19 years ago..

view of portland building where the law faculty was .

The lake is where we used to take a boat for 2.

cripps health centre- was admitted for german measles and I remember someone coming to visit me with half eaten grapes- ! (sekarang the kids would beat him to it)

The view from the main road- cantik kan.

The sports centre - where I was persuaded to arrange kids sports at one of the famous Malaysian sports festival- I arranged musical chair without quite remembering the rules heh heh heh. Heard the then social secretary of the Malay society recently telling one friend that he "chose" me to do that to see my potential with kids. Is it?? I thought you could not find any other sucker..heh heh heh.now organising loads of kids sports for said social secretary.


Dad of Four said…
That long ago oledi ar? So scary man....Like today had lunch with 3 twenty somethings - felt ancient! They were born early 80s!

I was admitted to Cripps' once too for chicken pox - imagine got it at age 21 - Had it really bad!
yeah ..we so ol oledi....
and i remember you going in..that time i was in andrew (prema's guy) was also in remember.
Dad of Four said…
Of course.....Every one else in my flat got it after me....Yona including! But somehow they didnt kena very bad.
ahhh those were the days....masa tu Jab and I member lagi heehee..you and wifey ??
Dad of Four said…
We always member mah kat Notts.....sampai before nak kawin only courting!
heh heh you are right...you so funny..i wont forget you proposed to me ok once har har har

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