Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Hectic Saturday

The kids went to KEPONG Park this morning. Apparently they had a load of fun. They did not take their mom who, having stayed up the nite before trying to get free tickets to fly, snoozed on well into the morning. Got up to find house very quiet and everyone gone. Sigh.. this is what happens when your husband is also superfather. He took everyone jogging and to play at the park. When they came home they told me how much fun they had and how Sophia got stuck on top of the "spider web" and had to be rescued down heh heh. I want to comee....!

We need to do this everyweekend (although next time I am coming along don't fear) - need to get outdoors more and less on the computer.

Today seems a bit of a mummy indulge herself day.Aside from sleeping in, I went for a bit of singing with some friends over lunch and had a good time.

Kids had fun at the race track - RM3 for 3 minutes per car. We spent RM12- good fun though.

Then we had to rush off to a birthday party - which turned out to be a kenduri almost there were that many people over. Met a lot of husband's old friends although from how much I nattered on and on you would think they were my friends. I just manage to find most people's career and life very interesting and I am not faking it! There was this youngish guy who was my hubby's 2 year junior at college and he was an ESQ trainer. He had brought his Indonesian couterpart along with him . I interviewed him about the programme and this was what I gather- that this programme is about gettin you to use up your "spiritual" as well as your intellectual and emotional quotient in life - they hold workshops over 3 days (not cheap though as it is RM1000 plus) although it is cheap if you consider that once you attend one training presentation you get any other presentation or training for free for life.

The amazing thing about this guy is that he is a father of SEVEN!!!! Age 10 to 2 months! And he looks so young! And he is my age!!! Wow. He later reveals that his wife writes dramas for telly. This was such a remarkable thing to say as just the day before I was discussing with husband what we all really love to do and I said be a kain loving, tv /magazine producer ! I have some ideas /concepts which I have seen in other neighbouring countries but yet to arrive here- for all you know its being planned as we speak eh. But I kept mum about my own angan angan and just asked about his wife and her working hours (she works from home - now that's a plus!)- she writes famous dramas ok.

Hubby is supportive no matter what I do (I think if I tell him I want to open a roti canai shop pun he would be gungho about it) and guess what ?? He had already told this fella that MY WIFE WANTS TO WRITE SCRIPTS! I over heard this fella giving my husband tips to give to me and I was horrified and I said - heeh hee and here I was trying to play it cool, hoNEY. hee hee.

Of course, everyone I know think I am fickle...hee hee. I have been writing (rubbish) since 17 though so why not write for telly eh?? Hee hee. Nantilah I jadi tai tai I can indulge.

Party ended around 7..after which home..planning to go for coffee with another couple of good friends but hubby was called out ..last minute take over from someone.

Entahlah rasa macam tak buat apa sangat but hectic. why ah must be the age....

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