there is a restaurant inside somewhere?), there was no officer standing around to guide you (inside the shops adalah but no information officers) , there were no clear passage as to where to go first, (a marked path would help the blur blur tourists) and also there are not enough signs! The sign saying parking led us to an entrance marked Parking, but was closed with boards and there are ppl there. Then we parked at the back. Then we didn't know what was what? It looks like there was construction going on but then this was apparently not so. Then where is the toilet??
Things were very quiet the day we went. The guy doing batik there, he basically can draw to his heart's contents lah. Until my brood arrived to ask him noisily about what he was doing, I bet he did not have to speak to anyone the whole day. The Batik paintings are gorgeous. But way way expensive. I don't know whether it is overpriced or not, for me, the effort that goes into it, makes it worthwhile.

(BTW Camarina is Johan's favourite cousin....)

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