Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nadine is writing.....

Dear all

I am writing in as my mommy wants me to either mandi or write . So I am writing in:

Hey thats not what i said. To everybody, mommy wrote that up there.

Well, I'm really really exited 2 b going 2 India tomorrow. It's been such a looooooong time snce the last time i went on a plane. And since i'm going 2 india, my sisters have made requests 2 go overseas too (because mommy said she'd bring them each to a different country, 1 by 1). So Sara wants to go to Tokyo and Dahlia wants to go to America. They all chose countries where there is Disneyland. Okay mommy's going to the hospital now.

Hi all..this is Mommy..i feel soo soo sad to be leaving you guys..even though its only for one, two three four days. Be good and stay at Opah's house ok.

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