Anniversary Dinner

Firstly, thank you for the well wishes- phone I kena barred so tak leh nak reply your sms.

Secondly, takziah kepada keluarga Mak B and Uncle M and Izreen, Izan and Izhar atas kehilangan Uncle Mail's mother.....hope she went peacefully and semoga Allah swt mencucurkan rahmat ke atas rohnya...

Thirdly. anniversary dinner - hubby took me to CHILLIs...actually it was just what the doctor ordered - it was dim, we sat next to the window so we could see the fountain and people merendek-king, and there was music and the food was good. Hubby was surprised at the big portions served . We ordered beef queso, lamb shoulder, banana choc milkshake and guava juice.... We were not that hungry as we had eaten at a wedding earlier as well as at Atok Chu and Opah Chu's place in Selayang.

On my 13th anniversary I took my husband (for the very first time), my parents, and my kids to visit my grandmother's youngest sister (from their mother's first marriage- got 2 more adek from mother's second marriage) . It was good- though my atok chu, always a powerhouse, is now looking old....

Today rasa malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss nak pergi kerja.

Kids have this phrase now.."Guard my spot". Whenever they leave their seat, be it in the car or in front of the Telly, they'd say this, and it seems that then their seat will be "secured". They are so noisy in the car...they don't need other kids really...they are soo happy to be with each other.


Anonymous said…
Hey Shila !
Love your India post, love the pics you and the kids, you look like their elder sister .. this is the time to perasan ..... still love your blog.
your anon reader ! and u still dont know me ....
HI Anon! Welcome back! Do leave comments I am so pathetically pleased to get them hee hee!
...and u are too kind to lie like that...elder sister indeed heh heh

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