Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Wedding - Perdana

First, mintak maaf banyak banyak kepada bride and groom...for hogging the mike and making the band play as I howled in my sad singing voice. Heh heh.

It was such a FUN wedding! The bride sang a song for the guests as a gift and boy I think SITI has a serious contender! Last wedding for the year. 3 more unmarried ladies of the Adom family..and 4 young men !(betul tak I kira nie?)

Rehearsal in the morning - we took all kids (sans Jo) to Mak B's house, who had agreed to our begging request to please take them to the rehearsal (they were the flowergirls). (alternative was to take them to either my office or the hospital) Thank you Mak B for treating them so well - Auntie Izreen belanja hash brown they said (thanks Izreen) and also they had their hair set as well!(Something I never, outside of my own wedding, managed to do you know- usually opt for the run-finger-through-hair- hairstyle, which goes along with the makeup-in-car-on-the-way-to-function style )

Hubby periodically called (he had a meeting all the way in Serdang and basically was free to call his wife) to update on what time he was picking me up etc. At 7.15 PM he turned up at the office with everyone , fully dressed in their bajukurung, and bajumelayu, all talking at FULL volume and treating my office like a playground such that my colleagues were gaping at their boisterousness (read- LOUD) . Hubby handed me my last minute dress (Sent thursday siap monday). Thank GOODNESS the tailor (who had let me down before) came through and got the baju kurung kedah made in time- and it looked decent! I think she came through because hubby asked her to do it ha ha ha..the other day I sent her some material, she sat on it for 6 months - and I took the material back, uncut.

Anyway by the time we arrived, the bride and groom were having their trousseau and make up ready- LOVELINESS! Kids lined up to get their eyes done by Auntie Zu and then we basically hung around until we hear Mak B (standing in for Mahathir L) announce that the bride was to arrive. The flower girls are such pros this time around that the moms didn't have to accompany them (could it be also because both moms ie Zu and I did not attend the rehearsal so had no idea what was going on and who was to stand where ???he he he)

The BRIDE arrived first , with the flower girls...and went all the way up to the stage. Then the GROOM appeared (With the pageboys) and had to pay toll at 3 "stations" (*samyvelly would be proud...) Then.finally reunited on stage and the blessing ceremony started....(the flower girls took their position at foot of stage - never thought I'd ever see the day when they STAND STILL for such a period! Heh heh)- the bride and groom "threw" coins and candy ala-ala bride throwing bouquet - and kids and adults (and me noshame) rushed ahead for the chocs (I got chocs as I ducked when money came my way- how lah)

Then dinner. Nice huge Prawns - we sat with kids and they dont eat prawns so Zu and later me, sat facing the prawns. Baby Nadya sat with us for a while before she was "babynapped" by her auntie. (and made her mom panic!)

Mak B read the biodata and a "special" ie Heloz and Lana's version of how they met ..Very entertaining and cute! Added that extra special touch- and read in an informal way by Mak B- wonder how Mahathir L would do it?? Not quite the same effect as he would not know them as family does.! Then, slides of the bride and groom through the fast time we see the cheeky cherubs blossom into adults , and we saw pics of their time in the States in the snow.

Then, the most sayu touching part- the parents' speech. Uncle and Mak Z- by the way it is their 30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY today so Happy Anniversary Uncle and Mak Z!!
I got not a little teary as the mother and father of the bride addressed their daughter who now is someone's wife, advised her on how to conduct self as a wife and also some advice for the son in law now. Again...How fast time flies.

Then, cake cutting. Bride sang "Nirmala" before cutting cake and even had a little joget with Groom. Difficult song if you dont have the bride's voice .

Bride and Groom left to say tata for the guests and then- the FAMILY took over! Uncle Y's family sat around watching us make total and complete fools of ourselves (me lah at least) and basically had fun lah! The kids sang "My Heart" , I got a couple of songs in, and Izreen too and even Imee! Then, gambar time and we all took turns on the stage.

Sigh..came home still on a"high" (with 2 kids extra). So who's next ?? Hee hee....

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