Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on Dad

Dad in law has been in IJN since Sunday nite. Mom in law and disgustingly romantic couple is with us (he he he sorry) (its weird as I've not seen sis in law with him ever before and now they're married) Those of you who have just gotten married -yes I mean YOU, will know what Im talking about. Thank goodness I spared my family the sight of me being romantic with hubby by leaving the country. As usual minahsongeh and all the others who know us when we were courting are required to keep their comments to themselves he hehe.....He he he..hey just kidding ok, sis in law and new hubby really are cute. My kids love their new uncle, and plaster themselves shamelessly all over his very tall frame. Hes' the softest spoken dentist I've ever come across. I would recommend that he opens a practise for kids. He's so tall, but speaks so gently and softly! Plus he looks like the rest of the family. My sis in law must have taken a picture of her brothers and hold it up to every potential candidate and pick the one that resembles the brothers the most har har har...!

Ok, update on dad in law. He has had an angiogramme(spelling?) performed. There was a blockage. requiring baloons and stents. Not as bad as hubby feared but worse than he thought. Hubby is feeling low as he blames self for not being able to take care of own dad and not seing this, what's the use of having a doctor as a son if he can't foresee this. Of course, apart from being a doctor he is also expected to be a shaman, aint it?? How on earth can you expect or foresee a heart attack??? I think he's been wonderful, and the fact that Dad in law is treated and on the mend 1 and a half days after his admission, is evidence that hubby IS taking care of his dad.You know what I think? All this talk about feeling low is just to distract my attention from the fact that he made me late to going to immigration this morning, I bet. He he he...no lah im not that selfish.....I know he is genuinely blaming himself.

Ok, dad in law is recovering. Pls go and cheer him up. Mom in law has asked my parents to come along in his place this Saturday for the other ceremony on the bridegroom's side ...still on, ok. Father in law should be ok to be discharged? (hubby said 4 days after that ie until next week)

Ok tata

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