Saturday, January 13, 2007

Air Auta?

Have been trying since the day before this airline announced to the hoipolloi of the availability of 1 mill seats FREE - nooooooooooooo seats on the days that I want. Which, on the first day, was any random weekend. That nite I stayed up with hubby to figure out how we can go to Bali as a family but did not get anything on the free side. Mind you this is not the airline's fault 100% as

1. Hubby refused to take the kids on a school day ie must be school hols or weekend
2. Hubby has exams and talks etc in the meantime and some weekends he is on call

Since we are not that flexible I am not that surprised that we did not get anything really.
But! My single friends report that they have been having a hard time too. Some said that if they are lucky enough to get the free, then, they could not proceed to book. Some traffic congestion or something. We were talking about it at the office just now and really, 1 mill is not that many really once you take into account that the offers online is available to everyone from Macau to HK to Indonesia (and they alone have how many billion people!!)

On the other hand, I have heard of some lucky people who managed to get 7 tickets to Bandung or somewhere as nice as that. I guess it's also luck. Although hubby was ranting at how insincere this offer is and why do they bother etc etc..

So I have stopped checking and stopped hoping. Anyway maybe its better if we all go by the other, national airline. Atleast you get food and the experience of flying which the kids will love. would have been nice if we can get those free tickets, eh?

Slept at 6 am this morning. Went through the Air Auta's website and discovered that I could take 7 of us to Palembang for free or to Medan for free. But what is in Palembang? I could also go to Kuala Terengganu very cheaply. There is a flight to Surabaya that is for RM99 and I thought maybe the maid could go onto but she said that the baggage allowance is not that much so she'd rather take other airlines.

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