Friday, December 08, 2006


Why are men so stubborn? Hubby sported a high fever today. But insists he is ok. Dear, I said, when I get sick the most damage I can do if I go to work is infect the colleagues, but you are exposed to the patients! Allready they are sick, they don't want to get flu on top of that from you. But he insists that there is no chance of that since he will be behind masks etc. If the fever persist I'm going to suggest staying home this Saturday (and incur the wrath of MIL as there is Ayin and Atie's wedding in Muar).

(that's me telling him to go and get checked out)

My MOM is also very stubborn. Adek if you are reading this, CALL HER NOW. She had chest pains a couple of months back, had tests done (at the insistence of my brother ) and apparently had an abnormaly ie rythm lari sikit. She is required to do more tests to find out more. She is point blank refusing. She tells me she is not ready. I tell her "Taknak kawan! Sampai pergi test!" he he he ..andshe said she is ok, sikit aje. Aarghhh!!! How like that?? Son is a cardioligist lagi how frustrating is that? I tell her mom if you are not ok, I am also not ok as this thing is genetic you know but she refused to be swayed by that incredibly self centred reason of mine. think your mother is immortal and any sign that she is not shocks you. Yes IJN tests can be invasive, I know but don't you think she ought to know?

Hubby not happy with IJN. Dad in Law has been discharged. And have gone home yesterday. (Thank you MIL and DIL for coming and staying at my inferior house and maaf if layanan kurenggg bagusss (I was working all the time ) and to my sister in law and her Hubby(still cant believe it) , hope you had a good time in KL. oh by the way Atie thank you for buying the milo etc you did not have to. Sorry stock habis kat rumah. )
Hubby directed IJN to not discharged until and unless everything that needs to be informed to him has been so informed. Hubby indignant that no one tells the patient anything, ie how to manage themselves etc . Ye ke?? Can't be that bad right. Again, I think that the immediate treatment that he got is impressive. IJN is clean and of international standard and I am proud that we have that kind of centre here in Malaysia and also proud that I could give them my legal services while I was at my old firm (although I note that the cafe is selling non healthy food which is against their contract with IJN? Ada ke sell all fried food kat IJN cannot lah kan) -
Researching on TB now. Tuberculosis. Someone we know has gotten it. And another someone we know's maid also has gotten it. One year after arriving in KL so cannot be from there right. What is it about TB- coming back is it?? I thought TB disease of dulu dulu?? Its the mobile phone I tell you he he he.

Kids are complaining their toys rosak. Aik baruuuu je bought from ToysR Us. At first I was mad at THEM then I thought it could be that Toys R us stocked inferior goods?? I'm going to call them today. Last nite we went to mom's house and I basically landed on the couch and slept immediately. I was soooooooooo tired have no idea why. I heard through my dozing off that dad thinks I work too hard. Ha ha ..better not tell him that I stay up watching old WS on episodes (still the most romantic story around he he he) and read other ppl's blog. UPDATE PPL!!!

Johan said to his dad "mummy is sleepy . But just now I asked her if she wants to come with us and she said she is" . He is pelat and can't pronounce certain letters properly (though he is trying) so when my baby comes out with full sentences and uses words like "actually" I get so choked up. Sophia told us her party is going to be at McDona*ld Jalan Pahang and from "dua setengah sampai lima setengah". Mummy and daddy are invited. Ha ha ha. She needs to "check if they allow" a costume party at Mc Dona*ld. Dahlia and her had a little fight about who gets to sleep on my left (my right was Jojoalready) . Sophia won and Dahlia immediately went off to the maid 's room. I summoned her back - I'm not having that! And both of them managed to squeeze next to me. Honestly sometimes I think Im just like Brownie the mommy cat. The kids cannot sleep unless they have my warm and wobblyness next to them ha ha ha. Sara also thinks its such a treat if she can sleep with us. Dad might as well move into a bachelor room lar ha ha. Nadine is on notice not to be naughty to her sisters and bro as she is going to fly off with me and they are not. Next year Im allready planning to visit either brother- thinking of Japan as Bro no 4 is graduating and it'll be nice to go and maybe I can take daughter no 2 and 3 ? (in turns lah) -money permitting lar.... Hubby is telling me by next year insyallah we can actually afford for all 7 of us to he has been told that he is getting that job. But the person he has been told by, does not have the actual authority to tell him, so until he's actually contacted by the person in charge, I'm not holding my breath for my gucci bag. heee hee. My husband's pretty confident that he will get in though. Everytime I think of him leaving the service I feel a bit sad because I know in reality he loves it and he loves being a teacher and he loves being able to treat everyone and see the most bizzare cases (really sometimes its just too bizarre- you're going to cut what and tie it back to what???) and I just hope that he can have everything (save and except a girlfriend or a second wife) If he ever leaves I know he'd want to still be actively involved in the general hospital bit. And I hope he does not have to be in private sector long, just enough to settle the kids's education and put them all (all - I have decided) in medical school. Ok sophia wants to be an art teacher. She can still do that during the days when she is not at the hospital nanti. Ha ha ha...

ok ok its lunch time ok, I am not doing this during office hour I will have you know. By the way talking about lunch I have not had mine yet. I was planning to go to the travel agent to sort out my visa but heard they are charging about 20 bucks a person so maybe this Monday I will go myself. What do you think??

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