Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on Dad 2

Dad in law can go home tomorrow. Went to see him. Saw the xray. Amazing. 6 frames. on the left are the before pictures and the right, after. After angiogram that is. They had put in balons and stents and you can see the vessels that were not there before the baloon and stents were put in. It took them 3 hours to see where the blockage occured. and Hubby just told me that the chaps in IJN took that long as they had misdiagnosed the vessels in the beginning.

Glad that its over. Dad in law now telling how much in pain he actually was. And how he kept it from us the kids. And Uncle M came and said he knew allready as he saw dad appearing as if he was in pain. Mak B, Nor and hubby, Mazran and Anne, came as well.

Hubby will try to keep dad in law one more day..but he's keen to go back I think.

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