Monday, December 04, 2006

The Wedding, The HeartAttack & the Accident on the Road.

..would basically sum up the weekend.

The wedding, was fine. On Friday my eldest daughter "khatam" quran ie formally completed her quran reading. I am so mega proud of her. Only complaint I have is that there were too many events planned for Friday nite and it started late. There was the tahlil, there was the cukur jambul for Fahim and then there was the makan, and THEN there was my daughter's khatam quran... Mom in law insisted that we carry on even though by the time we finished the makan, it was half past 10 at night.

The next day wedding proper, went without much of a hitch. Mother in law varied the procedure a bit by making me give away, not bunga pahar, ie the flower with eggs specially to be given to those who give blessings, but party packs containing cakes, a book on haj, and eggs. Certainly different, eh. The bunga pahar was given out to all eventually. All cousins came and all looked gorgeous. Even Imee made it from Melb. Ended with karaoke - as usual, late to start but once started, cannot stop!Fun, everyone slept outside in the living room. So nice to see everyone- Faiz and Lina and Fayha who is gorgeous- slept in this electric buai which would go up and down all nite long - the buai I mean. Where were all these gadgets when I was having my kids?? He he he. Then there was Mazrans and Anne's baby - Fahim, who was smart enough not to want to lie down but instead be carried around, vertically, so that he can watch what's going on. Fahim always look like he has something to say about the scene before him he he.

On Sunday, cleaning up the house day. Breakfast was nasi lemak, courtesy of Fairus - thanks. Dad in law complained of chest pains but did not say much. Sis in law started to make plans to go home. Sis in law no 2 Zu and Epa had allready left on Saturday nite as they were leaving (left by now) for Hongkong. Plan was for us to drop by their place on Sunday and send them the next morning. BUt that went out of the window when hubby took Dad in law to the hospital, and called us to say that he has to be taken to IJN in KL , as dad had a heart attack.

WAAATTT?? Shock all around. My immortal, always gardening, strong dad in law, who I basically have to give thanks to because he trained my hubby that guys do housework and cook too! Rushed (as much as Mother in law and us all can rush la) for kL - sis inlaw no 3 nor and fairus had allready gone ahead with Dad in law to register and get him admitted to IJN(and they wanted to leave early - who knew eh).

By 5 we left, and made our way. Ayah Din came along. Suddenly we saw 2 guys on the fast lane, lying face down. FAST LANE Of a HIGHWAY ok! The thought crossed my mind that these guys could be conmen but which stupid con men would lie down on the fast lane of a 3 lane motorway?? ( a very stupid and suicidal conmen) So stopped we did and hubby went and checked them out and I called 999 ( and got a looooooong list of questions)...and then hubby returned. He said they were bikers, and the couple who had the accident must have glanced a car. The rider was ok, but the pillion rider a girl, was dying. Hubby said when he was about to leave, they asked him for his particulars (they being the bikers with big helmets and big bikes) and it struck him then that they thought he was the guy who hit these 2! Come to think of it they could have punched his face in first before they start asking questions eh..but then these ppl look decent - hey bikers can be professional middle class parents .

Dad in law has settled in the hospital. Come over to my house, the newliweds and mother in law are all here.

Will go over to the hospital soon.

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